Release Notes: January 9th, 2016

The January 2016 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

Key Issue Type Description Related Guides
DEV-2102 Improvement A new type of campaign widget is available, intended to replace the thermometer widget. The new widget is more modern-looking, more configurable, and includes new features such as social media sharing links uploading a featured image. Campaign Thermometer Widget
DEV-1988 Improvement Previously, membership directories could be configured to display either all membership levels or a single membership level. Now, any combination of membership levels can be displayed in a directory. Membership Directory
DEV-2832 Fix Add All to Material Tracking is now a separate button.  
DEV-1546 Fix Deleting the shopping cart entry for a group membership renewal should now also properly delete the associated membership.  
DEV-1600 Fix Fixed a display issue where 'null' would show up in the page title field for setting up a social fundraising page if no value was entered for it.  
DEV-3079 Fix Fixed a display issue with the Membership Cost mail token; it should now display the correct number of decimal places.  
DEV-1575 Fix Fixed a formatting issue with the Assign Constituents dialog (for assigning volunteers to projects), where the Search Accounts button would hang off the edge of the box after an error.  
DEV-3381 Fix Fixed an issue in bulk account deletion where the progress bar would get stuck at 0 when all deletions were invalid.
Fixed an issue in bulk account deletion where the session timeout prompt would pop up during the deletion.
DEV-1577 Fix Fixed an issue where a bulk update function could overwrite the required Source field with blank/null data.  
DEV-1549 Fix Fixed an issue where a donation created with a new company account in the backend would not properly populate a mail merge.  
DEV-1581 Fix Fixed an issue where a filtered prospects search would export all values instead of just the ones displayed.  
DEV-1554 Fix Fixed an issue where a grant could not be opened if a related custom status was deleted.  
DEV-1606 Fix Fixed an issue where a membership level could be deleted even after it was populated via a self-import or batch update.  
DEV-1556 Fix Fixed an issue where a page load (500) error resulted from submitting a change from a membership directory page with an apostrophe in a field.  
DEV-1557 Fix Fixed an issue where an event registration cancellation could be posted multiple times for one cancellation.  
DEV-1586 Fix Fixed an issue where an individual account with an employment history (but no current employer) could be converted to an organization and break as a result.  
DEV-1467 Fix Fixed an issue where an organization group membership would render as a household group membership upon renewal.  
DEV-1596 Fix Fixed an issue where date custom fields did not work properly when used as criteria in advanced searches.  
DEV-1532 Fix Fixed an issue where individual custom fields used by non-account contacts would not be cleared if the contact's household was later deleted.  
DEV-2825 Fix Fixed an issue where membership custom fields were not appearing on constituent login membership forms when the appropriate membership levels were selected.  
DEV-1615 Fix Fixed an issue where report-only email audiences would become inaccessible if its associated saved report was deleted.
Fixed an issue where standard email audiences would show a null value under sources if an associated distribution list was deleted.
DEV-1527 Fix Fixed an issue where reversing a self-import containing event data would not reset the attendee count for an event.  
DEV-1613 Fix Fixed an issue where some duplicate organization accounts would not be found using the "Find Duplicates" button from the account page.  
DEV-2862 Fix Fixed an issue where the contents of header sections in Membership forms were automatically being displayed in subtitle format.  
DEV-2986 Fix Fixed an issue where the member detail page view was displaying in different formats for public access vs. constituent login.  
DEV-1603 Fix Fixed an issue where the wrong amount would show if recurring donations using two different methods were set up in the same session.  
DEV-2805 Fix Fixed an issue with Auto Reports where event registration data would not show up.  
DEV-1562 Fix Fixed an issue with report-only email audiences where adding a custom field to the email spot would cause a page error when loading the audience.  
WORK-6567 Fix Fixed issue where conditional system letters would be ignored in favor of the default for mail merges.  
DEV-1541 Fix Improved the "Convert Account" feature to include a notification message when this action cannot be completed instead of hiding the button. Read the notice to find out what data is preventing the conversion.  
DEV-1563 Fix New volunteers must be accounts before they can be added.  
DEV-1528 Fix Organizations with group memberships should no longer be able to convert to individual accounts.  
WORK-6349 Fix Resolved a permissions discrepancy with Email Audiences that would allow system users to run a database search and then encounter an error when saving the Email List without Reporting Permissions.  
DEV-2821 Fix Resolved an issue where "NOTE: Please only click the 'SUBMIT' button once. Your payment may take time to process.", the Thawte logo, and Social Media icons display at the top of alternate web templates.  
DEV-2976 Fix Resolved an issue where required fields on the Store Checkout Shipping Form would register a space as an entry.  
DEV-2922 Fix Resolved an issue where some USPS shipping options were not appearing as available when calculating shipping for store purchases.  
DEV-3019 Fix Resolved an issue where sub-memberships could have a different term defined than the parent membership when registering through front end forms.  
DEV-3029 Fix Resolved an issue where the NeonCRM Standard Version would display on the System Emails List for the Membership Due and Overdue emails, even though a customized email version was set as default.  
DEV-2972 Fix Resolved an issue where the date would auto-populate with today's date when entering characters into any date field while in the reporting interface.  
DEV-3378 Fix Session columns have been restored as available output in Event Attendee List reports.  
DEV-3035 Fix Fixed an issue where images could not be uploaded to the server through the "Upload" tab in the content editor image properties window.  
DEV-1594 Fix When building a new version of the Reset Password system email, you are no longer required to use both the <<Reset Password Link>> and <<Reset Password URL>> tokens. You need only to use one or the other. 

There is now validation for the <<Reset Password URL>> so that you cannot include that token in the Reset Password system email without also including the <<Access Code>> token.
Reset Password System Email
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