Release Notes April 8th, 2018

All of the information that you will need regarding any New Features, Improvements, and Fixes that have been implemented to NeonCRM with the April 2018 product release.

New Features & Improvements

  • [DEV-5998] Adds a new "Data Privacy & Consent" system settings page where users can add a privacy statement to their NeonCRM forms and enable a set of consent tracking fields, which allows your constituents to grant consent for various uses of their personal data. 
  • [DEV-5755] Adds an event setting to automatically enable online event registration at the designated date and time so that System Users don't have to do this manually. 
  • [DEV-5965] Adds a "Current logged in user account ID" field under a new "Dynamic values" lookup filter group so that you can restrict the "Front-End List Layout" constituent page to only show the Custom Object records linked to the logged-in constituent's NeonCRM account.
  • [DEV-6144] Updates the descriptions on the "Add Actions" modal to better explain the functionality of each Workflow Action.
  • [DEV-6177] Adjusts some wording on the Event Registration page from "This registration allows up to # attendee(s)." to "This event allows up to # attendee(s) per registration."


  • [DEV-5705] Updates the Names and Addresses by Account Relationship report to add the Account Source search criterion and output columns, along with a number of "Account 2" output columns previously only available for "Account 1".
  • [DEV-5783] Fixes an issue where the correct System Email version did not display when manually sending/resending the email from an Account page after the system email in use had been changed.
  • [DEV-5802] Fixes an issue where a system error was encountered when clicking "Skip to Next Match" when comparing an Individual Account to a matching Organization Contact Record.
  • [DEV-5843] Adds an "Account" column to the Balance and Payout Details pages for Neon Payment Processing.
  • [DEV-5846] Fixes an issue where the "Email" checkbox was disabled in the "Acknowledgements" section if you created a new Organization Account when adding a new donation.
  • [DEV-5907] Fixes an issue where the "NeonCRM Standard Version" of the Event Registration - Pay Later System Email did not include the following event location fields in the body of the email: Address, City, State, Zip Code, & Country.
  • [DEV-5919] Fixes an issue where the "Card" field was still required when trying to disable an Auto-Renewing membership in the login portal when using Neon Payment Processing.
  • [DEV-5950] Fixes an issue where merged Household Contacts did not retain the Household Name and Household Salutation fields.
  • [DEV-5979] Fixes an issue where the "Check #" field from the Payment Information section of NeonCRM transaction records were not syncing to the "Reference no." field on payment records and sales receipts for QuickBooks Online.
  • [DEV-6015] Fixes an issue where a system error occurred when attempting to register for an event on the front-end that had both "Wait List" options enabled and also had the "Maximum Attendees" field left blank.
  • [DEV-6018] Fixes an issue where users were not directed to a custom exit page if the user clicked on the "Register As An Organization" button on an event registration form.
  • [DEV-6037] Fixes an issue where there was no validation set to the "Login Name" field when joining a Sub-membership in the Constituent Login Portal.
  • [DEV-6055] Fixes an issue where the "You will be charged $<<Dollar Amount>>" value on the credit card payment form did not update to add the processing fee when a user checked the box to "Optionally add $ to cover processing fees" on a front-end form.
  • [DEV-6111] Fixes an issue where adding "Employment History" to an account multiplied the amount that displayed in the "(System) Pledge Initially Committed (A total of <<Amount>> fulfilled)" system note for a pledge as well as the FMV for an In-Kind donation.
  • [DEV-6116] Fixes an issue where a campaign could be set as its own parent campaign.
  • [DEV-6145] Fixes an issue where NeonCRM Processing Fees did not appear as a line item in the "Payment Information" section of a transaction in the Constituent Login Portal.
  • [DEV-6178] Fixes a QuickBooks sync issue where, if Credit Card & ACH Processing Fees had not been mapped to a specific service item, they would be assigned one at random when syncing transactions containing multiple items.
    • Unmapped fees will now use the service item associated with the most expensive item or, if all items are the same price, the first item added to the cart.
  • [DEV-6180] Fixes an issue where pledge payments synced to QuickBooks Desktop were not appended to their associated Invoices because the additional charge to cover the Credit Card & ACH Processing Fees resulted in a payment amount that exceeded the total balance. 
    • These fees will no longer sync for Pledge Payments in QuickBooks Desktop only. 
  • [DEV-6212] Fixes an issue where a timeout error occured with live tests using the IATS gateway.
  • [DEV-6263] Fixes an issue where the availability settings for an event disappeared after adding a Waiver Statement.
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