Release Notes: May 16th, 2015

The May 2015 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

ID Description Issue Type Related Guides
DEV-1308 You can now designate the maximum number of attendees that can register for a particular event ticket price. New Feature  
IDEA-1653 Added the following columns to the "Names and Addresses by Account Relationship" report: Country (Account 2), Email 1 (Account 2), Email 2 (Account 2), Email 3 (Account 2). Improvement  
IDEA-1252 Added the Search Further functionality to the Stats Report. Improvement  
IDEA-1282 Added "Tax-Deductible Registration Amount" as a column to the Transaction Report. Improvement  
IDEA-1902 System Users now have the option to choose if they want URL parameters to be passed to Custom Exit Pages. Improvement Custom Exit Pages
IDEA-1740 The itemized donation table tokens now show the Fair Market Value for in-kind donations. Improvement  
IDEA-1132 The NeonCRM Standard Event Registration email and letter can now be copied. This allows multiple versions with different subjects, senders, bccs, headers, footers, and conditions. Improvement

Event Registration & Purchase Acknowledgement System Emails

System Emails

System Email Conditions

System Email Versions

IDEA-1008 You can now add conditions to the event reminder emails - sending different versions for different events and event categories. Improvement

System Emails

System Email Conditions

IDEA-925 All event location information is now included in the NeonCRM standard event registration email. (Location name, Room, Building, Address, City, State, Zip, and Country are all now included and labeled as such.) Improvement  
IDEA-1595 Changed the term "keep me logged in..." to "remember me" to prevent confusion between user recognition vs. session length. Improvement

Timeout Warning

Constituent Login Portal

System User Groups & Permissions

IDEA-1877 Resolved an issue where deceased accounts were listed in the Top 100 Members to Re-engage one click report. Fix  
WORK-5508 Resolved an issue when doing a batch update for organization accounts with mapping for full name (first,middle, & last name) would cause the address fields for the Org. account to disappear. Fix  
DEV-1368 If an Organization account is opted out of emails and a new primary contact is set whose email is not opted out, the organization will reappear on email audience lists. Fix  
IDEA-1770 Resolved an issue where Birthday System Emails were not being sent to constituents. Fix  
DEV-1380 Resolved an issue where if a membership is created while creating an account in the back end, membership Auto-Renewal will always show as being off even though it is set to on. Fix  
DEV-1376 Resolved an issue where clicking Publish on a custom form after checking the current acknowledgment email caused an error message. Fix  
IDEA-1618 The "Sent Emails" feature now automatically grays out prevoiusly sent emails. Fix Sent Emails
IDEA-1779 Fixed a problem where company emails did not appear in the Activities report if the account was an organization. Fix  
IDEA-1781 The field "No Email Solicitation" has been renamed "Email Opt Out" in the Import Manager. Fix NeonCRM Import Field Guide
IDEA-1813 The "Fair Market Value" token now properly displays two digits after the dollar decimal point. Fix  
DEV-1366 Resolved an issue when running the Stats Report where the Last Name and Full Name columns were populated by the Organization Account's name and the column for First name was blank. Fix  
DEV-1358 The "Send Email" calendar now displays available send dates based on email server time (US Central), not local time. Fix  
WORK-5556 Resolved an issue where URLs generated from saved reports were not functioning for non-System Users. Fix  
DEV-1377 Resolved an error that would occur when the "Cancel" button was pressed during a Microsoft Word merge. Fix  
IDEA-1867 "Open Pledge" reports no longer display pledges with a remaining balance of $0 or less. The "Closed Date" field on pledge records now automatically populates with the date of the pledge payment that reduces the balance to $0 or less. Fix  
IDEA-1822 Resolved an issue when using mutliple BCC Emails for the Account Update system email where the status in 'Sent Emails' is shown as 'Declined' instead of 'Succeed'. Fix  
IDEA-1879 Resolved an issue where constituents could not successfully uncheck all options on the constituent login portal "re-subscribe email" page. Fix  
IDEA-1960 Resolved an issue where updating credit card information on a declined recurring donation did not update the overall recurring donation detail. Fix  
DEV-1371 Resolved an issue where if an email was opted out, it would appear twice on the Email List Report. Fix  
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