Better Communication needed before a Monthly Product Update is released.



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    Joe Marnen

    Hi Everyone,Thank you so much for your feedback!

    We strive to make the release process as streamlined as possible. In response to your feedback we'll be implementing the following changes:

    • The pop-up notification containing information about the release will now include a release preview. This preview will provide more information about the upcoming release (Please note that what is ultimately released may vary slightly from this preview).

    • The release notes will be published on or before 4pm CST on the Friday before a release.

    • We strive to update all related support articles before 4pm CST on the Friday before a release and any related guides will be linked to the release notes. (Please note that for larger updates it may take us longer to update all guides).

    We hope these changes will provide more transparency, and allow you and your teams to better anticipate future updates.

    Thanks again,


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    Sarah Newman

    Well-stated and I very much agree! I think many of us are part-time and limited Neon users, so big changes can take us by surprise at inopportune times.

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    Judy Pate

    Thank you Joe. I think these changes will help immensely.

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