Release Notes: January 30th 2016

The January 2016 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

 ID  Issue Type  Description Related Guides
DEV-1822 Improvement

The interface for the System Letters List has been updated. Features for system letters - such as enabling/disabling, schedules, and conditions - are now independent from their corresponding system emails.

The Enable/Disable System Emails/Letters (Mail Service subscription setup) page has been removed.

System Letters
DEV-3385 Improvement

System users may now decide which recurring donation interval options (weekly, monthly, annually, etc.) are shown on their donation forms. 

System users may also now hide the "End Date" field, making the recurring donation period indefinite.

Recurring Donation Display Settings - Intervals and End Date

Recurring Donation Online Form Settings

DEV-3384 Improvement Standard exit pages on Donation forms and Event Registration forms now have the option for constituents to share the donation/registration form on social media.  Social Media Buttons on the Default Exit Message
WORK-6589 Fix Fixed an issue where the Import Manager was not recognizing duplicate account records by matching contact information when importing accounts and donations together.  
DEV-3452 Fix Resolved an issue where Custom Fields with the data type of 'Date' were not able to be captured in reports.  
DEV-3424 Fix Fixed an issue where viewing an email online that had a v2 template would show the name of the template as the page title instead of the subject of the email.  
DEV-3423 Fix Campaign thermometers now appear to the right of the event description (instead of in the footer) on event detail pages where the event has been assigned to a campaign with the thermometer enabled.  
DEV-3418 Fix Import Manager will no longer add duplicate backslashes to data in custom fields.  
DEV-3408 Fix Fixed issue with Import Manager where mixed individual and organization accounts were all data-checked like individual accounts.   
DEV-3402 Fix Fixed an issue where adding or removing the Individual/Organization Type and/or "Household?" output columns was causing different numbers of results to appear in Household Reports.  
DEV-3393 Fix Fixed an issue where the Import Manager was ignoring additional addresses when importing accounts with multiple addresses and an external linking ID.  
DEV-3389 Fix It is now possible to add material tracking when printing system letters from an organization account's detail page.  
DEV-2979 Fix Resolved an issue where the name of an event would not display on the event's Registration Form when using Responsive Markup for front end forms.  
DEV-2853 Fix Resolved an issue where the Membership Registration - Pay Later system letter would add to the Mail Merge list even though the default operation was disabled.  
DEV-2292 Improvement Membership Due and Overdue letters and schedules are now independent from their respective emails. Each letter is now enabled/disabled independently from email and given its own advanced day as a schedule for adding to the mail merge list.

 Membership Due & Overdue Letters

DEV-1621 Fix Fixed an issue where the membership auto renew email/letter was sent in situations where it was invalid.  
DEV-1612 Fix Fixed an issue where system letters for donation appreciations would not show data (or would not show at all) if they were for an organization since converted to an individual.  
DEV-1602 Fix Imported donations will no longer be deleted with the import if they have soft credit attached to them.  
DEV-1548 Fix Fixed an issue where the attendee page for an event would return a 404 error if the event template contained a table.  
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