Release Notes: May 27th 2016

The May 2016 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

 ID  Issue Type  Description
DEV-3692 New Feature The Organization Profile in System Settings now includes Billing and Contact information about each organization's contract with NeonCRM along with a list of activated modules.
DEV-3334 New Feature The IP Addresses of specific countries can now be blocked by a System User.
DEV-3738 Performance & Usability Breadcrumbs now appear in the social fundraising area to help users with navigation and orientation.
DEV-3688 Performance & Usability The event list has been updated to a more modern layout. Additional columns can now be selected for display.
DEV-3649 Performance & Usability A Skip to Next Match function was added to the compare duplicates page so that users can quickly skip over a match they are unsure about merging.
DEV-3270 Performance & Usability The import manager's mapping interface has been updated to better display spreadsheet columns during mapping. Required fields are now emphasized in the mapping dropdown options.
DEV-3709 Improvement Fixed an issue with Do Not Contact, which didn't work with certain system letter types for memberships and events.
DEV-2458 Improvement Activity reminder emails can now include a BCC to send to additional addresses.
DEV-1835 Improvement It is now possible to select multiple transaction types for the Stats Report at once.
DEV-1605 Improvement Social Fundraisers can now form teams, which will sum up totals raised by the individual fundraisers. Teams have their own page, which can be customized by administrators or the team captain.
WORK-2703 Fix Fixed an issue where the encouraged login page would reappear in the same session after it was already declined by the user.
DEV-3818 Fix Resolved an issue where Volunteer Applicants could not be emailed from an Account Page.
DEV-3805 Fix The former "Packages" module has been removed.
DEV-3801 Fix Resolved an issue that allowed Organization Accounts to create Social Fundraising Pages.
DEV-3792 Fix Fixed an issue with self-import where mapping the Individual/Organization Types field would sometimes result in a system error.
DEV-3791 Fix Resolved an issue where line breaks could cause form fields on a Custom Form to not appear when re-editing a form.
DEV-3790 Fix Fixed an issue with some membership registration portals; choosing to pay for a membership later would cause an error when attempting to access information on it.
DEV-3761 Fix Fixed an issue with team image sequences; some uploaded images would have a parameter too large for the field used.
DEV-3757 Fix Time Sheet date range search results will now better reflect the selected search criteria.
DEV-3755 Fix Resolved an issue that caused Individual Custom Field search criteria in reports to not work correctly and generate no results.
DEV-3748 Fix Fixed an issue with social fundraising; organization accounts can no longer create social fundraisers or join fundraising teams.
DEV-3743 Fix Fixed an issue with event registration where setting up a new account for a group event ticket would result in an error on the transaction summary page.
DEV-3702 Fix The Retrieve Organization Account API request will now always include primary contact information.
DEV-3697 Fix Fixed an issue where the campaign thermometer could not be embedded on secure login pages.
DEV-3676 Fix Fixed an issue with header images; on the default pages, the header would not be properly centered on the page after being uploaded by the user.
DEV-3670 Fix Account relations sharing an address will no longer be listed as duplicates in the duplicate manager.
DEV-3662 Fix Fixed an issue where inactive memberships could still automatically be renewed if Auto-Renew was turned on.
DEV-3653 Fix Fixed an issue with creating receipts where sorting the items by either amount or date would cause a system error.
DEV-3648 Fix Fixed an issue where System Users were able to check Email Box on Payment Summary Page when designating a Contact on an Event Registration without an Email Address.
DEV-3645 Fix Resolved an issue where Company Name would not be captured in reports despite the field being populated on an account record.
DEV-3639 Fix Added the country of South Sudan to the Country field.
DEV-3635 Fix If the primary contact of a household has a seasonal address with Auto-Switch set to Yes, the household address will now switch when the primary contact's address does.
DEV-3632 Fix Import Manager: If donation information for a new individual account matches a non-account primary contact for an organization, the donations will no longer be assigned to the organization itself, but to a new individual account for the primary contact.
DEV-3624 Fix When a user searches for items in the store, full matches now have priority over partial matches, and matches by keyword or name have priority over matches in the description.
DEV-3621 Fix Fixed an issue with the import manager's event registration where new events would be created if one used the back button without mapping any of the events.
DEV-3619 Fix Added "Fund" as an output column for the Event Registration Report.
DEV-3615 Fix Resolved an issue where the Email Opt-Out column in reports was not displaying accurate data.
DEV-3613 Fix Fixed an issue where an organization (with no email for the primary contact) could not be sent an email verification after registering for an event, even if the registration was under the name of a secondary contact who did have an email address.
DEV-3581 Fix Fixed an issue with the wrong time zone showing on an emailed event calendar reminder.
DEV-3571 Fix Fixed various tax calculation issues with the store.
DEV-3562 Fix Fixed an issue with email auto-authentication, where the email link to the constituent login page was redirected to the wrong page.
DEV-3458 Fix "Display Event Attendees" check box added to Email List Report.
DEV-3117 Fix Fixed an issue with the duplicate manager; if at least one of the merged accounts has a photo and at least one other does not, the photo will now be kept regardless of which account is kept. (In the case of multiple photos, if the "kept" account has a photo, that is the one that will be kept; otherwise, the photo that is kept will be the one belonging to the newest merged account with a photo.)
DEV-3115 Fix Fixed an issue with activities, where attempting to delete all activities in a repeating series would not always delete the activities.
DEV-3090 Fix Fixed an issue where non-current employees of an organization would show up on the Email List Report when an audience or filter was based off that organization's name.
DEV-3059 Fix Fixed an issue where an organization account with no primary contact (or incomplete information of the primary contact's name) could be converted to an individual account that was missing information in required fields.
DEV-3037 Fix Fixed an issue where store orders of $0 could not be deleted or edited from the shopping cart page.
DEV-3034 Fix Fixed an issue where organization custom fields would not show up in the Donor Report.
DEV-3028 Fix Fixed an issue with the Campaign Report where if it was saved with the "include child campaign's donation/event total" checkbox checked, the saved version would not have the box checked.
DEV-2985 Fix Fixed an issue with the Itemized Transaction Report where the Total Item Cost column would export to Excel in text format rather than as a number.
DEV-2960 Fix Fixed an issue where Eventbrite sync history was not transferring in a duplicate merge if the account with Eventbrite synced transactions was not marked as the main account.
DEV-2921 Fix The Activity Report can now use columns related to grants as outputs.
DEV-2904 Fix Copies of sections in V2 email templates will now appear directly below the original copied section, rather than at the bottom of the email.
DEV-2753 Fix Removed erroneous instructions on the final custom form acknowledgement email page.
DEV-3806 Fix Fixed an issue with "All fundraiser list" campaign pages, where team totals would not display correctly.
DEV-3694 Fix Fixed an issue where attendee address info was not being imported into NeonCRM from Eventbrite syncs.
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