All Accounts

The All Accounts page is a searchable list of accounts in your NeonCRM system. By default, it's sorted by the most recently created accounts. To reach this page, navigate to Account > All Accounts.

Searching for accounts

Use the search filters at the top of the page to find accounts. You can search by the following fields:

  • Account Name - The name of the individual or organization
  • Created Date - Search a range of dates using From and To
  • Account Type - Either Individual or Organization
  • Origin Category - Learn more about Origins

Viewing the Results

The results of the search are shown in a table below.

By default, the results are sorted by Create Time, showing the most recently created accounts at the top. Click on the top row of a column to sort the results by that column.

Other Actions

In addition to searching and viewing results, you may also:

  • Choose which columns appear in your results
  • View a list of Households
  • Export your results to Excel or CSV

Selecting Columns

To select which columns appear in the results section, click Select Columns. Check the boxes for the fields you would like to see, and click Save Changes.

Changing this setting will only affect your own user account; it will not change the column preferences for other system users.

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