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    Linda Sue Martin

    Second this request. I am a little surprised by the lack of reporting. I was expecting to find something similar to the CRM report, though I'm thinking I don't need anything as extensive. While it is true the former gateway provider we used had limited reporting functions, we were able to produce a data download based on date, date range, monetary criteria, status such as refund, succeed, failure. I understand I can get a lot of this from within Neon, but the point here we need to be able verify without the CRM. Our accounts and auditors are such detail orientated people.

    Regards, Linda Sue

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    Susan Cruz

    I third the request. I pull the spreadsheet and then have to make two columns one for the dues collected and one for the fees charged. I t would be great to have a report that breaks down total monies collected, total MC fees, total AMEX fees, total ACH fees, etc. We enter each of these items separately into quickbooks.

    I also feel the current issues happening with the payout data not showing properly needs to be addressed ASAP.

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