Release Notes November 19, 2016

The November 2016 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

Key Issue Type  Description
DEV-4389 Fix Resolved an issue that caused the Title and Header fields to not display on the Constituent Company Contact form if the Organization Account had a contact with an account.
DEV-4313 Fix Fixed an issue with the Duplicate Manager where doing a scan by address (or name + address), clicking the Back button on the results page, and then doing a scan by name + email could cause an error.
DEV-4300 Fix Fixed an issue where customized URLs for social fundraising pages were not properly rendered on the "Share - Facebook" link.
DEV-4245 Fix Fixed an issue where cancelling a single item in a shopping cart would remove the option to cancel any of the other items in the cart.
DEV-4243 Fix The "Go" button has been removed from the Constituent Login Portal.
DEV-4241 Fix The "Mark Attendance" event report can now display event custom field data.
DEV-4240 Fix Resolved an issue where the option for Other Amount on Donation Levels would not auto select when typing in an amount.
DEV-4234 Fix Resolved an issue that caused a report export to not operate as expected if the report had a column for a One Line Text Custom Field with the data type of Amount & the contents of the field includes a '$'.
DEV-4233 Fix Resolved an issue where the suffix field would auto populate with email addresses in various browsers when auto-fill was enabled.
DEV-4206 Fix Fixed issue where sub-memberships to organization group memberships that were added in the front end had no source listed.
DEV-4202 Fix Added the following columns to notes in the Notes/Documents section of an account: Created By, Last Modified Date, Last Modified By.
DEV-4190 Fix Resolved an issue that caused a mix up in associate account IDs when registering for events through front end forms. 
DEV-4171 Fix Fixed an issue where executive reports with single or double quotes in the title could not be deleted.
DEV-4170 Fix Added credit card transaction fee to the payment information for memberships.  This information is now visible on the backend.
DEV-4159 Fix Fixed issue with donation soft credit, where a donation applied to a pledge did not apply the soft credit rules.
DEV-4119 Fix If the Authorization Token for your QuickBooks Online integration expires, you will no longer lose any existing mapping. You will also see a message in Neon to notify you that authorization is required to continue syncing transactions. 
DEV-4104 Fix Fixed an issue with the Import Manager, where a line break in the middle of a value in the Prefix field in an import would make the creation of new custom forms or surveys impossible.
DEV-4091 Fix Fixed an issue with account-related reports (e.g. Mailing Report) where "Count" and "Amount" related fields could display blank values where it should instead have displayed a value of *0*.
DEV-4079 Fix Fixed an issue with survey pages copied from membership surveys; if the source survey had membership custom fields, copying the page to a non-membership survey would cause a 404 error when the page was loaded.

Added a cautionary message when a page is copied from a membership survey.
DEV-4069 Fix Fixed issue with store; processing an order that started with required shipping but was changed to an on-site transaction would still prompt for a shipping notice letter and/or email.
DEV-4016 Fix Fixed issue with membership renewal, where a child membership that expired on the same day as the renewal attempt could not be renewed; it would have to be a new membership.
DEV-4002 Fix Fixed an issue with event sessions, where one had a ticket and the other did not, the session without the ticket would not show results in the Event Registration and Attendee Waiting List reports.
DEV-3957 Fix Fixed an issue with soft credit for pledges, where the pledge's soft credit would not show in the relevant account details pages under the Soft Credit Recipient/Distributed sections.
DEV-3942 Fix Validation for the number of characters in a Credit Card Number field have been added to payment pages.
DEV-3935 Fix Resolved an issue where payment method (and check number) did not pass over to QuickBooks when syncing to Sales Receipts. Please note that Payment Method is not available when syncing to Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Desktop (API restriction).
DEV-3923 Fix Fixed an issue with the Back button in the Too Many Matches pages, where using the paging function would cause the Back button to lead to the wrong place.
DEV-3774 Fix Fixed an issue with the self-import error log, where some fields would incorrectly show up as "null" even if they had valid data in them.  This would happen if certain standard fields were blank in the import.
DEV-3987 Fix Resolved an issue where opted-out email addresses in MailChimp would report that they received emails even though they have not.
DEV-4316 Fix Resolved an issue where an error would occur when attempting to use the iOS app when there are no donation records in a database.
DEV-4242  Fix Phone number area codes are now visible on the "Phone Column" on the "All Accounts" page
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