Release Notes October 22, 2016

The October 2016 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

Key Issue Type  Description
DEV-4208 Improvement Redesigned the Alternate Web Template builder tool. Added the ability to customize the styles of the web template used by social fundraising pages in addition to campaigns and events.
DEV-4207 Improvement

For each social fundraising page, it is now possible to customize part of the page’s URL. Both system users and social fundraisers are able to adjust the URL.

DEV-4185 Improvement Removed the "Training Videos" and "Support Center" links from the Neon navigation bar. These and other help resources are now found under "Help & Support".
DEV-4167 Improvement Updated the Organization Profile to include an "Account Information" tab, where you'll find a copy of your NeonCRM contract as well as other pertinent information regarding your NeonCRM account.
DEV-4166 Improvement Removed the "Use old interface" button from System Settings > Home/Dashboard so that only the new interface is available to users.
DEV-4198 Improvement Changed Worldpay error messages for Credit Card & ACH/E-Check payments to a generic message instead of the message generated by the payment gateway.


Improvement The "Captcha" is now available for use on both the public and constituent versions of the Credit Card payment page. It has also been added to the following constituent forms: Donation, Event Registration, Membership Join and Membership Renew.
DEV-4308 Fix Resolved an issue that would prevent you from completing a store purchase in the back end if you backed out of the shipping option screen.
DEV-4173 Fix Limited the number of times an event can be copied at once (by the Copy Event button on the Event Details page) to 15.
DEV-4309 Fix Fixed an issue with the account duplicate scan, where accounts that were missing the first or last name would not show up in the duplicate scan.
DEV-4289 Fix Resolved an issue that allowed transactions to sync to Sales Receipts without a Customer/Donor Name in QuickBooks
DEV-4285 Fix Resolved an issue with the UpdateActivity API request that caused external notes to go missing.
DEV-4284 Fix Resolved an issue that caused an error to occur when exporting a report to Excel.
DEV-4283 Fix Resolved an issue that caused an error when reporting on Donation Solicitation Methods.
DEV-4277 Fix Resolved an issue where entering a Recurring Donation, as a System User, with an incorrect expiration date format for credit card payments directed the user to a blank page.
DEV-4273 Fix Fixed an issue where the background color of the Search fields on Social Fundraiser List pages did not extend the length of the fields in certain browsers.
DEV-4271 Fix Added clarification to the Membership Home/Dashboard stats for Year to Date Revenue.
DEV-4263 Fix Resolved an issue where the Donation link and Tell Friend link button color on the Classic Campaign Thermometer was defaulting to the background button color which prevented the text from displaying properly.
DEV-4212 Fix Fixed an issue with households where if the head of household was changed to another account, and then the previous head of household was removed from the household, the members of the household would still be listed under the original head of household in searches and the account information page.
DEV-4183 Fix Resolved an issue where tax wasn't calculating properly when purchasing a product through the storefront.
DEV-4181 Fix Resolved an issue where Origin Tracking was blank if a new account was created through a Batch Donation.
DEV-4168 Fix Resolved and issue where Account Custom Fields were not available as search criteria in the Transaction Report.
DEV-4165 Fix Resolved an issue with the Event Attendee Report where an attendee's address would not be captured if it was not provided when registering for an event.
DEV-4152 Fix Fixed an issue with dates in custom fields, where the "Past __ Days" date option in reports would not always display the correct results.
DEV-4148 Fix Resolved an issue that allowed users to access any NeonCRM Form as the linked constituent when Auto-Authentication was enabled.
DEV-4149 Fix Fixed an issue with account photos, where changing the photo in the backend would result in a distorted image with the same dimensions as the previous photo, until the browser cache was cleared.
DEV-4143 Fix "Account Source" has been added as a search criteria and output column in the Activity Report.
DEV-4141 Fix Resolved an issue where the same Individual Account can be added as an Organization Contact multiple times.
DEV-4139 Fix Resolved an issue that prevented an Activity Email from sending again if the start time was changed to a later time after the initial email was sent. 
DEV-4137 Fix Fixed an issue with account custom fields in the Update Your Profile page, where the display name would revert to the actual field name if the field name was changed.
DEV-4133 Fix Added County (Account 2) as an output column for the Names and Addresses by Account Relationship report.
DEV-4126 Fix Resolved an issue where Find Zip+4 was not populating City and State for shipping address when entering a Product Order as a System User.
DEV-4124 Fix Fixed an issue where the Province (State Free Text) field would not show up in the Membership directory if the State field was added.
DEV-4123 Fix Resolved an issue where the First Name field would not display on Organization Account records.
DEV-4122 Fix

Resolved an issue where one template was used when re-sending multiple email campaigns that used different templates.

DEV-4121 Fix Resolved an issue where Archived Events displayed on Event Calendar.
DEV-4117 Fix Fixed an issue where Web addresses entered into the "URL" field on online forms were not being recorded in the database.
DEV-4115 Fix Fixed an issue with system user permissions, where a system user that should not have been able to see donations could still view donations via certain reports.
DEV-4109 Fix Fixed issue with Import Manager, when clicking Reload Data after an error is encountered could cause the "How is your data formatted" options to not display properly.
DEV-4095 Fix

The Stats Report must have at least one search criteria selected in "Search Group 1" in order to add an exclusionary search group. This is to address an issue with Stats Report configuration that could cause saved configurations with only exclusionary criteria to load incorrectly.

DEV-4089 Fix Fixed an issue with the Employment History of individual accounts, where an individual account with an uncategorized address and a business address (from the account's employment) would result in an error when editing the individual's employment history in the back end.
DEV-4045 Fix Resolved an issue where the Event Page Content column in the Event Summary Report would export as raw SQL data.
DEV-3918 Fix Resolved an issue that prevented modifying tax amount for store purchases in the Administrative Back End.
DEV-3260 Fix The "Individual Type" and "Organization Type" options now display in alphabetical order on accounts and reports.
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