Release Notes: March 5th 2016

The March 2016 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

 ID  Issue Type  Description
DEV-1950 Improvement

Updated layout and page flow for account and transaction entry. Introduced a dropdown with suggested accounts that displays when creating transactions or linking accounts.

Preview in Entering Donations as a System User

DEV-2525 Improvement

When creating a transaction or linking a company, household member, or honor/memory recipient, the name field will now use the first three letters typed to automatically search for matching accounts within NeonCRM. If none are found, options will be presented for creating a new account.

Preview in Entering Donations as a System User

DEV-2539 Improvement

The display of account standard fields and custom fields for individuals, organizations, and all accounts can now be turned on or off for the account details page and the account creation page. These settings are applied per system user.

Preview in Configure Your Account View

DEV-2529 Improvement

The Account Details page's framework has been updated to accommodate turning on/off standard and custom fields. Navigation and action buttons at the top of the page have been streamlined to match.

See the changes in this video.

DEV-2541 Improvement

Updated sticky-note look and feel to resemble an actual note - updated icons and allowed for text wrapping. Adjusted location so that it would no longer cover Do Not Contact flags.

Preview in Note Fields

DEV-3518 Fix Resolved a discrepancy in results between the Donation Detail Report and Donor Report when using the same search criteria.
DEV-3503 Fix Resolved an error that would occur when paging through donations in the Donation List.
DEV-3475 Fix Fixed an issue where apostrophes in custom Social Fundraising page titles were being doubled to look like quotation marks.
DEV-3474 Fix Un-checking "Membership Registration" on the "Show/Hide Organization Versions of Forms" system setting will now remove the Organization button from membership renewal as well as join forms.
DEV-3468 Fix Fixed an issue in custom forms/surveys where a hidden campaign field with a null default value (i.e. no possible choices) would pull a default value from a completely different table. It is no longer possible to have a null default value for a campaign field in a custom form/survey.
DEV-3464 Fix Fixed a issue where an organization with a non-account primary contact would show up twice in an Event Session Registration Report (one entry missing the Company Name).
Fixed an issue where an individual with a non-account entry under Company Name would show up twice in an Event Session Registration Report (one entry missing the Company Name).
DEV-3447 Fix Fixed an issue using the "Login Screen" link in a campaign email when the Auto-Authentication Emails feature is enabled.
DEV-3429 Fix Resolved a discrepancy in the Effectiveness Over Time report where totals didn't match when running the report in weekly/monthly intervals for a years worth of data compared to running the report on a yearly interval.
DEV-3420 Fix Added animated "loading" image to indicate when Neon is loading the form configuration information for an event or a campaign, to discourage users from navigating away from the page while the next page is loading.
DEV-1534 Fix Fixed a issue with reports where results would appear when searching further on search criteria that had no results to begin with.
DEV-3462 Fix Fixed an issue where volunteer application history was not retained after a duplicate account merge.
DEV-3473 Fix Fixed an issue where constituents clicking on the Membership Renewal page link would be taken to the public access version after resetting their password.

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