Campaign Letters

Create a Letter Template
Creating your Letter Content
Add Recipients to your Mailing List
Print out the Letters
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Campaign Letters is NeonCRM’s tool for mail merging printed letters. Campaign Letters work a lot like campaign emails. The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Create a letter template
  2. Create the letter content
  3. Add recipients to your mailing list
  4. Print out the letters

Campaign Letters has been built in conjunction with the Material Tracking feature to allow you to easily keep a record of which letters have been sent to your constituents. To create a Campaign Letter, navigate to Communications > Letter and Material Tracking > New Campaign Letter.

Create a Letter Template

The letter template is the “wrapper” for your content. Think of it as sort of like letterhead. The template is the part of your letter that appears at the top of the page and the bottom of the page. The content is placed inside your template.

First, we must choose which template to use for this letter. You are provided three options for selecting a template.

Select Existing NeonCRM Template

Select a template that has already been created. Click on the preview image of a template or the Preview button to view a preview of the template. Click Select to choose that template.

Create New NeonCRM Template

Template Builder

Use NeonCRM’s built-in template builder to choose header and footer text, colors, and images for your template. We provide more information on using the template builder in this guide. When finished building your template, click Save.

Upload HTML

Upload your own preformatted HTML file with a <<content>> token. For more information about creating HTML letter templates, refer to this guide. You will type in the Letter Content in the following step.

Upload Template and Content

Upload your own preformatted HTML file which includes all of your layout and letter content. This guide provides more information about uploading email template files.

Creating Your Letter Content

Once you have selected your template, you must now add your letter content.

For your letter, you must give it a Letter Version Name. You may also give it a Code and add Inventory (the number of available letters to be sent).

Below, you enter your letter content using the content editor. You may Build from Existing Letter, which allows you to retrieve content from other letters. Clicking Preview will show you an example of your letter combined with the template in a pop-up window.

To add dynamic mail-merge fields, such as the itemized donation tables, click the Insert <<Token>> button. This brings up a window that has a list of all available merge fields. Clicking on the name of a field will insert it into your letter.

When you are finished adding content, click Save Letter.

Add Recipients to your Mailing List

There are two ways to add constituents to your mailing list.

Import Account IDs

Import a CSV file that contains a column of NeonCRM Account IDs.

From Report

Use a new Mailing Report or Household Report to add accounts to your mailing list. You can also recall a Saved Report from this dropdown menu.

Further details for adding constituents to your mailing list can be found in the Material Tracking guide.

Print out the Letters

Once you have some recipients, you can complete the mail merge and print out their letters. You can print letters for recipients who are in the Pending or Processing statuses.

Select each recipient by checking the box for their row. Then, click the Preview & Print button.

In a new browser tab, the Preview and Print page will open.

While you can review the letters on this page, we strongly recommend you use your web browser's Print Preview to review letters. Your browser's Print Preview will provide a much more accurate representation of how the letters will look before you print.

  • If you are using Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you can click the Print button to see a print preview.
  • If you are using Firefox or an older version of Internet Explorer, you will not see a Print button. Instead, you will be provided instructions on how to get to the Print Preview.

After you have printed your letters, click the Mark As Complete button. This will move each of the letter recipients from the Pending or Processing statuses into the Complete status.

The Download Addresses button allows you to download a CSV or Excel file that includes the mailing addresses for each recipient in the mail merge. You can use this file as a basis for making mailing labels or printing envelopes using Microsoft Word.

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