Release Notes September 24, 2016

The September 2016 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

 ID  Issue Type  Description
Improvement DEV-4092 Added editIndividualAccount and editOrganizationAccount API methods.  These allow for partial editing of accounts--unlike the equivalent updateIndividualAccount and updateOrganizationAccount methods, omitted fields are not blanked, but simply ignored instead.
Fix DEV-4197 Removed the search criteria of Primary Contact from the Additional Contact Report when searching Main Accounts as it was redundant. 
Fix DEV-4196 Due to a character limit for WorldPay gateway fields, NeonCRM will now truncate the Billing Address field to 60 characters to avoid an error.
Fix DEV-4172 Fixed an issue with reports containing line breaks in a field; when exported, the line breaks are now properly rendered in Excel, and are rendered as semicolons in CSV format.
Fix DEV-4156 Fixed an issue where an extra shopping cart record would be created whenever a pledge or pledge payment was viewed in the Donation Detail page.
Fix DEV-4132 Resolved a looping issue when trying to register a Household contact for an event. 
Fix DEV-4131 Fixed an issue where the Classic Thermometer was not displaying event registrations in the scrolling supporter list.
Fix DEV-4129 Resolved an issue where a Sub-Membership Record would be missing a Sub-Membership Term after an organization added the Sub-Membership to a contact. 
Fix DEV-4120 Fixed an issue where surveys with form acknowledgement emails that had their layouts adjusted would not show up in the email communication history of the constituent that filled the survey out.
Fix DEV-4116 Fixed an issue with the Print Page function on the account pages, where email addresses would include the full hyperlink in the printout instead of just the address.
Fix DEV-4094 Resolved an issue where address tokens were missing for the Membership Auto-Renewal Notice system letter.
Fix DEV-4085 Resolved an issue where inactive Individual/Organization types would be lost if a different type was selected and saved on the account record.
Fix DEV-4084 Resolved an issue where the Province field would not display even though it was marked as 'Visible' in the page settings.
Fix DEV-4077 Fixed an issue where the Member Report and an All Accounts report with the "Membership Not Blank" criterion would not always give the same set of results with the same criteria.
Fix DEV-4070 Fixed an issue where custom fields could not be added to the public Store Checkout Org Buyer Info Form.
Fix DEV-4062 Resolved an issue that created blank membership terms, which in turn caused the Membership Home/Dashboard to freeze if there were blank membership terms in a NeonCRM.
Fix DEV-4046 Fixed an issue with the Effectiveness Over Time executive report, where the Retention Rate calculation was incorrect.
Fix DEV-4042 Removed unused Event Registration Status values from reports.
Fix DEV-3995 Fixed an issue where the total registration amount of a registration involving multiple attendees would show up at the first line of the registration record on the Account Details page multiple times, through pagination.
Fix DEV-3978 Batch donations no longer allow free input of Fund, Campaign, or Purpose values for the defaults; this is to prevent an issue where donations with invalid values could be created (and such donations could not be opened and checked after creation).
Fix DEV-3963 Fixed issue with system email conditions where entering donation amounts using the In Range Of parameter would bring up an error that the donation amount was invalid.
Fix DEV-3961 The Event Session Summary Report will now show information pertaining to session tickets.
Fix DEV-3959 Fixed an issue with invitation creation, where creating an invitation with no event selected would result in a blank page.
Fix DEV-3951 Fixed an issue with text-only email versions, where email tokens would be inserted at the end of the email body regardless of the location of the text cursor.  Tokens will now be inserted where the text cursor is, as with the HTML email versions.
Fix DEV-3943 The Congressional Districts popup will no longer show when entering address information for an event.
Fix DEV-3940 Fixed an issue with corporate donations; if donations were made under a primary contact that was later converted to an account, accessing these donations (or creating new donations) could result in an error.
Fix DEV-3921 Resolved an issue where, after donating to a social fundraising page, the social media icons would take you to the donation confirmation page, instead of the appropriate social media.
Fix DEV-3896 Fixed an issue with the Organization Membership Renewal Form where membership custom fields could not be added.
Fix DEV-3893 Fixed an issue with installment payments; when adding a payment to an installment, there will no longer be a section asking which pledge the payment should be applied to.
Fix DEV-3888 Added option for Add Attendee function for event registrations; there is now an option to apply any previously-applied discounts to the additional attendee(s).
Fix DEV-3859 The Retrieve Event Attendees API request will, by default, now include the Registration Date.
Fix DEV-3684 Fixed an issue with memberships, where a membership set to auto-renew would be disabled if a historical membership (prior to the current membership) were added.
Fix DEV-3132 Fixed issue in the System User Groups/Permissions advanced settings window where the name of one setting was cut off by the column.
Fix DEV-3109 Added breadcrumbs to the Front-End Markup page under System Settings.
Fix DEV-2857 Fixed an issue with the Login Portal dropdown where the Update Profile page would always show as "Update Profile" in the dropdown, regardless of how it was set in the Navigation Dropdown Options.
Fix DEV-4073 Fixed an issue with custom forms and surveys where a survey could not be submitted if there were a space in the Login Name field.
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