How can I segment correspondence regarding recurring donations?

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    Katie Wohl

    Hi Jennifer,

    To generate a year-end letter that includes an itemized list of contributions for each donor, you can create a Campaign Letter that includes the Itemized Donation Table Token

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    K. Pynes

    There is a workaround for this. For any donation that is created as the result of a recurring donation being set up, that is, for any donation that is created automatically on its own, it is labeled by the NEON system as Created By "Recurring Donation". You also have a condition you can set for the donation appreciation email that says "Donation Created By". So, if you were to set "Donation Created By" to "Recurring Donation", every donation that was automatically created because of recurring status will be sent your conditional recurring donation email, if you build it out and then specify the condition you should be able to do what you want.

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    Jennifer Boyden

    This link will help with setting the condition:

    But like you I haven't discovered how to print a single year-end letter for taxes that consolidates all payments. Anyone?

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