Release Notes: April 30th 2016

The April 2016 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

 ID  Issue Type  Description
DEV-3751 New Feature Added new measures to protect against spam and fraudulent transactions.
DEV-3665 New Feature

System Letter Conditions now have a "Do Not Mail" option to prevent certain system letters from going to the mail merge queue. You might use this option to stop generating letters for accounts flagged "Do Not Contact", or for recurring donations, as shown here.

DEV-1605 New Feature Social Fundraisers can now form teams, which will sum up totals raised by the individual fundraisers. Teams have their own page, which can be customized by administrators or the team captain.
DEV-3664 Improvement A number of standard account fields have been made available so that you can collect more addresses and other contact information for event attendees.
DEV-3666 Improvement We've added a "Total" row to the Batch Donations area that will summarize the batch's donation total as donations are entered.
DEV-3650 Improvement When creating a new organization account, or editing an organization account that has no existing contact information, selecting a contact via the name fields will populate business contact information automatically.
DEV-3614 Improvement Added additional columns and criteria to Mailing and All Account reports - including Transaction Count & Amount, Grants, Pledges, and Household and Organization IDs.
DEV-3601 Improvement Resolved an issue where a Sticky Note on account pages would cover the 'Jump To' menu options.
DEV-3546 Improvement Fixed the appearance of the Organization User button in classic templates.
DEV-3526 Improvement When system users add a donation to an account with an open pledge, they will now be able to see those open pledges and can choose to add that donation as a pledge payment.
DEV-3300 Improvement Updated the default output columns for the Mailing Report to have Transaction Totals instead of membership columns.
DEV-3246 Improvement Updated the default output columns for All Accounts report to have Transaction Totals instead of membership columns.
DEV-2059 Improvement Removed the search operators from the membership directory list page. Now, search fields simply have a label and a value, and default to "contains" (for text input) and "in range of" (for dropdowns, radios, checkboxes).
DEV-2002 Improvement System Administrators can now update their organization's Logo and Header in System Settings without needing to contact NeonCRM Support.
DEV-3719 Fix Fixed an issue where using the Membership Discount field as an output in an All Accounts report could result in a system error.
DEV-3707 Fix Resolved an issue where uploaded logos would be resized incorrectly.
DEV-3595 Fix Resolved an issue with Email Audience List page where the "Unsubscribed" and "Error" counts were not accurate.
DEV-3696 Fix Resolved an issue where searching for an event session in the "Attendee" search could cause an error.
DEV-3667 Fix Resolved an issue where attempting to edit an account from an email audience would result in an error.
DEV-3654 Fix New logos uploaded in System Settings now appear on the top-left of PDF receipts.
DEV-3651 Fix Resolved an issue where the Purchase Acknowledgement Email was not available for Organization accounts when purchasing through the back end on NeonCRM.
DEV-3630 Fix Resolved an issue where sub-members could be added to a No Group Membership if the membership type was changed from a Household Group Membership to a No Group Membership.
DEV-3590 Fix Fixed an issue with existing mappings for donation/membership/event imports, where if the account ID field name was changed in the imported document, the existing mapping would not import the new records.
DEV-3577 Fix Cancelling the payment on an In-Kind donation will now change the overall status of the donation to Cancelled.
DEV-3576 Fix Fixed an issue where the Transaction Report would not search by Gateway Transaction ID for online credit card transactions.
DEV-3563 Fix Resolved an issue where configured Account Custom fields were not displaying on Organization Membership Renewal form.
DEV-3548 Fix Resolved an issue where the Activity Report was not generating accurate results when searching for activities with a status equal to "All Open Status".
DEV-3547 Fix Resolved an issue where the same Neon Account would be listed twice in the same Household.
DEV-3541 Fix Fixed an issue where account memberships with auto-renew enabled during the renewal process would show up in reports where memberships with auto-renew were filtered out.
DEV-3582 FIX Updated the warning message displayed in the Duplicate Manager to add clarity when too many matches are found. 
DEV-3522 Fix Changed look of report results display to be closer to that of the current UI.
DEV-3552 Fix Resolved an issue where system email conditions did not act properly when joining/renewing sub-membership terms.
DEV-3486 Fix Resolved an issue where Donation Levels would display in an odd fashion when using Responsive Mark-up.
DEV-3466 Fix Resolved an issue where the Zip Suffix would be populated on front end forms with the 5 digit zip code when using auto-fill in Chrome.
DEV-3455 Fix Resolved an issue where the directions for PayPal Pro were listed on other gateway setup pages.
DEV-3451 Fix Resolved an issue that prevented the Donation Amount column from displaying a total when used as the first output column in the Donation Detail Report.
DEV-3435 Fix Resolved an issue where constituents would be brought back to the event registration form (instead of the Constituent Login Portal home page) after having logged into their newly created account by accessing the login page from the event registration's landing page.
DEV-3484 Fix The <<Event Date>> token now correctly displays the time the registration was created. 
DEV-3398 Fix Resolved an issue where editing the name of a campaign would not stick unless the submit button was hit a second time.
DEV-2834 Fix Added a new column "Credit Card Total" to the "This Month Credit Card Payments" and "Last Month Credit Card Payments" one-click reports. 
DEV-3151 Fix Resolved an issue where Organization Type was not being captured in the Additional Contact reports.
DEV-3136 Fix Resolved an issue where the email address of an organization would not appear on an exported Prospects list.
DEV-3125 Fix Fixed an issue where the default campaign would auto-populate as the parent campaign for any new campaigns created in systems where a default campaign was set.
DEV-3081 Fix Resolved an issue where a 404 error would be encountered when trying to include a link for 'Reset Password' on the Constituent Login Portal message.
DEV-3015 Fix If the State field is made required on custom forms, the form will now accept data in the Province/State Free Text field instead (for donations from outside the US/Canada.)
DEV-2913 Fix Resolved an issue where "Account ID" would not be populated in an exported Activities list.
DEV-2903 Fix Resolved an issue where an existing membership record could not be properly edited if that membership level was made inactive by a System User.
DEV-2895 Fix Resolved an issue where the "Membership Status Message" would display improperly on the membership end date.
DEV-2894 Fix Resolved an issue where the "+New Time Sheet' button did not work in Internet Explorer 11.
DEV-2811 Fix Updated a number of country names on accounts to be more accurate with USPS standards.
DEV-2774 Fix Resolved an issue where ePub files were not supported as a document type.
DEV-2743 Fix Resolved an issue where the "To manage more system settings, please click here" link would not redirect a System User to System Settings.
DEV-2062 Fix Blank contacts should no longer be created when existing organization accounts with no contacts are updated with the import manager.
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