Release Notes: July 11th, 2015

The July 2015 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

 Issue Type  Key  Description  Related Guides
Improvement DEV-1415 Added dynamic date criteria to reports for searching within the last ___ days on date fields.  Date Ranges & Dynamic Dates
Improvement IDEA-1181 Added Email Block Type columns to the Mailing Report and Constituent Primary Contact Report indicating which of the account's email addresses are blocked and why.

 Email Opt-Outs

Improvement IDEA-1987 Changed UI for Donation Form Configuration page to better clarify how each form configuration operates.


Customizing Standard Web Forms

Improvement IDEA-924 Social Media criteria and columns have been added to the Mailing Report, Email List Report, and Constituent Primary Contact Report to track who is using social media to create a login.

Social Media Login

How do I encourage people in the database to create a login name and password?

Improvement IDEA-1359 Moved the "Failed Transactions" link from the Fundraising dashboard to the main Account dashboard "To Do List".  Managing your Pending & Declined (Failed) Transactions List
Improvement IDEA-2055 The "Pledges Due" To-Do List item has been renamed "Pledges Overdue".  
Fix IDEA-2126 Fixed an issue in the Membership Directory where the search filter options were not displaying when Responsive Markup was enabled.  
Fix IDEA-2017 Resolved an issue where membership custom field options were displaying on constituent login membership forms even if "Visible On Constituent Login Forms" was unchecked on the custom field setup page.  
Fix IDEA-1652 The "Transaction Type" column in Auto Reports now correctly displays the membership name.  
Fix IDEA-2044 Fixed a problem where re-processing a payment that had been declined could turn off a membership's auto-renewal. Now, the auto-renewal setting configures a membership level and all subsequent renewal terms of the same level.  
Fix IDEA-1976 Fixed an issue where Contact name information was not displaying in Event Registration reports if the registrant was an Organization.  
Fix IDEA-2027 Fixed an issue where group sub-memberships were displaying in the storefront when "Would you like to include your memberships in your Online Store" was set to Yes.  
Fix IDEA-1988 One-line text custom fields will now accept up to 100 characters on front-end forms.  
Fix WORK-5764 Resolved an issue where a special character in a campaign name could prevent the "Tell Friends" campaign thermometer button from functioning correctly.  
Fix IDEA-2056 Resolved an issue where data in the "Company" field of an event registration would not update after editing.  
Fix IDEA-2047 Resolved an issue with the Donor Report where the "First Donation Date" search criteria was not populating correctly.  
Fix DEV-1446 Resolved an issue with V2 email templates where a black bar was being rendered erroneously. This black bar is no longer in V2 email templates.  
Fix DEV-1411 Resolved an issue where an Organization Account's email address could not be added via Batch Update.  
Fix DEV-1417 Resolved an issue where, when merging two accounts with the same social fundraising campaign, the total displayed on the social fundraising section of the new account was incorrect.  
Fix WORK-5670

Fixed a problem where Neon would update address data for accounts flagged as "Duplicates Not Imported" during self import.

Fix IDEA-2046 The FY 2011-2012 columns are now available in the 'Member Report'.  
Fix DEV-1409 Resolved a discrepancy where the Store Home/Dashboard stats (# of Products of this Type and # Sold) did not match the associated reports.  
Improvement IDEA-1362 The Donor Note field can now be added to any custom form that accepts donations.  
Improvement IDEA-1573 Receipts now use the date that transactions were entered into Neon instead of the date of the transaction.  
Improvement IDEA-2034 Added a space for better formatting of event ticket options that have only a few remaining spots left.  
Fix DEV-1403 Fixed an issue on front end event registration forms where the Add Attendee link did not work when returning to the attendee registration page from the registration summary page.  
Fix DEV-1293 Household address is now populated by default from the primary contact's address when a household is created manually or through import, group membership, or group registration.  
Fix WORK-5623 Fixed a problem where data imported multiple times into a custom field could result in duplication of data in that field.  
Fix IDEA-1998 Resolved an issue where matching household contact names without account IDs were causing their heads of households to be matched in the Duplicate finder, but the accounts could not be merged.  
Fix IDEA-2030 Fixed an issue with the Sent Emails list where the "Recipient" column did not hyperlink the name the recipient's account for organization accounts.    
Fix DEV-1435 Fixed a problem in the QuickBooks integration setup. After Tax in Neon had been mapped to a QuickBooks Tax service item, it would still display as unmapped.  
Fix DEV-1406 Resolved an issue where an invalid email address in Employment History would generate an error for staff members trying to update the Basic Information of an account detail page.  
Fix IDEA-1450 Fixed a problem where membership levels that had multiple terms of the same length did not know which term to add as the renewal when automatically renewing.  
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