Release Notes: June 13th, 2015

The June 2015 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

ID Description Issue Type Related Guides
New Feature IDEA-729 We've add new system emails and system letters that can be sent when a constituent chooses the "pay later" option to complete an online transaction.

Pay by Check

System Emails

System Letters

New Feature DEV-1396 NeonCRM now supports an integration with Eventbrite.  Syncing Eventbrite to NeonCRM
New Feature IDEA-1515 For NeonCRM databases created before 6/13/15, system users can choose to enable the new responsive-optimized HTML and CSS markup for their front-end forms and pages. Forms & Web Pages System Settings
Improvement IDEA-897 The supporters list and campaign thermometer will now show the Donor Name if it has been entered, rather than the name on the account. If no Donor Name is entered, the name on the account will appear.  
Improvement IDEA-1066 When using responsive markup, the payment page on front-end forms now uses a tabbed interface to display tender type options. Forms & Web Pages System Settings
Improvement IDEA-262 Custom Field Groups can now be re-ordered. This applies to all types of custom fields except Event Custom Fields, as their display doesn't lend itself to grouping. This change affects the create, edit, and view screens for each data type.  Configuring Custom Fields
Improvement DEV-976 When using the Batch Donation feature, Social Fundraisers may now be credited for donations.  Batch Donations
Improvement IDEA-1166

"Organization Name" is now an available field when performing an Account Batch Update. 

This allows you to modify the name for organization accounts and add new employment history records to individual accounts. 

Account Batch Update
Improvement IDEA-1923 System users are prevented from running more than one duplicate scan at a time. If a user attempts to run a second scan, they are shown a notification that explains that another scan is currently in progress.  
Improvement IDEA-1863 The "Membership Report" has been renamed "Member Report" and the "Current Membership Report" is now the "Current Member Report".  Types of Reports
Improvement IDEA-1156 Standardized date fields throughout Neon to use the MM/DD/YYYY format.  
Improvement IDEA-1925 During duplicate scans, you can now compare phone numbers, preferred name, salutation, source, gender, date of birth, url, and facebook and twitter pages to choose which information to move to the kept account. The Login information will default to be the one most recently used by the constituent. Do Not Contact, and Deceased flags will move over automatically. Duplicate Accounts
Improvement IDEA-1705 The page titles on standard forms can now be edited in Configure Fields and Sections. Customize Standard Web Forms
Improvement IDEA-1328 Recurring donation options for logged-in constituents and for system users now have the option of recurring every x years. Recurring Donations
Improvement IDEA-1921 In duplicate merge, Neon will now skip the compare address step if there are no addresses to compare. Duplicate Accounts
Improvement IDEA-481 The first donation date token now displays properly in the format MM/DD/YYYY.  
Improvement IDEA-1956 Added a checkbox to the Credit Card Swiper settings that sets front-end NeonCRM forms to clear all contact and payment information at the end of each transaction.  
Fix WORK-5676 Resolved an issue where dropdown, radio button, or open-text account attributes could not be edited after a merge or would not display correctly.  
Fix WORK-5669 When individual accounts with seasonal addresses are converted to organization accounts, the seasonal address start and end dates will be dropped, even if the address is kept.  
Fix DEV-1388 Resolved an issue where if duplicate accounts are both on the Solicitor list and are then merged, the name on the purged account will be removed from the Solicitor list as long as there are no existing transactions associated with it.  
Fix DEV-1292 Resolved an issue where system letters could be saved without required subject and version name.  
Fix WORK-5694 Resolved an issue where the ListActivities API request was not returning results.  
Fix IDEA-1821 Resolved an issue where current member totals on the membership dashboard did not match the number generated in the report created when clicking the hyperlinked total.  
Fix IDEA-1933 Resolved an issue where "Other Amount" donations were appearing as other donation levels in reports.  
Fix DEV-1393 Resolved an issue where an error would occur when editing a household name with a household contact without a Neon ID.  
Fix DEV-1391 Resolved an issue where the cancel button on the Organization Contact page was causing an error.  
Fix IDEA-1973 Resolved an issue where the Top 100 Customers to Re-Engage report referenced "Created Date" instead of "Purchase Date"  
Fix IDEA-1920 Resolved an issue where when doing a batch update to add an account sticky note, the imported sticky note is not captured in the "Account Note Report."  
Fix DEV-1374 Resolved a problem where waitlisted attendees could not be successfully registered if the price of their admision was changed to be $0.  
Fix DEV-1295 Fixed a problem where cancelled event registrations were being counted in the Upcoming Event Totals report.  
Fix DEV-1370 Fixed an issue where membership discounts were not reflected in totals columns in the Stats report.  
Fix IDEA-1910 Resolved an issue where product images were not uploading correctly using the UploadProductImage API request  
Fix IDEA-1965 Fixed an issue where the Stats Report was not generating accurate results when searching for accounts with a minimum total donation amount.


Fix IDEA-1605 The QuickBooks sync will now push over the "payment received" date as the date on the payment. Previously it would only send the transaction created date.


Fix IDEA-1942 Fixed an issue where only the first two digits of the year were displaying on the Schedule Campaign Email when selecting send dates.  
Fix DEV-1384 Resolved an issue where the alternative payment option was still showing as available when registering for membership with auto-renew enabled.  
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