Add "Mark as Unique" & address/phone columns back to duplicate manager scan results

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    Katie Wohl

    Good news! The duplicate manager now has a "Not Duplicates" action, as shown in the example below.

    Marking two accounts as "not duplicates" prevents them from being matched in future scans. If two different people share the same or similar names, this can be used to prevent system users from merging the two accounts by accident.

    Please refer to the Duplicate Accounts guide to learn more.

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    Erin Graichen

    It is absolutely ridiculous that the system cannot mark accounts as unique, even if they have different middle initials. Great suggestions Chris. Fix this please.



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    Keith Magnon


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    Erin Graichen

    Just FYI :(


    (NeonCRM Support Center)

    Aug 20, 11:14

    Hi Erin,

    Unfortunately, in order to support merging multiple duplicates at the same time, the "mark as unique" functionality had to be deprecated.

    Please feel free to contact me again if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Best Regards,

    NeonCRM Tech Support

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    Pamela Goldstein

    Our organization, too, is frustrated by the loss of the "mark as unique" functionality. It hampers our ability to contain the large number of duplicates (which is the other ongoing issue).

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