How does my Inspire Website go "Live” on my Domain?

When you receive the login to your Inspire website, it will be on a URL that is what we call a staging environment. What this means is that your website is temporarily on a URL that we have created for you. This is to ensure that your organization has time to adjust the Inspire content that exists to match your branding and copy.

When your organization is ready to go "live" and have it pointed at your domain, your primary contact will email your consultant and request your desired launch date. Please provide 7 to 10 days notice to schedule the changeover from your staging site to your “live” site. Launches are scheduled Monday-Thursday during business hours.

IMPORTANT: your organization must meet two criteria to begin the “going live” process.

  1. Your organization must own the domain name that you need to go live on
  2. Your organization must have administrative access to edit the DNS (Domain Name System) settings on the domain you own. We will ask for screenshots or a login name and password to verify the settings of your DNS. 
Note: If your organization does not own a domain, we can assist in obtaining one and provide you administrative access. We cannot schedule the redirect until you have access to your domain’s administrative settings. This is when the 7 to 10 day window begins.

Once we have received your request and confirmation of access to your domain’s settings, your Professional Services Consultant will confirm and schedule a changeover date. 

Once the launch date has been established you should follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the DNS settings for your domain.
  2. Locate the "A" record for your domain and modify the IP address value for this record to the IP address provided to you by Neon. Note: You should only change the A record.
  3. Take a second screenshot of the DNS settings after you have completed the change.
  4. Reply to your consultant and let us know that you have switched your domain settings, and attach both screenshots.
  5. Neon will install your website's SSL certificate. Once this security certificate is applied, your website launch is complete. Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for search engines such as Google to re-cache your site. If people go directly to your URL, they will be taken to your Inspire website.

If you would prefer to give your ProServices Consultant access to your domain settings, we can handle steps 1-5 above. 

Note: If you have email associated with your domain you should check to make sure that you have separate configurations for that email. It will be the MX record and it should remain untouched. If you are not sure whether you have this configured or not with your DNS you can use a third party online tool to check: MX Lookup and it will return the results of its search. If it shows MX IP addresses you are all set.

IMPORTANT: No edits to your Inspire site should be made the day of the launch. We cannot guarantee that any edits made the day of will be kept.

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