Release Notes: December 12th, 2015

The December 2015 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

Issue Type Key Description Related Guides
Improvement IDEA-2281 Various wording corrections and changes throughout the system, the most significant of which is changing the "Constituent Primary Contact Report" to the "All Accounts Report." Types Of Reports
Improvement IDEA-1715 Email and letter conditions now allow a distinction between organization recipients and individual recipients of transaction acknowledgments. System Email Conditions
Improvement IDEA-2338 In report results, the header row will now lock to the top of the screen when scrolling through the results.  
New Feature DEV-1587 API Clients will be able to retrieve a list of event attendees for a given event. Output includes selected registrant fields, all attendee standard and custom fields. RetrieveEventAttendees API Request
New Feature IDEA-2369 The Effectiveness Over Time report summarizes key metrics for your Donations, Events, Memberships, and/or Store Purchases. This allows you to see an income breakdown grouped by week, month, or year. You can limit your results to a specific Campaign, Fund, Purpose, or date range.  Executive Reports
New Feature IDEA-1019 System users can edit certain Account standard fields, account custom fields, individual custom fields, and organization custom fields for many accounts at once. System users may now also delete accounts in bulk. Bulk Operations - Bulk Edit or Delete
Improvement DEV-1566 When importing new accounts, users can now skip the duplicate check that blocks duplicates found during the import. All accounts will be imported and can be surveyed later for duplicates. Importing Data in NeonCRM
Improvement DEV-1597 Updated the aesthetics and wording of the Account Update system email.  
Improvement IDEA-2259 Receipts can now display special characters.  
Fix IDEA-2203 Resolved an issue where Location and Building information were not displaying on the Event Listing page when Table Layout style was selected.  
Fix IDEA-2320 Resolved an issue where the Expired Membership report was displaying some accounts whose most current membership had not expired.  
Fix IDEA-2332 Resolved an issue where clicking "Continue without logging in" on an organization event registration page with Encouraged Login enabled would redirect to the individual registration page.  
Fix IDEA-2264 Resolved an issue where country did not display on the Purchase Acknowledgement System Email or Letter.  
Fix IDEA-2254 Resolved an issue where Event Session columns would disappear in the Event Attendee report after saving the report and running it again.  
Fix IDEA-2328 Resolved an issue where populated Individual Custom Fields (drop down type) would appear in the Member & Current Member Reports when searching for when that field was blank.  
Fix IDEA-2367 Resolved an issue where bullet points would not display on the Admin Dashboard.  
Fix WORK-6450 The Purchase Acknowledgement & Purchase Acknowledgement - Pay Later System Letters can now be added to the Mail Merge queue by default.   Email & Letter Acknowledgement Defaults
Fix IDEA-2235 Exports of the list of grants now contain the status column for the grant.  
Fix IDEA-2373 Resolved an issue where the pagination of Volunteer Group pages were not rendering properly.  
Improvement IDEA-2336 System email settings now show the default email and sender used in the Organization Profile. System users can choose whether to override this default for each type of system email.  System Emails
Fix IDEA-2350 System Letters re-sent from an account page can now be added to a Material Tracking.  
Improvement DEV-1541

Improved the "Convert Account" feature to include a notification message when this action cannot be completed instead of hiding the button. Read the notice to find out what data is preventing the conversion. 

 Convert Account
Fix DEV-1231 Resolved an issue where soft credit could not be applied from the pledge backend page, whether for the pledge itself or a donation to the pledge.  
Fix DEV-1576 Fixed an issue where using Account + Donation in Import Manager to update multiple accounts would result in an internal system error.  
Fix IDEA-2211 Event sessions with no entry under Ticket Prices will now show up correctly on the event registration summary.  
Fix IDEA-2375 Resolved an issue where E-Check was not an option when enabling Auto-Renew for Memberships through the Constituent Login Portal.  
Fix IDEA-1662 Individual accounts can no longer be imported without both a First & Last Name. Organization accounts cannot be imported without a Company Name.   
Fix IDEA-2342 Resolved an issue where an External Email Communication History record was recorded twice for accounts sharing an email address with a household contact.   
Fix DEV-2879

If a Campaign Email receives a soft bounce (e.g., mailbox is full or auto-response) and is subsequently opened by the recipient, then the status of that sent email now changes from "Declined" to "Succeed"

 Email Opt-Outs
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