Origin Tracking

Beginning July 23, 2016, every time an account is created in NeonCRM, it is stamped it with data indicating exactly from where the account came. This comes in the form of two new account standard fields: Origin Category and Origin Detail. These fields are populated at the time the account is created. It is not possible for a system user to create, edit, or delete the values of these fields. Accounts created prior to July 23, 2016 will not have these fields populated.

  • Origin Category
    This is the broad category of where the account came from. The values include things like Data Entry, Event Registration, Donation Form, or Self-Import.
  • Origin Detail
    More specific information about the origin of the account. Typically, this will be the specific fundraising campaign, event, or system user who created the account.

What can I do with this information?

  • Use these fields as search criteria and output columns in reports:
    • Mailing Report
    • All Accounts Report
    • Email Audience Report
  • Build email audiences using these fields as search criteria
  • Use these fields to better assess duplicate records in the duplicate merge process
  • Use these fields as search criteria in the bulk operations process
  • View these fields on the Account > All Accounts page to track incoming accounts in your database

Possible Values

Below is a guide that describes the possible values for these fields and the circumstances under which they will occur:

If the account was created by: The Origin Category will be: The Origin Detail will be:
A system user performing manual data entry Data Entry System User Name (ID#)
A system user performing a self-import Self-Import Import Name (ID#)
The NeonCRM staff performs a custom data import Custom Import  
The API API App Name
Eventbrite Eventbrite Eventbrite Event Name (ID#)
Contact Information Form Contact Information Form  
Standard Donation Form Standard Donation Form  
Campaign Donation Form Campaign Donation Campaign Name (ID#)
Social fundraising donation form Social Fundraising Donation Campaign Name (ID#) - Page Name (ID#)
A constituent creating a social fundraising page Social Fundraising Page Registration Campaign Name (ID#)
Event registration form (who is not an attendee) Event Registration Event Name (Account ID#)
Event registration form (who is an attendee) Event Attendee Event Name (ID#)
Volunteer application form Volunteer Application Form  
Membership Join form Standard Membership Form Membership Level Name
Membership Renew form Membership Renewal Form Membership Level Name
Store Purchase form Store Purchase  
Custom form Custom Form Form Name (ID#)
Social Media Login (Facebook) Facebook Login Facebook Page (URL)
Social Media Login (Twitter) Twitter Login Twitter Page (URL)


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