Release Notes June 25th, 2016

The June 2016 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

 ID  Issue Type  Description
DEV-3812 Improvement The duplicate manager should now match organizations whether or not they have a suffix in their name (e.g. Z2 Systems will now match Z2 Systems Inc.).
DEV-3480 New Feature NeonCRM's integration with QuickBooks now offers more robust mapping options. All transaction types are able to be further subdivided in order to provide a more customized synchronization. QuickBooks Overview & Connecting NeonCRM to QuickBooks 
DEV-3531 New Feature Each system user can mark accounts as Favorite accounts. They can retrieve a list of Favorite accounts and include the designation of Favorite in reports.
DEV-3800 Improvement For a custom form’s acknowledgement system email, email tokens for all fields included on the form are now available.
Public and constituent users are now notified in advance of their session timeout when filling out custom forms.
DEV-3716 Improvement Accounts matched in a duplicate scan can be marked as "not duplicates".
DEV-3383 Improvement Completed imports now include a link to view the mapping used for that import.
DEV-3463 Fix

Resolved an issue where class would not populate on a QuickBooks Invoice when syncing pledge records.

DEV-3870 Fix Resolved an issue where a link to Email Templates was included in the process of building System Letters. The link now points to System Letter Templates.
DEV-3826 Fix Resolved an issue where only some Social Fundraisers were available (or none at all) when making a Batch Donation.
DEV-3783 Fix Resolved an issue where the "Ticket Description" would not appear on the Event Attendee page.
DEV-3732 Fix Resolved an issue where inactive campaigns were intermixed with active campaigns when selecting them from a drop down menu in reports.
DEV-3485 Fix Resolved an issue with the import manager where an import for organization accounts only would detect individual accounts with matching information as duplicates.
DEV-3421 Fix WinRAR file format is now supported in the Document library.
DEV-3504 Fix Fixed an issue where membership coupon codes were not checked on a case-sensitive basis when first created.
DEV-1617 Fix Fixed an issue with system email conditions where invalid conditions (e.g. Account ID Equals [left blank]) could be set up; attempting to do so now causes an error message.
DEV-1622 Fix Fixed an issue with imported email lists to email audiences; if a line in the import is missing an email, that line will no longer be added.
DEV-3862 Fix Resolved an issue where custom team names were not displaying on the Social Fundraiser List Page.
DEV-3624 Fix When a user searches for items in the store, full matches now have priority over partial matches, and matches by keyword or name have priority over matches in the description.
DEV-3416 Fix Fixed an issue with membership registrations for organizations, where organizations with no individual contact name would not display properly in the mail merge queue and letter.
DEV-3551 Fix Fixed an issue with event registration, where the amount charged could be set to a nonsensical amount.
DEV-3487 Fix References to "Payments Gateway" in NeonCRM have been changed to "Forte".
DEV-3537 Fix When cancelling an event registration initiated in the backend from an account page, the system user should return to the account page rather than the event detail page.
DEV-3750 Fix Resolved an issue where an error would be encountered when trying to access a contact record on a Household that was added via the duplicate merge.
DEV-3779 Fix Resolved an issue where purged accounts were being captured within the inline (Ajax) search for accounts.
DEV-3866 Fix All emails in an audience can now be copied to a clipboard for pasting into the To, CC or Bcc fields in Outlook, thus removing the character-limit restriction of the old "Copy to Outlook" feature.
DEV-3746 Fix Fixed an issue where the Import Manager was not importing secondary addresses in imports with no account ID.
DEV-3708 Fix Fixed an issue where an account with a login could be merged to a second account while someone was logged into the first account.
DEV-2823 Fix Resolved an issue where images could not be loaded to V2 Email Templates when using Internet Explorer.
WORK-7180 Fix Resolved an issue where Individuals listed as Organization Contacts were not being captured in Email List report when Individual email address is different than Organization email address.
DEV-3773 Fix Resolved an issue where the Membership Registration System Letter is added to the mail merge queue after adding a Membership to an account but the Pending Merges number in the To Do List does not update.
DEV-3737 Fix Resolved an issue where the text cursor would not function properly in the NeonCRM Text Editor (CKEditor) when the "Enter" key was pushed when using Safari.
DEV-3508 Fix Fixed an issue with email conditions where Donation Amount did not support commas in the entry (such as 2,000).
DEV-3587 Fix Resolved an issue where certain names could not be captured in an AJAX search.
DEV-3745 Fix Fixed an issue where Priority Mail Express options were appearing for shipping when only Priority Mail (not Express) was selected in the store shipping setup.
DEV-3753 Fix Resolved an issue where creating and naming an Account Custom field "Member Type" prevented it from displaying as an Output Column in reports.
WORK-7145 Fix Resolved an issue where duplicates records appeared under the MailChimp Communication History section.
DEV-3880 Fix Resolved an issue where the 'Sent Emails' section was not available to the user group 'System User".
DEV-3711 Fix Fixed an issue where "tickets sold" displayed the number of attendees, not the number of actual tickets sold; "tickets remaining" was also based on the number of attendees rather than tickets.
DEV-3505 Fix Resolved an issue where the NeonCRM Standard Version for the various Pay Later system emails & letters was not available when choosing to Build from an Existing Version.
DEV-3476 Fix Self-imports that include name prefixes which do not currently exist in the database will now add those prefixes as options.
DEV-3849 Fix Increased the character limit for material tracking names.
DEV-3733 Fix Updated accounts will now appear in the syncAccounts API request.
DEV-3724 Fix Resolved an issue where the Pledge Balance Due column in the Dontation Detail Report would display total donations made, instead of the amount remaining for a pledge.
DEV-3442 Fix Fixed an issue where identical child membership transactions would display different information depending on whether the transaction was created in the front end or back end.
DEV-3759 Fix Fixed an issue with the itemized price display in the event registration system emails; the ticket prices and admission fees should now show up correctly for all event registrations.
DEV-3785 Fix It is now possible to create a "Total Purchase" store discount for free shipping without an additional price or percentage off.
DEV-3865 Fix Increased the maximum length of the Name field for funds.
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