Release Notes March 10th, 2018

All of the information that you will need regarding any New Features, Improvements, and Fixes that have been implemented to NeonCRM with the March 2018 product release.

New Features & Improvements

  • [DEV-5971] Adds new settings when creating an Event to restrict registration access to only logged in users, logged in users with specific membership level(s), or an applicable group of logged in users. When an event is restricted, System Users can also:
    • Choose to prevent logged-in users from registering for the same event more than once.
    • Customize the message shown to users who click on a registration form for which they have not been granted access.
  • [DEV-6019] Adds a confirmation Modal when enabling E-Check/ACH for Neon Payment Processing to notify System Users that any existing Recurring Donation Schedules and Auto-Renewing Memberships set up with E-Check/ACH will need to be re-entered up enabling this option.
  • [DEV-5331] Adds links to re-download the Intuit Web Connector and the Web Configuration File to the QuickBooks Integration page.
  • [DEV-5687] Adds a "Receipts" section to the advanced User Groups/Permissions page with the following permissions: "View Receipts", "Create Receipts", and "Edit Receipts".
  • [DEV-5914] Implements DMARC validation for "" & "" domains in the Organization Profile which will prevent the use of either domain.
  • [DEV-5939] Adds "Event Fund" as a search criterion to the following reports: Event Registration Report, Event Attendee Report, Event Summary Report, Name Badge Report, & the Stats Report.
  • [DEV-5825] Adds a new mapping option to the NeonCRM to QuickBooks Integration: "Map Processing Fees". System Users can now designate a specific QB Service Item your NeonCRM Processing Fees will sync over to QuickBooks.
    • Please Note: This only pertains to additional amounts paid to cover Credit Card and ACH Processing Fees you've configured in your NeonCRM System Settings. Processing fees that are charged through Neon Payment Processing are not synced to QuickBooks.
  • [DEV-6045] Adds the option to change the size of the "Projected Revenue" widget from One, Two, or Three Columns.
  • [DEV-6147] Adds a "Created on" column to the table on the Payment Processing > Balance page for Neon Payment Processing.


  • [DEV-6138] Fixes an issue where an error occurred if too many Email Campaigns were scheduled to be sent at the same date and time from a single NeonCRM.
  • [DEV-6072] Fixes an issue where expanding a Text Area custom field on the Custom Object Record Create/Edit page caused the bottom of the modal to extend beyond the screen which prevented easy access to the Save and Cancel buttons.
  • [DEV-6069] Fixes an issue where the Itemized Donation Table tokens did not include donations where Tender Type was blank.
  • [DEV-6060] Fixes an issue where the Custom Form Code Snippet used Google reCaptcha V1. The code snippet now uses Google reCAPTCHA V2. The code snippet will need to be embedded again in order to see this update.
  • [DEV 6058] Fixes an issue where the External Email Forwarding Address did not work when using Apple Mail. 
  • [DEV-6044] Removes the "Total" row from the Projected Revenue widget and widens the first column so it doesn't truncate the content.
  • [DEV-5955] Fixes an issue where PayPal transaction IDs did not display in the Transaction ID output column.
  • [DEV-5990] Fixes an issue where Event Thumbnails would not be displayed in the Storefront if the "Online Store Layout" setting for "Online store home page" was set to "List catalogs and featured products".
  • [DEV-5963] Fixes an issue where the "listEvents" API request returned a "Search value is invalid" error when using the "&" parameter. Developers should now use "& Name" instead.
  • [DEV-5954] Fixes an issue where the column names, when downloading a System Letter to complete an External Mail Merge, did not match the Output Column names for NeonCRM reports
  • [DEV-5945] Fixes an issue where, when a Pledge and Pledge Payment were synced at the same time, a duplicate Invoice was created in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • [DEV-5938] Fixes an issue where Logged-in constituents were able to surpass the maximum number of Sub-Members by selecting "Add" on the Membership page.
  • [DEV-5918] Fixes an issue where the email address for System User could not contain an apostrophe ( ' ).
  • [DEV-5917] Fixes an issue where an unexpected system error occurred when attempting to use the "updateHousehold" API request with three account entries.
  • [DEV-5871] Fixes an issue where "Active" campaigns whose parent (or grandparent) campaign(s) are "Inactive" were not available for conditional system emails & letters.
  • [DEV-5861] Fixes an issue where the "Minimum Donation Amount" setting did not apply to donation forms with One-Page Navigation Flow.
  • [DEV-5838] Fixes an issue where the "HH/Acct. First Enrollment Amount", "HH/Acct. Last Enrollment Amount" & the "HH/Acct. All Membership Amount" output columns displayed incorrect data if there were discounts applied to the captured memberships.
  • [DEV-5824] Fixes an issue where the "Organization Type" column populated for individual accounts in the Household Report when the individual was part of a household and the primary contact of an organization with a configured Organization Type.
  • [DEV-5790] Fixes an issue where a system error occurred when running a Stats Report with any Household-related output columns.
    • Also changes the output column "Primary Household ID" to "Household ID" and moves it to the "Household" section of the search criteria menu.
    • Additionally removes the "Household Name" and "Household Salutation" criteria from the "Basic" section of the search criteria menu as both already exist in the "Household" section. 
  • [DEV-5772] Fixes an issue where an existing QuickBooks Customer Record could not be located if the QB Customer ID was not a match, even though the name on the NeonCRM account and QB Customer Record were an exact match.
  • [DEV-5736] Fixes an issue where Household Name and Household Salutation would not populate on an account if a non-account Household Contact was added as a sub-member for a Household Group Membership
  • [DEV-5718] Fixes an issue where data was not being imported to the "Province" (aka "State Free Text") field.
  • [DEV-5690] Fixes an issue where only one prospect record was captured in the "Prospect Report" when more than one prospect record on an account shared the same data in the same fields.
  • [DEV-5560] Fixes an issue where acronyms were not being matched unless the name was an exact match (e.g., Example Organization Society (EOS) was not matched with EOS).
  • [DEV-5521] Fixes as issue where the "In-Kind" tender type was an available option for event registrations, membership registrations, and store purchases. Now only donations support the "In-Kind" tender type.
  • [DEV-4010] Fixes an issue where $0.00 sub-member terms would auto-renew even though the parent membership term was declined.
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