Release Notes August 20, 2016

The August 2016 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

 ID  Issue Type  Description
DEV-3782 New Feature Added a new Campaign Letters feature. 
DEV-3467 Improvement New search groups added to Mailing List and Email Audience reports via the "Add Search Group" button will automatically have the "Deceased Not Equal Yes", "Do Not Contact Equal Yes", and "Email Opt-Out Not Equal Yes" criteria added.
DEV-2067 Improvement You can now remove an organization contact that is linked to activities and/or transactions. If you proceed with deleting the contact, the linked records will be transferred to the organization primary contact. 
DEV-4014 Improvement Payment buttons on back-end payment pages have been updated for clarity.
DEV-2521 Improvement Added a new "Additional Contact Report" that enables users to report on household contacts and organization contacts. 
DEV-3950 Improvement Marking the head of household's address as Invalid will cause a warning to appear in the Household Contacts section that the Household Address is invalid.
DEV-4100 Fix Resolved an issue where Volunteer Time Sheets submitted with less than 1 hour logged displayed with 0 hours in the Time Sheet List.
DEV-4101 Fix Resolved an issue where transactions linked to account records with an apostrophe in the record name were not syncing to QuickBooks.
DEV-4108 Fix Resolved an issue where the Membership Over-Due system email would send to constituents with a Cancelled membership term.
DEV-4087 Fix Resolved an issue where Sequential Email Drafts were unable to be accessed at a later time.
DEV-4082 Fix Resolved an issue where Donation Levels would display in an odd fashion on the Event Registration Summary Page.
DEV-4080 Fix Resolved an issue where required Event Custom Fields did not carry over when copying an event. 
DEV-4072 Fix Resolved an issue where Renewal Membership was not able to be added to a constituent's account record who is the head of two households.
DEV-4059 Fix Fixed an issue where system users were not allowed to continue event registration if the default ticket price had a greater tax-deductible amount than the price of the selected ticket.
DEV-4039 Fix Resolved an issue where registering for an event without selecting multiple attendees and session tickets could cause a system error. 
DEV-4032 Fix Resolved an issue where a Donation Amount greater than $0.00 could be imported for In-Kind Donations.
DEV-4024 Fix Resolved an issue where the Block Type criteria would not be retained in a saved All Accounts Report.
DEV-4013 Fix Resolved an issue where Expired Recurring Donation Schedules were not displaying properly on account records. Active, Inactive and Expired Recurring Donation Schedules now all display on account records.
DEV-4012 Fix Resolved an issue where the amount of tickets remaining would not display on the Event Registration Form when using Multiple Ticket prices, multiple attendees per ticket.
DEV-4003 Fix Event Registrant custom fields will now display in alphabetical order on the event detail page and in the registration acknowledgment system emails.
DEV-3997 Fix Fixed an issue where a membership transaction could accidentally be created for a nonexistent account, for a household membership with a new sub-member added.
DEV-3991 Fix Fixed an issue where Organization contact information was not appearing in External Mail Merge reports for Membership Registration and Membership Renewal acknowledgments.
DEV-3986 Fix Fixed some confusing data displayed in the Pledge Status, Pledge Total Amount Paid and Pledge Balance Due columns of Donation Detail reports.
DEV-3983 Fix Added the Phone 1 Area Code, Phone 2 Area Code, Phone 3 Area Code , Phone 1 Type, Phone 2 Type, Phone 3 Type columns to the Event Attendee Report.
DEV-3972 Fix Resolved an issue where the <<Membership Due Date>> token was not populating data for Organization Primary Contact in Campaign Emails.
DEV-3931 Fix Fixed an issue with the Not Duplicates list, where accounts marked as Not Duplicates that later had an account relation added would not be removed from the Not Duplicates list.
DEV-3925 Fix Fixed an issue with the store, where attempting to add a donation to an order, then asking to Pay Later, would result in an error when the payment was later added in the back end.
DEV-3911 Fix Fixed an issue where Shipping notification emails were not available for store purchases made by Organization accounts.
DEV-3908 Fix Added clarification in NeonCRM on how the Event Wait List feature operates when using ticket prices. 
DEV-3906 Fix Resolved an issue that caused the name of a membership to not appear in an All Accounts Report when using Membership type criteria.
DEV-3895 Fix Fixed an issue where pledge payments that were un-linked and reapplied to multiple installments were closing out pledges before the balance reached 0.
DEV-3894 Fix Fixed an issue where the shipping and handling settings could be erased if they were changed from tiered to calculated and back (or vice versa).
DEV-3892 Fix In the Household Report, the "Household Address" fields are now "Address" fields.
DEV-3881 Fix Fixed an issue where a system user with only communications permissions would encounter an error when attempting to access the Action Log.
DEV-3845 Fix Fixed an issue with sequential emails where, while adding a search, clicking the Back button on the page would cause an error.
DEV-3840 Fix Fixed an issue with the API where a NOT_IN_RANGE search for the List Accounts method would cause an unexpected error.
DEV-3819 Fix When creating a new event via the import process, users are now required to provide a start and end date for the relevant event.
DEV-3813 Fix Fixed an issue where searching the Additional Contact Report 1 by Individual custom field data would yield the primary contact's information in each row of the results.
DEV-3802 Fix Fixed an issue where attempting to edit a sequential email template while the template was open in another tab would result in a blank page.
DEV-3795 Fix Fixed an issue where system users were unable to complete imports of transactions if they had an apostrophe in their name.
DEV-3789 Fix On the Volunteers -> Projects page in the backend, the Projects column can no longer be deselected via Select Columns.

Fixed an issues with the Projects page, where exporting the page into CSV format would add double quotes into each cell.
DEV-3788 Fix Fixed an issue where the default campaign would automatically populate when editing an event with the Campaign field cleared.
DEV-3787 Fix Fixed an issue with the store backend where products with single quotes or apostrophes in the name could not be searched.
DEV-3777 Fix Fixed an issue with event registration, where hitting "Send Recovery Email" on the encouraged login page without entering an email address, then clicking "Continue event registration as new account" would result in a 404 error.
DEV-3765 Fix Fixed an issue with social fundraising pages where they would cause an error if a constituent attempted to edit them from the front end.
DEV-3764 Fix Fixed an issue with event form configuration; copied events (where the original was deleted) that used certain fields in the event registration form would cause an error when a user attempted to fill out or edit the event registration form.
DEV-3756 Fix Fixed an issue where if the store module was disabled, shopping carts could not be edited or deleted for transactions involving donations and events.
DEV-3744 Fix Fixed an issue with the social fundraising sidebar where the share function did not work properly if the sidebar was used in the form of a separate code snippet.
DEV-3740 Fix If a user attempts to re-send an email that cannot be re-sent for some reason, the Re-Send Email page will change to reflect that.
DEV-3736 Fix Fixed an issue with event registration letter merges, where they would not be moved to "Merges In Progress" when performing a Neon Letter Merge.
DEV-3730 Fix If an account is converted from an individual account to an organization account, any previously run duplicate scans will stop showing the account within.  This is to fix an issue where a newly converted organization account could be added to a household via the duplicate scan, causing errors.
DEV-3727 Fix Fixed an issue where an account could not be re-sent a donation appreciation system email if the account had opted out of campaign emails.
DEV-3718 Fix Fixed an issue where activities without an associated account or system user would not show up in the Activity Report.
DEV-3717 Fix Fixed an issue where attempting to export a report with no results would cause the download (and Neon) to hang.
DEV-3714 Fix Fixed an issue with the Donation Detail report where the total donation amount would not show at the bottom of the page when the number of items per page was changed and the report was not on page one.
DEV-3703 Fix Fixed an issue with the Batch Donation interface where it was possible to enter negative donation amounts.
DEV-3685 Fix Fixed an issue where a transaction in the front end where the payment was deferred, would not give an option for a mail merge if the payment was greater than the transaction amount.

Fixed an issue where the summary page for a credit card payment would show the old user interface.
DEV-3677 Fix Fixed an issue where searching on Prospect data in reports with multiple search groups yielded inaccurate results.
DEV-3668 Fix Fixed an issue when building templates for a sequential email schedule; hitting the Cancel button will now bring you to the schedule rather than the system email home page.
DEV-3652 Fix Fixed an issue with organization memberships where the front-end user of an organization account could not set sub-memberships for their daily organizational membership.
DEV-3646 Fix Fixed an issue with event registration where the coupon code field would vanish if a coupon code was entered incorrectly, cleared, submitted, and then the page was returned to by clicking the Previous button.

Fixed an issue with event registration where the coupon code field would vanish for public users if they attempted to register an account, but entered an invalid password.
DEV-3637 Fix Fixed an issue with event registration where a coupon code for a specific group could still be applied to an account not part of that group by entering the code, then clearing it after the error message showed.
DEV-3631 Fix Projects & Timesheets section of the Account page can now show more than 20 items.  This fixes an issue where if an account was assigned to more than 20 projects at a time, some projects would be left out of the account page.
DEV-3625 Fix Changed date format for donation history in the Constituent Login Portal to mm/dd/yyyy.
DEV-3616 Fix Fixed an issue with donation and membership survey forms (logged in as an organization) where returning to the survey after seeing the payment page (via the Previous button) and changing the contact name resulted in a 404 error.
DEV-3607 Fix Resolved an issue that prevented the Name + Address Scan from completing because there were too many Name Matches. 
DEV-3532 Fix Fixed an issue with primary contacts where a system user could be "matched" as a primary contact via the search system when a new organization account is created.
DEV-3524 Fix Resolved an issue where the 'Start Date' field for the QuickBooks Connection Setup would allow blank data to be entered.
DEV-3511 Fix Resolved an issue where multiple donation appreciation system letters were added to the Mail Merge queue after splitting a donation. Now, only the parent donation is added to the mail merge queue.
DEV-3407 Fix Fixed an issue where if a non-account household contact was added to an organization from the account page, the non-account contact would become the same as the primary contact and information would be lost.
DEV-2868 Fix If a transaction is missing its shopping cart, the cart will now be re-created when a payment is added to the transaction.
DEV-2828 Fix Fixed an issue where user groups with a certain permissions set were not able to add recurring donations with a future date.
DEV-1609 Fix Fixed an issue where a non-account household contact converted to an individual account would not show the household they were a part of as the primary household; also, duplicate addresses would be created when the contact was converted.
DEV-1591 Fix The Submit button for the household creation page can now be clicked only once; this was to address an issue where a duplicate household would be created, causing an error when attempting to edit either household's primary contact.
DEV-1337 Fix Fixed an issue where a custom field added to an event could still show in the configured page even it it has been deleted.
DEV-4011 Fix Fixed an issue where a link in the Membership Auto-Renew Error Notice system email was causing an error when the email was copied.
DEV-3912 Fix Fixed an issue where the default Sender Name and Sender Email Address were not displaying correctly for the system default version of the Event Registration Acknowledgment email.
DEV-3967 Fix Fixed an issue where some schedules of the Membership Due system email were sending with the wrong sender name, email address and/or subject line.
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