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Syncing transactions from NeonCRM to QuickBooks
Where do my synced transactions show up in QuickBooks?
Unlocking Transaction Records
QuickBooks is requesting Authorization from NeonCRM
Common Status/Error Messages
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Syncing transactions from NeonCRM to QuickBooks

Navigate to the Unsynced Transactions list and select the transactions you would like to sync with QuickBooks. Click Synchronize

(Note to QuickBooks Desktop users, both QuickBooks and your Web Connector will need to stay open throughout this process, which can take up to an hour or two for large syncs.)

Transactions will by marked as Syncing as they are sent over to QuickBooks. QuickBooks Desktop users should keep the Web Connector and QuickBooks open during this time.

To see if anything is still syncing, click Update Sync View to check the status.

Once the sync is successful, transactions will appear in the Synced Transactions list, or if there is an error, they will reappear in the Unsynced Transactions list with an error message describing the problem. It sometimes takes an hour or two for transactions to move from "syncing" back to the Unsynced Transactions List.


For any transactions you wish to skip syncing, select them and click Do Not Synchronize. This will send them to the Do Not Synchronize Transaction List.

Where do my synced transactions show up in QuickBooks?

There are a few places in QuickBooks that you can navigate to in order to see your synced transactions.

Below is for QuickBooks Online:

  1. Sales: Invoices 
  2. Sales: All Sales 
  3. Sales: Donors/Customers


Each of the above will allow you to view either the Invoices, Payments, and/or Sales Receipts that were generated from the synchronization. 




Below is for QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Customers/Donors


Unlocking Transaction Records 

Once a transaction is successfully synced to your QuickBooks account from NeonCRM, it will be locked and no longer able to be edited (in order to safeguard the data).  

However, you may run into a situation where an adjustment needs to made to the record after the fact. This can be done by clicking on the 'Unlock Transaction' button on the desired transaction record.


After clicking on this button, you will be presented with a pop-up that offers you two different options:


  1. Unlock this Transaction and add it to the Unsynced Transaction List:  Choosing this option is the only way to edit the Payment Information section. Syncing this transaction will not update the existing record in QuickBooks. The Payment record or Sales Receipt in QB should be deleted before syncing the edited transaction.
  2. Unlock this Transaction, but keep it in the Synced Transaction List: This is ideal for when you need to update something that doesn't sync to QuickBooks (*i.e.* Start/End Dates of a Membership Term).

Once you know which option you wish to choose, type MODIFY into the box, and click on the desired option.

QuickBooks is Requesting Authorization from NeonCRM

Every 6 months QuickBooks Online will request that you authorize your connection between NeonCRM and QB. When this happens, you will see the below message on the Sync List as well as your QuickBooks settings under System Settings > System Settings Home > Third-Party Integrations:


Occasionally, you may encounter a message like the below:

"Hold On!
You'll lose the current NeonCRM settings if you connect.
NeonCRM can only be connected to one email at a time, and Example ( is already connected."

This happens when the system user that is trying to authorize the connection was not the user that set it up initially. If the original user is no longer around, you can remove the association by following the below steps:

  1. Log into QuickBooks Online using the account that is associated with the email address: 
  2. Navigate to: 
  3. Click the Disconnect button for the NeonCRM app.

Common Status/Error Messages

Some transactions might re-appear in the Unsynced Transactions queue with an error. Below is how to resolve some common errors and re-sync:


The query request has not been fully completed. There was a required element ("Account Record") that could not be found in QuickBooks.

The query request has not been fully completed. There was a required element ("||NE0N-I||") that could not be found in QuickBooks.

The query request has not been fully completed. There was a required element ("||NE0N-P||") that could not be found in QuickBooks.

The query request has not been fully completed. There was a required element ("||NE0N-S||") that could not be found in QuickBooks.

These messages are specific to QuickBooks Desktop and means that the sync does not see either an existing Customer/Donor Record, Invoice, Payment, and/or Sales Receipt in QB. Please allow the sync to continue.  

Do NOT close NeonCRM, QuickBooks Desktop, or the Intuit Web Connector until the sync has finished.                    


Id should be a valid number. Supplied value:00000000-000000000

This error is encountered if you decided to connect NeonCRM to a different QuickBooks company after having already synced transactions with the previous company. 

Please submit a ticket to the Support Center to get this issue resolved.


Business Validation Error: You can only add or edit one name at a time. Please try again.

This error is sometimes triggered when someone has been working on the account in your QuickBooks at the same time as you tried to push the transaction over from Neon to QB. That likely locked this account and prevented it from being updated by Neon. Please try again to re-sync this item.


String length specified does not match the supported length. Min:0 Max:21 supported. 

This means some fields have exceeded QuickBooks' character limits for this field. This happens most frequently for phone numbers and names.

  • For phone numbers, QuickBooks will not accept more than 21 characters. (Try changing ext. to x in the extension, or removing some hyphens)
  • For names, QuickBooks combines the first and last name and requires that this be less than 31 characters. (This happens most often when a couple shares an account. Consider adding both of their names to the salutation or preferred name and shortening their First and Last name field in Neon.)


The name supplied already exists. Another donor is already using this name. Please use a different name.

- or -

The name "_______" of the list element is already in use.

QuickBooks searches for duplicates based on name. If a name is already associated elsewhere in QuickBooks this error will be triggered. Usually this error is triggered when a customer name is slightly different in Neon than it is in QuickBooks, or the name is used by a vendor or an inactive customer in QuickBooks. Adjusting the name to match exactly (for the customers) or be completely different (for vendors) should help the sync. If there is no Vendor and the name appears to match the customer name exactly, make sure there are no spaces after the name in Neon.


There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks PaymentMethod "American Express/MasterCard/Visa" in the ReceivePayment.

QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument. The specified record does not exist in the list.

This credit card provider is set up as an available credit card type in your Neon system, but this error indicates that it is not available as a payment method in your QuickBooks account. You'll want to check your settings there so make sure that this credit card provider is available as a payment method. Intuit has a guide about your Payment Method list in QuickBooks here.


Object "00000000-0000000000" specified in the request cannot be found. QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument. The specified record does not exist in the list. 

This means that the invoice in QuickBooks was edited in some way before attempting the sync. Common situations include 1) Manually entering in a payment towards a pledge in QB instead of syncing the pledge payment -or- 2) The sync was interrupted in some way, but the invoice was created and someone manually edited the invoice record in QB.

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