Release Notes: April 2nd 2016

The April 2016 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

 ID  Issue Type  Description
DEV-2002 New Feature System Administrators can now update their organization's Logo and Header in System Settings without needing to contact NeonCRM Support. Learn how update logo and header images. 
DEV-2400 Improvement

Added settings to events to allow for group tickets. Events can now be set as:

- Free Event
- Single Admission Fee
- Multiple Ticket Prices, one attendee per ticket
- Multiple Ticket prices, multiple attendees per ticket

Learn how to configure group ticket prices.                 

DEV-3580 Improvement The membership enroll type can now be toggled when editing a membership record.
DEV-3386 Improvement A new trigger is now available for sequential email series - No trigger date, only send manually. Series created with this setting will be available to send from an account's profile page
DEV-3525 Improvement Adjustments to the Encouraged Login page make it more encouraging by emphasizing the email help and de-emphasizing the continue as new account link.
DEV-3382 Improvement Expanded the available columns and criteria in the All Accounts Report and the Mailing Report. More information can now be found about transaction history, time sheets, notes, and social fundraising.
DEV-3569 Improvement Added columns for pledges to List Donations API method.
DEV-3566 Improvement On-site pickup can now be the default setting for back-end orders. 
For on-site pickup transactions, tax applied is now visible in the shopping cart.
WORK-6809 Fix Fixed issue in attendee transaction for Events where an existing account could accidentally have its first and last names added to the first name field for attendees.
DEV-3633 Fix Resolved an issue where an Event Registrant's link to an existing account was broken if registering multiple attendees in the administrative back end of Neon.
DEV-3627 Fix Resolved an issue where submitting an Honor/Memory donation in IE 11 would not work.
DEV-3593 Fix Internet Explorer 10 is no longer supported by NeonCRM. This coincides with Microsoft's Internet Explorer Lifecycle Policy
DEV-3575 Fix Resolved an issue where Acknowledgee and Honor/Memory fields were not retained/linked to existing records when reconciling donations.
DEV-3567 Fix Fixed a problem where current inventory of a product was not visible when system users created store orders.
DEV-3560 Fix Fixed issue where the Shipping field would automatically change to "On-site Pickup" if initially set to "Shipping Required" but no shipping option was picked.
DEV-3559 Fix Activities created after this release date with scheduled reminder emails will no longer experience a lag or discrepancy in send time. Reminder dates and times that were affected by this issue were also fixed
DEV-3520 Fix Resolved an issue where the CKEditor would inject a 1.6px line height tag when performing some operations.
DEV-3517 Fix Resolved an issue where exclusionary criteria did not work when creating an applicable group for membership discounts.
DEV-3510 Fix Resolved an issue where the Membership Range Total column displayed incorrect data when a transaction included two memberships and a discount applied to only one.
DEV-3500 Fix It is no longer possible to assign a group membership to a non-account member of a household; the household member must be first converted to an account.
DEV-3498 Fix Fixed an issue where an email audience with a search criteria shared from another audience would not open again if the criteria in the other audience was deleted.
DEV-3489 Fix Added verification for length of credit card numbers in the API.
DEV-3488 Fix Resolved an issue with the Event Attendee Report that removed the option to save changes to the report when choosing to report on one event.
DEV-3482 Fix "Manage Organization Contacts' Membership" options are now in the Membership section of the account page, rather than the Membership History section.
Fixed an issue where only one membership of an organization was available to be assigned to contacts of that organization.
DEV-3477 Fix Resolved an issue with the page field selector in "Configure Fields and Sections" where the "No visible options" indicator would disappear when the field search function was used.
DEV-3469 Fix Fixed issue with custom forms/surveys where a password could be removed after clicking Previous from the payment page.
DEV-3456 Fix Fixed an issue with Advanced Search where a city name consisting of two or more words would yield no results.
DEV-3454 Fix The empty category "Trend Analysis" has been removed from One-Click Reports.
DEV-3440 Fix Fixed issue with Find Duplicates button on accounts page where changing the search rules did not always work.
DEV-3437 Fix Fixed an issue where conditional Donation Appreciation system letters based on Honor/Memory Type were not being pulled for donations made online.
DEV-3399 Fix Fixed an issue where attempting to use a deleted campaign in a donation survey would create a 404 error.
DEV-3380 Fix Fixed an issue where if a payment to a pledge installment was split, the split payment(s) would be disconnected from the installment.
DEV-3336 Fix Attempting to add donation levels of the same amount will now produce an error message. Before, Neon would simply remove the extra donation levels without an explanation.
DEV-3156 Fix Resolved an issue that caused the Form Acknowledgement System Email to not send.
DEV-2952 Fix Fixed a problem where the "Household Salutation/Full Name" and "Household Name/Full Name" columns in the Household Report did not include the middle name in Full Name.
DEV-2824 Fix Resolved an issue where exclusionary criteria did not work when creating an applicable group for event discounts.
DEV-1695 Fix Fixed a problem where an event with session prices but free admission did not offer the coupon code field.
DEV-1623 Fix Memberships costing $0 can now auto-renew.
DEV-3413 Fix  Resolved an issue that prevented Membership System Emails from sending despite the defaults being enabled. 
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