Release Notes: August 9th, 2015

The August 2015 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

 Issue Type  Key  Description  Related Guides
Improvement IDEA-2132 When selecting standard forms to configure fields and sections, the default page selection will now be the public pages, rather than constituent portal pages.  Customizing Standard Forms
Improvement WORK-5828 Improved the functionality of the "In Range" search operator in API requests.  
Improvement IDEA-2110 Added the "Event Registration Attendee Count" column to the Event Summary Report  
Improvement IDEA-1694 The Forms & Pages Home/Dashboard now has updated language and quick links to Customize Fields & Sections.  Forms & Pages Home/Dashboard
Improvement IDEA-1010 Gender, address type, and province fields are now available on custom forms.  
Improvement IDEA-853 Add Employee has been changed to Add Contact on organization membership sign-up forms.  
Improvement IDEA-746 All Donation Count and All Donation Amount are now available criteria in the Mailing Report, Constituent Primary Contact List, Donor Report, and Email List Report. Transaction history columns are now available in the Email List report.  
Improvement IDEA-2127 System users can now click 'Get Help' on the login screen if they forget their password. The reset password email will send and link to a form that lists all accounts associated with their email address so they can choose which login information to change.  Reset Password Email
Improvement IDEA-2061 The most recent and pertinent videos and guides have been added to the Help buttons found throughout the system. They've also been redesigned for easier navigation.  
Improvement DEV-1490 Administrators are now required to have a password that includes at least 8 characters with at least one uppercase, one lowercase, and one number.
Constituents are now required to have passwords that include at least 8 characters, with at least one number.
Administrators whose passwords do not meet these requirements will be prompted to change their passwords.
Constituents who do not meet these requirements can continue to use their current passwords, but any new passwords must meet that requirements.
Improvement IDEA-2125 The Pay Later option (if selected) will now display in its own area on payment forms using responsive markup rather than displaying under the credit card area.  Pay Later
Fix DEV-1445 Resolved an issue where organizations editing an event registration in progress were not able to add attendees even if the maximum attendee # per registration had not been reached.  
Fix DEV-1482 Resolved an issue where memberships with Auto Renew enabled would stay enabled even if Auto Renewal was set to No during renewal and the payment processed with an offline tender type.  
Fix WORK-5988 Fixed an issue where old auto-renew memberships were allowed to remain active in systems using only PayPal Standard payment processing.  
Fix WORK-5987 The Visible/Required status of all Event Attendee custom fields on mobile forms has been retroactively updated to match the settings for standard forms.  
Fix WORK-5903 Fixed an issue where shipping charges were not being removed from front-end shopping carts if all products that require shipping are removed.  
Fix IDEA-2120 Restored "Job Title" as a mappable field in the Import Manager when updating existing accounts using account ID  
Fix IDEA-2117 Resolved an issue where the "Membership Renew" link was not directing logged-in constituents directly to the renewal form.  
Fix IDEA-2112 Fixed an issue where the Import Manager was allowing Organization accounts to be imported with Household Name and Household Salutation data.  
Fix IDEA-2104 Resolved an issue where contacts could not be removed from a household if the contact is a social fundraiser.  
Fix IDEA-2071 Conditions for membership registration and renewal system emails can now be applied to sub-members in a membership group.  
Fix IDEA-2097 Transactions can no longer be made on front-end store or event pages if the store or event module is disabled.  
Fix IDEA-1971 Fixed an issue where if an Event Custom Field where if the "Read Only" checkbox was checked, then the same checkbox could never be unchecked.  
Fix IDEA-1887 Added language to the Credit Card Transaction Fees section to clarify how Transaction Fees work with multiple transactions.  
Fix DEV-1443 Resolved an error that would occur after clicking the "Search Further" button when using the "Donor List by Giving Level" report.  
Fix DEV-1442 Resolved an error that would occur after the "Back" button was pressed after entering credit card or E-Check information  
Fix DEV-1438 Resolved an issue where the "Sent" # for 'Send/Manage Letters' in the Material/Letters Tracking section would not update when included accounts were deleted.  
Fix IDEA-2115 Resolved an issue where calendar reminders attached to the Event Registration and Event Reminder system emails would always use CDT for the time zone, despite being in a different time zone.  
Fix IDEA-2103 Removed an extra space that displayed between a <<Token>> and any punctuation in the default event registration and purchase acknowledgement email.  
Fix IDEA-2167 Resolved an issue where the Campaign Thermometer displayed incorrectly when responsive markup is enabled.  
Fix IDEA-1464 Resolved an issue where Neon disabled auto-renewal for active memberships after a complimentary membership was added to the account.  
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