Release Notes: November 14th, 2015

The November 2015 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

Key Issue Type Description Related Guides
IDEA-1122 New Feature Additional Household and Company contacts can now be converted to Individual accounts.

Organization Contacts


IDEA-2276 New Feature Summary-level reports are becoming available in Executive Reports. The first report available is the Income Analysis Report, which summarizes transaction information over a period of time. Executive Reports
IDEA-2330 Improvement When running reports as part of a process (building an email audience, settings up a discount, etc.) the report's Back button now takes you back to that process, rather than to the new reports list.  
IDEA-2322 Improvement You can now enter advanced criteria into a report without clicking an extra Submit button. Date Ranges and Dynamic Dates
IDEA-2333 Improvement On new date-pickers, today's date is now highlighted in yellow.  
IDEA-2337 Improvement System email conditions are now indented for easier skimming. System Email Conditions
IDEA-2331 Improvement Microsoft Word Mail Merge, which is only available using Internet Explorer, now only appears as an option when Internet Explorer is being used. Microsoft Word Mail Merge
IDEA-2280 Improvement We've changed the "published" designation for emails to "ready to send" to clarify that marking an email as ready does not send it automatically.

Email Campaigns

System Email Versions 

IDEA-2292 Improvement The report results page now fits more results per page and requires less scrolling. Report criteria and columns now print more clearly from the report summary page.  
DEV-1552 Improvement If a section of an account page is taking a long time to load, the header and a loading indicator will now appear until all of the data can be retrieved.  
IDEA-2335 Improvement Wording changes and formatting updates have been added to the volunteer module to make it more clear.  
WORK-6325 Fix Street 1 has been added to New Projects alongside Location Name.  
IDEA-2319 Fix Resolved an issue where contact information would get jumbled when assigning multple sub-memberships to contacts of an organization account.  
IDEA-2309 Fix The Address Start/End Date criteria in Mailing and Constituent Primary Contact reports will now search all addresses, not just the primary address.  
IDEA-2313 Fix The Import Manager will no longer de-duplicate accounts by matching contact information if the accounts have unique external linking IDs.  
DEV-1537 Fix Component Lists are now able to be deleted successfully from Report-Only email audiences.  
DEV-1541 Fix Fixed a problem where a company contact with an individual account could be converted into an organization account which would cause data issues.  
DEV-1573 Fix Copied email/letter versions now display the date/time that they were copied in the Create Date column instead of the create date/time of the version that they are copied from.  
WORK-6326 Fix Fixed a problem where editing a project in multiple windows would cause an error. Fix was released 10/23/15.  
DEV-1589 Fix Fixed an issue affecting Vanco customers using ACH.  
DEV-1593 Fix Fixed a problem where reset password emails were not working if they contained the character "_".  
IDEA-2196 Fix Resolved an issue where the pop up message that displays when deleting a contact would warn about ending a sub-membership even though there isn't a membership involved.  
DEV-1538 Fix If you attempt to delete an import that contains pledges and those pledges have associated payments, Neon will now retain the pledges that have associated payments.  
IDEA-2324 Fix Resolved an issue where account custom fields were able to be edited on the Member Directory but would not reflect on the constituent's account.  
WORK-6324 Fix Fixed a problem where the ability to add people to volunteer groups based on attribute search was not available.  
DEV-1547 Fix Resolved an issue where the results for a Household Report would change upon refreshing the page.  
IDEA-2201 Fix Fixed an issue where Organization primary contact names were not appearing in the appropriate columns in Stats Analysis reports.  
DEV-1568 Fix Resolved an issue where custom forms with membership payments were creating duplicate transactions if the member refreshed the exit page after the transaction was completed.  
IDEA-2284 Fix The following tokens for emails and system letters will now populate with organization primary contact information if the recipient is an organization: <<Household Name/Full Name>>, <<Household Salutation/Preferred Name>>, <<Household Salutation/Salutation/Preferred Name>>.  
DEV-1536 Fix Resolved an issue where individual and organization accounts were being unnecessarily deduplicated by the Import Manager when matched by name & address information.  
WORK- 6153 Fix You can now use the "Advanced" operator to search for a field that is equal to one value but not equal to another.  
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