Release Notes July 23, 2016

The July 2016 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

 ID  Issue Type  Description
DEV-3799 New Feature Added a new Origin Tracking feature that stamps newly created accounts with data indicating exactly from where the account came. This comes in the form of two new account standard fields: Origin Category and Origin Detail.
DEV-3956 Improvement Changed the names of several member reports to make them more clear.
DEV-3860 Improvement Added a search criteria to the listProducts API method: It is now possible to filter items by their status ("Active" or "Inactive").
DEV-3917 Improvement Duplicate Manager now includes a column showing the creation date of the latest account, and sorts by that column (in descending order) by default.
The Show/Hide information button is now gone; the information is now all shown by default.
DEV-3955 Improvement Enabling Velocity Control now enables a feature that blocks an IP after 7 unsuccessful attempts to process a payment. (Payment attempts that fail due to normal validation errors—such as required fields not being filled out—do not count; this strictly applies to payments rejected/declined by the processor.)
DEV-3915 Improvement Revamped the All Accounts page to include search filters and the ability to select the columns you wish to display on that page.
DEV-3916 Improvement You can now schedule duplicate scans to run on a weekly or monthly basis.
DEV-3780 Fix "Activity System User" is now an available output column in the All Accounts Report.
DEV-3450 Fix Abbreviations in the Province field will no longer be picked up as states in the State field if the country is something other than Canada or the United States.
DEV-3999 Fix Added a pop up notification to better clarify adding Multiple Event Registrations to the same shopping cart.
DEV-3509 Fix Added a warning message that communicates if you have Pending Merges when trying to disable a system letter.
DEV-3137 Fix Adjusted custom forms so that the header field uses the proper format.
DEV-3669 Fix As an organization logged in to their account, attempting to add an organizational membership to an account that already has a membership will now give a specific error message that includes instructions for correcting the error.
DEV-3827 Fix Fixed a display issue in the Email List Report; when displaying event attendees, said attendees would display with a '0' (zero) in the Email Opt Out column.
DEV-3857 Fix Fixed an issue where if a discount for an event or membership registration was deleted, and there was already a transaction using that discount, editing the shopping cart of that transaction would result in a 500 error.
DEV-3770 Fix Fixed an issue where organizations would not show up in a basic search (based on the last name of the primary contact) if the primary contact account shared the same last name as at least one other individual account.
DEV-3602 Fix Resolved an issue with the Member Report that caused some accounts to not get captured as expected.
DEV-3550 Fix Fixed an issue where session output columns would not display in the order specified in the Attendee List Report configuration.
DEV-3673 Fix Fixed an issue where some Household Amount columns were not displaying information for non-householded accounts in Household Reports.
DEV-3693 Fix Fixed an issue with Honor/Memory and Acknowledgee fields; the dialogs for creating new Honor/Memory or Acknowledgee records would not close properly if the name contained quotation marks.
DEV-3396 Fix Added an edit button for transactions in a shopping cart to resolve a confusing redirect that occurred when hitting the 'Previous' button.
DEV-3678 Fix Fixed an issue with Household Reports, where the primary contact email would sometimes not show up if the "Search all linked household accounts" check box was checked.
DEV-3811 Fix Fixed an issue with Import Manager; the Is Company field can now be properly mapped.
DEV-3063 Fix Fixed an issue with V2 email templates; the Reset Password token would not render correctly if used in a text hyperlink.
DEV-2866 Fix Fixed an issue with batch donations where the amount of a donation would reset to zero after choosing an account name from the Account Search panel.
DEV-3726 Fix Fixed an issue with conditional system emails where it was possible to set up a condition to send an email with no template.
DEV-3401 Fix Fixed an issue with embedded public custom forms (with an alternate web template); those that included a payment page would not always use the same style as the alternate web template.
DEV-3742 Fix Fixed an issue with event registration emails where they would show the ticket cost next to each attendee, even if the ticket was for multiple attendees.
DEV-3040 Fix Fixed an issue with event session summary reports, where they would not correctly show the total revenue generated by the session.
DEV-3592 Fix Fixed an issue with login fields on forms and surveys, where the Login Name field was not properly validated.
DEV-3946 Fix Fixed an issue with the API where the source.ID and fields were not saving their values when creating new items.
DEV-3824 Fix Fixed an issue with the All Accounts report, where searching for a comma in the Preferred Name field would yield incorrect results.
DEV-3855 Fix Resolved an issue where renewed Sub-Member Terms used the incorrect date.
DEV-3821 Fix Fixed an issue with the Effectiveness Over Time executive report where it would not show the correct number of current memberships.
DEV-3564 Fix Fixed an issue with the Email Report where two different fields were called "Full Name (F)"; one was renamed to "Email Send Full Name (F)".
DEV-3775 Fix Fixed an issue with the Event Registration and Attendee Waiting List reports where using Event Session Name as a search condition would cause a system error.
DEV-3558 Fix Fixed an issue with the Fundraiser Donation Notification system settings page; there was no navigation breadcrumb at the top.
DEV-3867 Fix Fixed an issue with the Names & Addresses By Account Relationship report, where certain output columns were missing, and the outputs were not consistent.
DEV-3817 Fix Fixed an issue with the store where the API could not be used to check out a shopping cart.
DEV-2785 Fix For batch donations, a batch donation number is now required. This is a fix for an issue where batches without numbers would not appear in the batch history list.
DEV-3681 Fix Hitting Enter when changing the page size on the store's New Order page will now properly refresh the page.
DEV-3890 Fix If a member has chosen auto-renewal for a membership type that is now inactive, the "On" indicator under Auto-Renewal will now be struck through, and the reason for its deactivation will appear if you hover your mouse cover over the "On".
DEV-3891 Fix Inactive membership terms will no longer display in the Reorder Membership Term Display Sequence window.
DEV-3620 Fix Inactive products will not appear in the listProducts API request.
DEV-3758 Fix Resolved a navigation issue when registering for events through the front end where clicking the previous button on the Summary Page would bring you to the Registration Page instead of the Attendee Page.
DEV-3626 Fix Resolved an error that would occur when the "Previous" button was clicked on the Contact Information Form.
WORK-6364 Fix Resolved an issue that cause an error when Renewing a Group Membership and adding a Store Purchase to the same shopping cart.
DEV-3985 Fix Resolved an issue that caused event registrations to generate a blank page/error when trying to edit the record in the back end of NeonCRM.
DEV-3492 Fix Resolved an issue that caused multiple invoices to be sent to QuickBooks when choosing to sync a Pledge and its corresponding Payment(s) at the same time.
DEV-3846 Fix Resolved an issue that prevented System Users from entering survey results through an account page.
DEV-2748 Fix Resolved an issue where Individual Type would not appear if a new Individual account was created with a membership.
DEV-4025 Fix Resolved an issue where Organization Group Memberships were able to be added to individual accounts.
DEV-3861 Fix Resolved an issue where loaded columns in a saved Stats Report would disappear when changing the report scope.
DEV-3671 Fix Resolved an issue where the current date could be chosen for 'Next Payment Date' when setting up a recurring donation schedule, thus never charging the Credit Card or E-Check.
DEV-3953 Fix Resolved an issue where the incorrect date format was used for the Payment Received Date column in the Donation Detail Report.
DEV-3672 Fix Resolved an issue where the incorrect status would be shown for a transaction when running a Payment-Based Auto Report.
DEV-3933 Fix Resolved an issue where when registering an Organization Account for an Event, the Standard NeonCRM Event Registration System Email using <<Registrant First Name>> token in header was not populating Organization Contact Name and <<Organization Company Name>> token was also added as in improvement.
DEV-3938 Fix The Email List Report now only includes the option "Display Event attendees. (If unchecked, the report only displays event registrants.)" if the user searches on an event criteria.
DEV-3141 Fix The NeonCRM Welcome Letter has been removed from the Document Center.
DEV-3907 Fix Updated several country names in the Country field.
DEV-3886 Fix Updated several country names to conform with World Bank standards.
DEV-3579 Fix Updated the nickname list used to match names in the Duplicate Manager.
DEV-3643 Fix When searching on accounts for activities meeting certain criteria, the search results will now show an activity matching the criteria rather than a random or specific incorrect one.
DEV-3869 Fix Fixed an issue where the pre-set "Reset Password" link from the link menu in the content editor toolbar was directing constituents to the wrong page.
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