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How can I enable this integration?
Setting up
User permissions - who can use the integration?
Getting started
Other settings
Import from Constant Contact
Push to Constant Contact
What account data is created?
Standard fields
Custom fields
What account data is updated?
Managing Constant Contact lists in NeonCRM
From the Lists page
From the Account Detail page
What happens after I send my email campaign?
What if I want to disconnect the integration?
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The integration between NeonCRM and Constant Contact is designed to give you everything you need to engage supporters every step of the way. Sign up for a free 60 day Constant Contact trial here to test out this integration.

Bi-directional list segmentation and management

Pull lists into NeonCRM to engage new supporters, or create segmented lists in NeonCRM and send them to Constant Contact. Create custom rules for de-duplication, list unsubscribes, and merge tags to ensure your messaging is always accurate.

Hundreds of easy-to-use templates

With over 400 “polished” templates to choose from, you can easily create a professional-looking email in minutes — or use the easy drag-and-drop editor to build your own design.

Instant access to email marketing results

Campaign metrics are pulled into NeonCRM, including a dedicated Mission Control Dashboard widget. You’ll also be able to see campaign data on individual account pages for more detailed engagement stats.

Streamlined and simple connection

To start using the integration, you’ll simply enter your login information through a portal connected to NeonCRM.

How can I enable this integration?

All NeonCRM systems should already include an option to use the Constant Contact integration. System Administrators and users with the appropriate permissions will automatically see a Constant Contact menu option in the main navigation bar:


They can also see it as an option on the System Settings Home page under Third-Party Integrations:


If you are a System Administrator and would like to use Constant Contact with NeonCRM, but do not see the integration in your system, please contact our Client Success team at 888 860-6366 ext. 305.

Setting up

Once the integration has been enabled in your system, you can complete the setup either from the Third-Party Integrations list under System Settings > System Settings Home...


...or from the Constant Contact section that will appear in your main navigation menu.


Either way, you will be taken to this page to connect to your Constant Contact account.


Clicking the "Connect to Constant Contact" button will bring up a separate window prompting you to log in to your Constant Contact account. Upon successful login, you will be asked to allow NeonCRM or access and/or update this account. Click Allow.


Your setup screen in NeonCRM will confirm the connected account, its owner, and the associated email address. You can also disconnect the integration from this page.


You will now see a new set of options in the navigation menu.


User permissions - who can use the integration?

By default, only users with System Administrator permissions can view the Constant Contact section of the navigation menu, or use the integration. However, you can assign permissions to any custom user group from the Advanced Settings page.


Getting started

The first option in the Constant Contact section of your NeonCRM navigation menu is called "Getting Started".


This page answers the most basic questions you'll have about using the integration:

1. How do I send an email to individuals from my NeonCRM system?


2. How do I import individuals from Constant Contact into NeonCRM?


Other settings

Before you begin working with this integration, there are some other important settings to view and configure. These are:

  1. Unsubscribe Settings
  2. Import Settings
  3. Push Settings

You can access these by going to Constant Contact > Settings.


Unsubscribe Settings

The first setting allows you to manage unsubscribe behavior in both NeonCRM and Constant Contact. You can determine what happens in NeonCRM if someone unsubscribes from a Constant Contact email campaign, and also what happens in Constant Contact if someone opts out of emails in NeonCRM.


By default, unsubscribing from Constant Contact will update the Email Opt-Out field in NeonCRM to Yes, and vice versa.

If you leave "When a contact in Constant Contact unsubscribes from receiving emails, opt out their account in NeonCRM?" set to Yes, you will also have the option to specify whether the Email Opt Out status should be removed from the NeonCRM account when the contact resubscribes in Constant Contact.

Import Settings

When you import contacts from Constant Contact into NeonCRM, the Import feature will search for existing Individual accounts in NeonCRM by matching email addresses. If a match is found, the existing NeonCRM account will be linked to the Constant Contact record. Subscription and campaign data for that contact will be tracked on the existing account.

Note: The Import will only search for Individual accounts in NeonCRM. Constant Contact records cannot be linked to Organization accounts.

If more than one Individual account exists with the same email address, the Import will try to match by name + email.

If there is more than one match by name + email, the Import will follow the rule you specify in the Import Settings shown below to determine whether the contact is imported to a new account, linked to one of the matching accounts at random, or ignored.


You can also specify which lists you'd like to import contacts from. By default, all lists are selected, but you can modify these choices if you only need to bring specific groups into NeonCRM.

Push Settings

You can also push data from NeonCRM accounts to Constant Contact. The Push Settings allow you to set rules for pushing data to both standard and custom Constant Contact fields.


Import from Constant Contact

You can import contacts from Constant Contact to NeonCRM in one of two ways:

1) Click Import Contacts from the Getting Started page...


...or 2) go directly to Constant Contact > Sync.


Either way, click Import Contacts on the following page to begin the import. Contacts will be imported according to the rules established in your Import Settings.


While importing, a "working" screen will appear showing that the import is in progress. At this time, all other sync activities will be locked.

zd_ctct_contacts_syncing.jpgThis ensures that no other system user can perform an Import or a Push while your import is in progress.

When your import is complete, you will receive an email notification from NeonCRM at the email address associated with your System User account. This is helpful if you need to do something else while the import is happening, but want to know as soon as it's finished.

Once the import is complete, the results will show on your Sync page. This page will show the following information:

  • The number of contacts attempted to import
  • The number of new accounts created
  • The number of contacts matched to existing accounts in NeonCRM
  • The number of contacts not imported (usually because of duplicate matches)


Clicking Show Report under Most Recent Import Errors will show the details of any accounts not imported, including the reason.

Push to Constant Contact

You can push NeonCRM account data to Constant Contact in one of two ways:

1) Add them to an existing List from your NeonCRM Lists page

2) Go to Constant Contact > Sync and click Push Contacts.


Click Push Contacts to send NeonCRM account data to Constant Contact according to the rules and mapping established in your Push Settings.


While the push is in progress, a "working" screen will appear. At this time, all other sync activities will be locked.


This ensures that no other system user can perform an Import or a Push until this action is complete.

When your push is complete, you will receive an email notification from NeonCRM at the email address associated with your System User account. This is helpful if you need to do something else while the push is happening, but want to know as soon as it's finished.

The results of the most recent push will appear on the Sync page.


The Most Recent Push Results will show the following information:

  • The number of new contacts created in Constant Contact
  • The number of new NeonCRM accounts matched to existing contacts
  • The number of accounts in the push that had already been matched to Constant Contact
  • The number of accounts not pushed, and
  • The number of failed subscriptions (where a contact cannot be added to a particular list, usually because they had already opted out.)

Clicking "Show Report" under Most Recent Push Errors will display details about any errors encountered during the push including a description of the error.


What account data is created?

Standard fields

Below is a table of standard contact information fields that will push information from Constant Contact to NeonCRM and vice versa when creating new accounts or contacts. The table shows how these fields are mapped in the integration. This mapping cannot be changed.

The data in italics shows where the data is mapped with a fixed value. For example, if you push an account from NeonCRM to Constant Contact, the address of the new contact will automatically have an Address Type of Personal.

Constant Contact field NeonCRM field
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Company Company Name
Email Email 1
Home Phone Phone 1
Work Phone Phone 2
Mobile Phone Phone 3
Fax Fax
Address Type: Personal 1  
Street Address Address Line 1
Country Country
City City
State/Province State
Zip Code Zip Code
Job Title Title
Source: NeonCRM 2  
  Origin Category: API 3
  Origin Detail: Constant Contact
1 All contacts pushed from NeonCRM will have an Address Type of Personal.
2 All contacts pushed from NeonCRM will have a Source of "NeonCRM".
3 All accounts imported from Constant Contact will have an Origin Category of "API" and Origin Detail of "Constant Contact".

Custom fields

When you push NeonCRM accounts to create new contacts in Constant Contact, you can push data to populate up to 15 Additional Contact Fields. This data can come from any of the following NeonCRM fields:

  • Middle Name
  • Individual Type
  • Any Account or Individual Custom Fields

This mapping can be customized from your Settings page in NeonCRM.


Note: Additional Contact Field data can only be pushed from NeonCRM to Constant Contact, not the other way around.


Unsubscribe/Resubscribe data from Constant Contact, as well as Opt Out information from individual NeonCRM accounts, will be automatically resynced every 30 minutes. The linked accounts and contacts will be updated according to the Unsubscribe settings on your Constant Contact > Settings page.

What account data is updated?

When updating accounts in NeonCRM

Contact information in Constant Contact will only be updated when manually pushed by a system user.

When updating contacts in Constant Contact

Only Unsubscribe/Resubscribe information will be pushed to NeonCRM.

Managing Constant Contact lists in NeonCRM

From NeonCRM, you can do the following:

  1. View NeonCRM contacts in your Constant Contact Lists, either by List view or from an individual's Account Detail page
  2. Add or remove individuals from Lists
  3. Update Contact and Subscription data for accounts already linked to Constant Contact
  4. Create, edit or delete Lists

From the Lists page

Go to Constant Contact > Lists:


From this page, you can view the existing Lists that have been linked between NeonCRM and Constant Contact. From here, you can view basic information about each list, edit the Name and/or Status of lists (see option 1 below), or delete the list entirely (option 2).


To view the details of an individual list, click on its name.


From the detail page, you can add NeonCRM accounts to your list. Click Add Accounts.


You will be taken to an All Accounts report search page with pre-set criteria that automatically filters out Organization accounts and any Individual account marked Deceased, Do Not Contact, or Email Opt Out. Set any additional criteria necessary for your list.


Note: You can set Output Columns as shown above, but this will not affect which data is pushed to Constant Contact. To see the full list of data available to push, click here.

From the Results page, click Add to Contact List to immediately push the account information to Constant Contact.


If an account in the report results is already linked to a Constant Contact record, the subscription data will be updated for the existing Contact.

If an account in the report results is not yet linked to a Constant Contact record, it will be treated as a new push and either matched with an existing Contact, or a new Contact will be created if no match is found.

Standard and custom Contact information will be added or updated according to the rules in your Push Settings.

When the process is complete, the list data will immediately update on the main Lists page.


To remove some (or all) accounts from a list, open the list detail page. Select the accounts to remove using the checkbox column on the left; then click Remove Accounts.


You can also create a new Constant Contact list directly from NeonCRM. Go to Constant Contact > Lists and click New List.


You will be asked to set a Name for your new list, and to specify whether this list should be Active or Hidden.


The new list will be immediately available both in NeonCRM and in Constant Contact.

From the Account Detail page

Constant Contact data can be viewed on the Account Detail page of an individual subscriber. You may need to configure your account view to add the following sections to your view of the page:


These sections are only available on the Individual Account page. Organization accounts cannot be used with the Constant Contact integration.

The "Constant Contact Lists" section allows you to view any lists to which the account is currently subscribed. To push this account to Constant Contact, click the button shown below.


A window will appear that allows you to select any list(s) to which the account should be subscribed.


You can also choose whether you want to add or update contact information in the Constant Contact record, or just the subscription.

Tip: If you've updated any NeonCRM account data that maps to the standard or custom fields on a Constant Contact record, using Push Account to Constant Contact will allow you to update that information as well, even if you're not changing any subscription data.

After you've pushed the account, the Constant Contact Lists section will show updated subscription information as well as data about the last push for this account.


What happens after I send my email campaign?

  • Campaign statistics are pulled nightly from Constant Contact into NeonCRM
    • Watch "real-time" stats on your campaign from Constant Contact
  • Individual campaign history and stats are visible from the Account Detail page of the recipient
  • Campaign Statistics are visible from Constant Contact > Stats



The Stats page shows statistics from Constant Contact campaigns sent to Lists that are linked to NeonCRM accounts. These statistics are updated nightly.

The best way to see campaign statistics in "real time" while your campaign is active is to view them from Constant Contact.


To view details from a specific campaign, click the campaign name on the main Stats page. The campaign detail page will show statistics by account for Opens, Clicks, Forwards, Unsubscribes, and Bounces. You can also export the campaign results to Excel or CSV.


You can also add a Constant Contact Campaign Stats widget to any dashboard. You can find it in the Communications section or through the Search bar.


You can configure the widget to display specific campaign information, set the size of the widget and the number of rows displayed, select the output columns, and determine how the list of campaigns is sorted.


The widget will then show a list of campaigns and selected stats on your dashboard.


What if I want to disconnect the integration?

If you ever want to disconnect your integration, go to System Settings > System Settings Home > Third-Party Integrations and click Constant Contact. The option to disconnect will appear on the setup page.


Note: If you disconnect NeonCRM from your Constant Contact account, all existing Constant Contact campaign and list data in NeonCRM will be purged. However, any accounts created from a Constant Contact import will remain in your NeonCRM database.

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