How to Search for Existing Accounts

Guidelines for a Successful Search
Example Search Combinations
I Can't Locate an Account!


NeonCRM offers a feature that can link a transaction or contact record to an existing account record without having to go to the account detail page first.

As long as you have either the full or partial name of the constituent, you can link Donations, Event Registrations (Registrants & Attendees), Store Purchases, Membership Registrations, and Contact Records (Organization & Household) to an existing account record through the Administrative Back-End of NeonCRM. 

Guidelines for a Successful Search

There are several combinations of a name that can help capture your desired account. The more letters used in the name, the better the search results.

It is recommended that at least the first three letters of the first name be used (with full last name). If only the first initial is provided, then NeonCRM will run a 'Fuzzy Search' based on that one letter.

i.e. 'J Doe' will return an alphabetized list of accounts that include the letter 'J'.


So, adding more letters will narrow down the search: 


**Please Note: The list of suggested accounts caps out at 50 results. If you are too vague, you may not see your desired account.

Additionally, there must be at least 3 characters entered in order to trigger the search (spaces included). If you just entered 'Jo', nothing will display.  

Re: Donations and Event Registrations - The search will not capture Primary Contacts of an Organization that do not have an Individual account. Search for the Organization's name and then select the Primary Contact as the contact (or attendee) for the transaction.

Example Search Combinations

Example Name: Jonathan Doe 

  • Jon Doe
  • Jonath Doe 
  • Jonathan D
  • Doe
  • Jo Doe (Remember: this might not capture the desired account if there are too many results from the fuzzy search)
  • DoeJ

Example Combinations that may be too Vague:

  • Partial First & Last Name: Jo Do, J Do, Jon Do, etc...
  • First Initial & Last Name: J Doe, J. Doe, etc...
  • Partial First Name Only: Jon

I Can't Locate an Account!

There may come a moment where an account just cannot be captured, no matter what combination of the name you enter. This scenario will most likely occur with very common names: i.e. John Smith.

In these situations, it would be best to run an All Accounts Report to try and locate this account. Reports are not restricted to 50 results, so it will be there. Learn more about Getting the Right Report Results here. 

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