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    Cammie Donaldson

    Hi, I ran into something like this on my first experience with posting and reconciling NeonPay transactions (I am the "accounting staff" and everything else in our small shop of 1+1/2 people). I had what looked like two duplicate charges -- the charge ID was different but the name and amount and card of course were the same. The support team identified that the second charge was attached to someone else's record entirely and had been paid for by a friend who donated it. So now I know I need to look for that scenario AND I CAN RUN A TRANSACTION REPORT AND SEARCH ON THE CHARGE ID. That works. 

    As an aside -- we let Neon track WHO donations and charges are assigned to. In Quickbooks, we generate weekly (or so) sales receipts for a "Weekly sales" customer and post each transaction as a line item, copying the transaction data directly from Neon into QBO. Got this idea from restaurants and other businesses that are using multiple systems and don't want to duplicate all that data entry. Contact me at  if interested in examples. 

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