Release Notes May 5th, 2018

All of the information that you will need regarding any New Features, Improvements, and Fixes that have been implemented to NeonCRM and the Mobile Apps with the May 2018 product release.


New Features & Improvements

  • [DEV-5146 & DEV-5147] Updates the Account & Events Dashboards to match the Mission Control Dashboard interface. Includes a new set of account and event related widgets.
  • [DEV-6141] Adds a new Donation Comparison Line Chart widget that shows total donations this year compared to last year, two years ago, or three years ago.
  • [DEV-6125] Adds a new metric to the Fundraising Metrics Line Chart widget to display the total amount of donations received for each month or year included in the line graph.
  • [DEV-6067] Adds a few parameters to Custom Object Webhooks to make them more consistent with NeonCRM's standard Webhooks.
  • [DEV-6042] Adds a search box to the Saved Reports widget in order to search on "Report Name" and "Custom Report Type".
  • [DEV-6005] Adds "Acknowledgee Name" and "Honor/Memory Type" to the list of available tokens when building a new Donation Appreciation System Email or Letter.
  • [DEV-5061] The API will now enforce the same user permissions as the NeonCRM back-end interface. See the Permissions Update developer center post for details.
  • [DEV-2138] Adds an option to export Executive Reports to an Excel spreadsheet.


  • [DEV-6026] Adds an optional "Signature Key" field to the setup page, which will allow for transactions that have been held for review to be updated in NeonCRM once approved in
  • [DEV-6338] Fixes an issue where a blank page was displayed when attempting to access a Custom Object record that had a recordId of 92.
  • [DEV-6337] Fixes an issue where, if a membership term was used in a system email/letter condition, a system error would be received trying to delete the membership terms.
  • [DEV-6336] Fixes an issue where the date range was not included for the report results when clicking to view pending, declined, or deferred event registrations in the last 6 months.
  • [DEV-6321] Fixes an issue where new Neon Payment Processing accounts were still listed as "Pending" when the account has been successfully verified.
  • [DEV-6314] Fixes an issue where a "null" Volunteer Project would be created if you clicked the "Save Changes" button multiple times when editing an existing Volunteer Project.
  • [DEV-6288] Fixes an issue where resetting a password for an account with an active membership caused the "You are not a member yet" message to display.
  • [DEV-6262] Fixes an issue where the "Event" criteria does not correctly list values in descending order by event start date when creating a new condition for the "Event Registration" or "Event Registration - Pay Later" System Email or Letter.
  • [DEV-6232] Fixes an issue where auto-renewal could not be disabled for a declined auto-renewal membership transaction.
  • [DEV-6228] Fixes an issue where the account for a Neon Payment Processing Payment did not update after a duplicate merge.
  • [DEV-6227] Fixes an issue where the "Neon Task is Ready" email type appeared in the "Sent Emails" list but could not be searched on. This email type will now be displayed as "System Notification" and is available in the "Email Type" drop down. Details of the type of notification sent can be seen in the "Note" column.
  • [DEV-6222] Fixes an issue where system user accounts with an apostrophe in the name could not mark accounts as "Not Duplicates" in the Duplicate Manager.
  • [DEV-6216] Fixes an issue where tickets from deleted event registrations were still reflected under the "Tickets Sold" column on the Event Detail Page.
  • [DEV-6214] Fixes an issue where "Fund" and "Purpose" did not auto populate after selecting a campaign when adding a donation for system users in a custom user group with the "View Campaign" permission disabled.
  • [DEV-6211] Fixes an issue where the "My Membership" page in the Constituent Login Portal did not display a "Join Now" link if the constituent only had membership transactions with statuses of Declined, Cancelled, Pending, Refunded. There will now being a "Join Now" link next to the "You do not have an active membership" Membership Status Message.
  • [DEV-6202] Fixes an issue where adding all available columns to either the Mailing Report, All Accounts Reports, or the Stats Report caused a system error when attempting to run the report. These reports are now limited to 300 selected columns.
  • [DEV-6199] Fixes an issue where websites were hyperlinked only on the Membership Directory listing page and not also on the detail page for a listed member.
  • [DEV-6198] Fixes an issue where NeonCRM was calculating This/Current and Last/Previous Fiscal Year incorrectly for tokens and widgets. This/Current fiscal year will reflect data where the end date falls in the current calendar year & Last/Previous fiscal year will reflect data where the end date fell in the previous calendar year.
  • [DEV-6191] Fixes an issue where a payment method was required to be entered when choosing to enable auto-renew for a membership term with a Fee of $0 in either the "Membership" section of an account page or the Constituent Login Portal.
  • [DEV-6186] Fixes and issue where the "NeonCRM Standard Version" Event Registration system email & letter displayed custom fields without any data
  • [DEV-6133] Fixes an issue where event registrants were unable to deselect a donation level if one was selected by mistake on the Event Registration Summary page.
  • [DEV-6057] Fixes an issue where the Social Fundraising sidebar widget does not reflect any event registration data when using the Code Snippet.
  • [DEV-5991] Fixes an issue where Email Campaigns could be "sent" to empty Email Audiences and could not be removed from the "Email Campaign Statistics" page.
  • [DEV-5953] Fixes an issue where an Account Batch Update was able to be completed (without actually updating the record) when trying to update the "Salutation" and "Preferred" name fields when the Contact Record's First and Last name were missing from the spreadsheet, or if the contact record lacked a First and Last name.
  • [DEV-5900] Fixes an issue where the Member Report and Current Member Report were missing the "Membership Auto Renewal" output column.
  • [DEV-5865] Fixes an issue where the Basic Information sections of an event were displayed in different orders on the Event Registration Form and the Event Page.
  • [DEV-5814] Fixes an issue where the discount line item was missing from the "NeonCRM Standard Version" of the Event Registration System Email & Letter.
  • [DEV-5805] Fixes an issue where the Coupon Code field and "Discounts in Shopping Cart" section were missing from the event registration transaction & membership history details in the Constituent Login Portal.
  • [DEV-5769] Fixes an issue where System Users needed to have permission to edit campaign emails in order to see the External Email Communication History on the Account Detail page. There is now a separate permission to view External Emails.
  • [DEV-5729] Fixes an issue where the "Ack Email" setting was available in the "Properties" panel for Custom Fields & Toolbox fields when building a Custom Form.
  • [DEV-5720] Fixes an issue where System Users that did not have the "Create/Edit" permission selected for "Event" were unable to add more Event Registrations when clicking "Add Item" on the Event Registration Summary page.
  • [DEV-5684] Fixes an issue where Event Sessions with past "End Dates" could not be selected on the administrative back-end of NeonCRM.
  • [DEV-5658] Fixes an issue where, when registering for an Event Session without choosing a Ticket Price, the Event Session Fee was automatically chosen with no prompts. There will now be a default session fee/ticket selected with the option to select other available session tickets.

Mobile Apps

New Features & Improvements

  • [MOBILE - 25] Updates the dashboard of the Android app to include a view for accounts marked as favorite. Also includes a fix for the data displayed in the graph.


  • [MOBILE - 39] Fixes an issue where the iOS app did not allow for the addition of Zip Codes with spaces or letters.
  • [MOBILE - 30] Fixes an issue where Custom User Group Permissions did not accurately restrict what System Users could access in the iOS app.
  • [MOBILE - 32] Fixes an issue where Custom User Group Permissions did not accurately restrict what System Users could access in the Android app.
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