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Social Fundraising Detail Page
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Adding Fundraisers to your Campaign
Fundraisers Adding Themselves
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Social fundraising is a powerful tool to empower your constituents to help your fundraising efforts. Using NeonCRM's Social Fundraising module, constituents can create pages and ask people from their personal networks for contributions.

Before You Begin

Social Fundraising pages are created to raise funds for a particular campaign. Multiple pages can be created for the same campaign, but you must have at least one campaign in your system before you can create a Social Fundraising page.

If you haven't created a campaign yet, click on Campaigns in the Fundraising menu.

Click Add New Campaign.

To use Social Fundraising with your campaign, you will need to configure the following fields:


  1. Name - required field for creating any campaign.
  2. Support Social Fundraising - set to Yes.
  3. Goal - Optional for using Social Fundraising in general, but required for the graphs and charts on Social Fundraising pages to display properly. It is often an important part of Social Fundraising that both fundraisers and donors can see the fundraiser's progress.

Once your campaign is created, you can then start configuring your Social Fundraising settings.

Social Fundraising Detail Page

To configure settings related to Social Fundraising pages, click the View Social Fundraising Details button on the Campaign detail page.


From this page, you can do the following:

  1. Set up the general fundraising page content for this campaign
  2. Configure some additional options for page setup
  3. View campaign summary statistics for all transactions assigned to a social fundraiser
  4. Create fundraising pages for existing individual accounts
  5. View and edit page information for existing social fundraisers
  6. View transaction totals by fundraiser and access any fundraiser's detail page
  7. View team pages and details

General Fundraising Page Content

While most of the display of Social Fundraising pages is pre-configured, you do have control over two aspects of your Social Fundraising pages:

  • Edit Header Image - add a header image.
  • Edit Fundraising Page Content - add a description of your campaign.

To configure these two settings, go to the Fundraising Page Content section.

Edit Header Image

The header image appears on all individual Social Fundraising Pages and all Social Fundraising Donation Forms. In practice, a short and wide (think banner) image works best here.

Click Edit Header Image to upload a new image.

Select an image from your computer by clicking Browse, and then click Upload to upload your image to this campaign. 


Edit Fundraising Page Content

Use the content editor to add or edit content. Use this area to provide a brief overview of the objectives of your Fundraising Campaign. This will appear at the top of your Social Fundraiser List (All Fundraisers) page, and below the fundraiser's personal content on all individual Social Fundraising Pages.

Click Edit Fundraising Page Content to edit this content section.

Click Submit when finished editing.

Social Fundraising Settings

To configure some additional options, click the Social Fundraising Settings button at the top of the Social Fundraising Campaign Detail page.


Here, you can view and edit the following features for this campaign:


Enable "Create Page" button on social fundraising pages

If disabled, this setting removes the "Become a Fundraiser" button and disables the Create Fundraiser Link. Disabling this option prevents constituents from becoming Fundraisers.

Note: Constituents can still create a Fundraising page from your constituent login portal when this setting is disabled. If you try to navigate to this page directly when this setting is disabled, you will be redirected to the Campaign page.

Enable Fundraising Team

See Grouping Fundraisers into Teams.

Enable "All Fundraisers" page

Disabling this option will remove the "All Fundraisers" button from social fundraising pages, and deactivate the "Campaign Fundraiser List" page. If you try to navigate to this page directly when this setting is disabled, you will be redirected to the campaign page.

Enable "Supporters" list on social fundraising pages

Disabling this option will hide the list of donors and event registrants at the bottom of a social fundraising page.

Enable Fundraiser Statistic charts for logged-in social fundraisers

Disabling this option will hide the large donut charts that are shown to social fundraisers when they log in to manage their page.

Enable embeddable sidebar widget for social fundraising pages

When enabled, NeonCRM generates a code snippet that logged-in Fundraisers for this campaign can access from the Share My Page tab in your constituent login portal. They can copy this code and embed it on any web page they like in order to display the Fundraising Widget specific to this campaign. System Users can also access this code by clicking on the "View Code Snippet" link from a fundraiser detail page.

Enabling this option gives you some further configuration options for this widget, as shown below.


Configuring the Social Fundraising Donation Form

You can also choose to collect more detailed personal information on your social fundraising donation forms, such as address and phone number.

Check the Enable collection of donor address on social fundraising donation pages box. This displays your options for fields to add to the donation page.

You can choose which fields to display. You can also choose to make them required. You cannot re-label these fields, nor can you change the order in which they appear.


Applying Alternate Web Templates

You can also apply an Alternate Web Template to the Social Fundraising pages for this campaign.


Learn about how to create Alternate Web Templates in this guide.

Adding Fundraisers to your Campaign

User Guide for your Fundraisers

We have prepared a user guide that explains the process of creating and managing individual fundraising pages. The guide assumes that you have directed your users to a fundraising signup page. Please feel free to distribute this guide to your fundraisers and modify its contents as you see fit.

Click here for a User Guide for your Social Fundraisers

Fundraisers Adding Themselves

Ideally, your constituents will simply create their own accounts and fundraising pages for your campaign. You can distribute two different links to your social fundraising campaign:

  • Create Fundraiser Link - This link takes you directly to the form for creating an account and subsequently creating a fundraising page for this campaign.
  • Campaign Fundraiser List - This link takes you to a page that displays the Social Fundraising campaign description and a list of all active Social Fundraising pages for this campaign. It serves as a useful homepage for your fundraising page because it summarized your progress and provides links to donate or create Social Fundraising pages.


Adding Fundraisers from the Social Fundraising Detail Page

You can also manually create pages for your constituents.

To create a page for an existing account, click Add Fundraiser.


Search by name for the individual account, and click their name to select them.

This action creates a Social Fundraising page and adds them to the list of Fundraisers.

For each Fundraiser, you can do the following:

  • Click on their name - This takes you to their account detail page.
  • Click Detail - This takes you to a page with more detailed information about this particular fundraising page.
  • Click Web - This takes you to their actual live fundraising webpage.
  • Click Delete - This will delete their fundraising page entirely.

Adding Fundraisers from the Account Detail Page

You can also add Social Fundraising pages to an account directly from their Account page. Find the section labeled Social Fundraising. This section includes a list of all of this person's pages. It also shows summary statistics about their fundraising history.

To add a new page to this account, click Add Fundraising Page.

This will take you to a list of all available Campaigns. Check the boxes next to the Campaigns for which you would like to create pages. Click Submit.

Fundraiser Detail Page

This page shows you detailed information about an individual's Social Fundraising page. From a Fundraiser detail page, you can do the following:

  • Set their personal fundraising goal
  • Delete or Disable the Social Fundraising page
  • Set up a custom URL for the fundraising page
  • Set up or edit their personal message
  • Set up or edit their personal photo
  • View donation history for their page
  • View campaign-related event registrations credited to this social fundraiser
  • View or disable donation comments (You cannot edit a Social Fundraiser Comment, but you can hide or delete it.)

Grouping Social Fundraisers into Teams

Some of your fundraisers might want raise money as a group and have their individual totals be summed up together. To do this, you can enable teams for a social fundraising campaign.

Enabling Teams for a Campaign

Navigate to your social fundraising campaign's detail page and click Social Fundraising Settings.

There, you can activate teams for this campaign by checking Enable Fundraising Team.

To let people sign up for teams publicly, enable the Join Team button. (There is another Join Team button that can be enabled for the sidebar widget, if that is enabled.) If you want only administrators to determine who is on a team, leave the Join Team button box unchecked.

Creating Teams and adding Fundraisers

Choose a fundraiser to be captain for a team. Navigate to that fundraiser's page details.

On the fundraiser's details page, their Fundraising Team will be listed under the links to their various forms. By default the team will be None. Add a team by clicking Change.

You can choose whether to Add a new team - making this account team captain - or add them to someone else's existing team.

If you create a new team, you can edit the team name and content by clicking the team name.

Team Page Content

Clicking the team link will navigate to the team page content. This is set up just like individual fundraising pages, but describes a group of fundraisers. The participating fundraisers and their totals are listed below the content area.

Adding Social Fundraising Donations as a Staff User

As a System User, you can add donations and credit them to a Social Fundraiser. These donations will appear on the Social Fundraising page. If your campaign accepts checks, for example, this is the preferred method to add them to a page.

To add a donation and credit a Social Fundraiser, click on Add Donation.

In addition to the Donor Name and Amount, you need to select your Campaign. Then, choose a Social Fundraiser. The list of Social Fundraisers will be different depending on which campaign you have selected. Complete your donation transaction as you would any other donation.

After successfully entering the donation, you will see it reflected in several places:

  • It will be logged as a donation on the donor's account.
  • It will be displayed on the social fundraising page.
  • It will be displayed on the fundraiser detail page.
  • It will be displayed to the fundraiser in their page configuration interface.
  • If the fundraiser is part of a team, that donation will be added to the team total.

System Emails and Social Fundraising

Donors who contribute to a Social Fundraising page will receive a Donation Appreciation System Email. You can customize the email they receive by doing the following:

  1. Create a System Email Version specifically for social fundraising donations. A <<Page Title/Fundraiser Name>> token is available for this email type, which will populate with the name of the fundraiser their donation supported, or the title of the fundraiser's page if it exists.
  2. Create a condition for your system email that triggers your email version based on the fundraiser name.

A constituent who follows the Create Fundraiser Link and clicks the Create New Account button will be directed to the 'createFundraiser.jsp?' page. Submitting this form will create a new Neon account and trigger the Account Registration system email. You can create a new version of this system email to include some instructions for constituents on how to log in to the Constituent Login Portal and create a new fundraising page.

Fundraisers can be notified when a donation is made to one of their pages by enabling the Fundraiser Donation Notification system email.

Related Guides

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