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When configuring your NeonCRM system for international payments, there are some important restrictions to consider in the back-end administrative interface and on front-end payment forms. Some of these restrictions exist in order to follow accounting best practices and to maintain data integrity within your CRM. The guide and FAQ below provides an overview of the functionality of NeonCRM for managing currencies and multi-language donation forms.


Important Notes

  • Accounting Currency – Your CRM's accounting currency is the currency unit used when recording transactions in the database. In order to maintain accounting integrity, the accounting currency must be consistent throughout the entire CRM.
  • Payment Processor Configuration – In order to feed payments into NeonCRM in the accounting currency of your organization, you must configure the default currency settings in your payment processor. Please contact your payment processor for further details on this topic.
  • Recommended Transaction Types – Due to the great variety of scenarios and regulations for complex transaction types, such as event registrations, membership registrations, or online store purchases; it is strongly recommended that only online donation forms be configured for payments from international constituents (i.e. Non-English speaking constituents and constituents using a currency that is different to your system's accounting currency).



In the Back-end Administrative Interface

Can I change the default language of NeonCRM's back-end administrative interface?
No. At this time, English is the only available language for NeonCRM's back-end interface.

What currencies can I use in my NeonCRM system?
Your system's currency depends on the configuration of the payment processor(s) linked to your NeonCRM system. The currency that is deposited into your NeonCRM database is your system's accounting currency. There are no restrictions on accepted accounting currencies in NeonCRM. The recommended payment processors are listed below by currency. For further details on these payment processors including contact information and a description of their integration with NeonCRM, please review Gateway Settings for Credit Card or eCheck Payments.

  • Recommended for U.S. Dollars (USD):
    • Worldpay
    • PayPal Pro
    • IATS
    • BluePay
    • Forte Payment Systems (formerly Payments Gateway)
    • Vanco Services
  • Recommended for Canadian Dollars (CAD):
    • PayPal Pro
    • IATS
    • BluePay
  • Recommended for Other Currencies:
    • IATS

Can I work with multiple currencies in NeonCRM's administrative interface?
No, in order to adhere to accounting best practices and to simplify transaction reporting, the CRM back-end must be configured in a single currency across the entire administrative interface.

Can I change the default '$' currency symbol used in the back-end interface?
No, it is currently not possible to change the default currency symbol in NeonCRM's administrative interface.

Can I configure the settings for taxes and shipping/handling for transactions outside the United States and Canada?
No. At this time, due to the great variety of scenarios and regulations for taxes and shipping/handling, NeonCRM only supports advanced settings for these features for U.S. and Canadian organizations.


On Front-end Forms & Constituent Emails

Can front-end forms accept credit card payments in international currencies?

Yes, most payment processors can accept credit card payments in international currencies. Payments submitted from foreign credit cards on NeonCRM forms will automatically be converted by the payment processor to your system's default accounting currency at the exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

Note: Constituents must enter donation amounts in the default accounting currency of your CRM. See the question below: Can constituents enter donation amounts in their own currency?

Also note: The NeonCRM credit card form must be properly configured with the appropriate required fields for accepting international payments. Please contact your payment processor for further details on required credit card fields and supported credit types for international payments.

For further instructions on configuring front-end donation forms and the credit card page for international payments, please review Configuring Forms for International Payments.

Can constituents enter payment amounts in their own currency?
No, amounts entered on a front-end transaction form must reflect the default accounting currency of your payment processor. Values entered into an amount field on front-end forms will be interpreted by the payment processor as the accounting currency.

For example, if your default accounting currency is U.S. dollars, a donor that enters the number '12' into an amount field will be charged the equivalent of $12 USD in their local currency. For this reason, embeddable currency convertors or a standard PayPal button are recommended for forms with significant traffic from foreign donors.

If I enable the standard PayPal button on my credit card forms, will donors be able to submit payments in their own currency?
Yes, when donors enter a donation amount on a NeonCRM form and click the standard PayPal button, they will be taken to a PayPal page where they will be able to see the donation amount converted into their local currency.

Note: The amount entered on the NeonCRM form itself must still reflect your system's accounting currency. Also note: It is not possible to disable or hide the standard credit card fields on NeonCRM donation forms, even when the standard PayPal button is enabled.

Can I use NeonCRM's multiple payment gateways feature to accept payments in different currencies?
No, since all transactions feed into a single, unified database, all payment gateways must be configured to use the default accounting currency.

Can I configure donation forms and transaction acknowledgement emails/letters in multiple languages?
Yes, online donation forms can be configured in multiple languages by segmenting language versions into separate fundraising campaigns, each with its own customized donation form. Once your fundraising campaigns have been segmented by language, automated transaction acknowledgement emails and letters can be configured in separate languages using system email and system letter conditions.

Note: Logged-in constituents will only be able to see the standard constituent donation form, which can only be configured in one language.

Learn more about these topics in the guides below:

Can I change the default '$' currency symbol in constituent communications, such as automated transaction acknowledgement emails?
Yes, constituent communications, including system emails, email campaigns, and system letters, can be modified to include the currency symbol of your chosen accounting currency. All amount <<Tokens>> in system communications only include the numerical value of the amount without any currency symbol.

Can I configure the credit card page in multiple languages?
No. While the standard language on the credit card page can be customized in a foreign language (for organizations working with a primarily non-English speaking donor base), there is only one credit card page, and it cannot be configured in multiple languages.

Can I change the language of error messages displayed to constituents on front-end forms?
No, error messages and other system messages presented on front-end forms will appear in English and cannot be configured in different languages.

Can I change the default language on front-end summary pages for membership registrations, event registrations, and online store purchases?
No, the transaction summary pages for membership registrations, event registrations, and online store purchases cannot be configured in different languages.

Can I change the default '$' currency symbol on front-end payment forms for membership registrations, event registrations, and online store purchases?
No, it is currently not possible to change the default currency symbol on front-end forms for membership registrations, event registrations, and online store purchases. For this reason, donations is the only recommended transaction type for organizations working with a non-dollar accounting currency.

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