Release Notes February 10th, 2018

All of the information that you will need regarding any New Features, Improvements, and Fixes that have been implemented to NeonCRM with the February 2018 product release.

New Features & Improvements

  • [DEV-5529] Updates the Reports Dashboard to match the Mission Control Dashboard interface. Includes a new set of reporting widgets.
  • [DEV-5144] Updates the Fundraising Dashboard to match the Mission Control Dashboard interface. Includes a new set of fundraising widgets.
  • [DEV-5874] "Adds the below parameters to the "listCustomObjectRecords" API request:
    • customObjectSearchCriteriaList.customObjectSearchCriteria.criteriaField
    • customObjectSearchCriteriaList.customObjectSearchCriteria.operator
    • (checkbox only)
    • customObjectSearchCriteriaList.customObjectSearchCriteria.value (all other fields)
  • [DEV-5866] Adds soft credit received amount/count output columns for the current and the previous calendar and fiscal year to the following reports: Mailing Report, All Accounts Report, Household Report, Stats Report, Donor Report
  • [DEV-5808] Adds <<Payment Note>> to the list of available tokens in the header & footer content of the "NeonCRM Standard Version" of the "Event Registration" System Email and System Letter.
  • [DEV-5763] Implements a forwarding address to record emails you receive from a constituent and wish to record on their NeonCRM account by forwarding the response to NeonCRM. 
  • [DEV-5740] Updates the "Add New Widget" modal to add a search box and organize widgets by category.
  • [DEV-1356] Replaces the default "Z" favicon with the NeonCRM logo for instances without a template copy.
  • [DEV-5901] Renames the Email Status Monitoring page in the Communications tab to be "Campaign Monitoring" in addition to various wording updates to the page.


  • [DEV-6008] Fixes an issue where the "Log-in Required" checkbox showed as checked for a Published Front End Web Form in an Active Custom Object even when it is un-checked.
  • [DEV-5996] Fixes an issue where the "Eventbrite Event Ticket Sold" output column did not populate in the Eventbrite Attendee Report
  • [DEV-5982] Fixes an issue where there was conflicting information regarding the character limit for a "Login Name" between the field validation message and what was displayed on the Reset Password page.
  • [DEV-5947] Fixes an issue where state names with multiple words displayed the second word and beyond in all lowercase in the Membership Directory.
  • [DEV-5926] Fixes an issue where, when scheduling an Email Campaign, the current date was selected by default when the System User selected the "Send on" radio option. This option will now default to the following day.
  • [DEV-5902] Fixes an issue where data in the "Household Name/Full Name" output column for some individual records and household accounts with no Household Name were exporting to Excel and CSV with two spaces between the first and last name.
  • [DEV-5893] Fixes an issue where Non-ASCII characters were not passed correctly through NeonCRM's Webhooks.
  • [DEV-5842] Fixes an issue where "Prefix" and "Suffix" were available as output columns, but not as search criteria in the Email Audience Report. Both fields are now available as search criteria for this report.
  • [DEV-5787] Fixes an issue where the ACH processing fees system setting was only available if Neon Payment Processing was enabled.
  • [DEV-5716] Fixes an issue where "totalCharge" and "unitPrice" displayed as 0 when a membership transaction was created by the API with "Cash" as the Tender Type.
  • [DEV-5639] Fixes an issue where Recurring Donations, Auto-Renewing Memberships, and Deferred Payments were able to be completed using PayPal Standard. These types of transaction will not be available when choosing to pay with PayPal Standard.


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