Release Notes: April 25th 2015

The April 2015 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

ID Description Issue Type Related Guides
IDEA-1514 Neon now supports bulk duplicate account merging. Improved the user interface and the rules for duplicate scanning. New Feature Duplicate Accounts
IDEA-1612 Added Google Calendar & iCal compatible notifications on Event System Emails. New Feature System Emails
IDEA-1616 Improved the display of images and data when NeonCRM pages are shared to Facebook. Improvement  
IDEA-1027 Correct email formatting is required for all email addresses entered by staff (back-end) users. Improvement  
IDEA-1027 Bounced system emails will no longer send a bounce notice to the sender, but instead will be marked Declined in Neon's Sent Emails. Improvement Sent Emails List
IDEA-1748 Upgraded the standards compliancy of RSS feeds. Improvement  
IDEA-1536 Improved the campaign listing page under Fundraising tab > Campaigns. You can now toggle between the sortable campaign view and the campaign hierarchy view. Improvement Campaigns
IDEA-1553 Your Org ID (required for signing in to the NeonCRM iPhone app) can now be found in the Organization Profile area of System Settings. Improvement Organization Profile
WORK-5202 QuickBooks Online Users can now specify a Deposit To account for each transaction type. Improvement

Connecting to Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Overview

IDEA-1643 Resolved an issue where the External Merge off the Mail Merge reminder list was not populating with the Payment Received Date if one had been specified. Fix External Merge
IDEA-1474 "Payment Received Date" is now available in the Payment Method form for data entry when the tender selected is "On-Site Credit Card Machine". Fix  
IDEA-1870 The "Company Name" column is now available in the Account Note Report for Neon systems that do not have the Membership module. Fix Types of Reports
IDEA-1733 Resolved an issue where constituent data could not be imported if the mapped "Create Date" field contained empty cells. Fix  
IDEA-1701 Resolved an issue where the "Last Name" column in the Transaction Report would display the organization name instead of the last name of the primary contact. Fix  
IDEA-1641 The "MailChimp Email Communication History" section is now included on Organization accounts. Fix  
IDEA-1619 Calculated shipping prices now apply to free store products. Fix Store Settings
IDEA-1611 The image border property is now working properly in V2 emails. Fix  
IDEA-1560 Resolved an issue where the Country was not appearing properly in event sessions. Fix  
IDEA-1489 Custom Tender Types can now be edited with non-whole numbers. Fix Tender Types
IDEA-1466 Resolved an issue where the "Country" data was not being retained in the Organization Profile. Fix Organization Profile
WORK-5384 The Stats Report will now calculate the Donation Range Total column based on the Donation Date field instead of the Donation Created Date. Fix Types of Reports
IDEA-1721 Fixed the "Transaction Tender Type" search field where the currently selected "In Range Of" and "Not In Range Of" values are deselected upon clicking "Edit". Fix  
IDEA-1841 Searching all transactions types in the Stats Report is now generating accurate results. Fix Types of Reports
IDEA-1625 Emails sent to an invalid email address are now marked as "Declined". Fix Sent Emails List
WORK-5330 Removed "cannot load image" icons that were appearing in the blank spaces of some clients' templates. Fix  
IDEA-1764 Repaired a problem where the donation exit page displayed if the donation form was abandoned and another form was filled out instead. Fix  
IDEA-1734 Deferred Status has been added as a filter for the Event Registration List. Fix  
IDEA-1685 Social fundraisers now have the ability to choose and hide specific donor names and comments from their fundraising page. Fix  
IDEA-1661 When importing a csv file with an invalid or blank Donation Date, a new error message will describe which field in which row has what problem. Fix  
IDEA-1620 Fixed a problem where Account Source in a Transaction Report was searching for the Transaction Source. Now a Transaction Source criteria has been added, and Account Source corresponds only with the source of the account. Fix  
IDEA-1617 Fixed a problem where field labels on custom forms could not be removed. Fix Custom Forms & Surveys
IDEA-1603 Repaired a problem where custom exit pages for constituent member renewal were not loading. Fix Custom Exit Pages
IDEA-1597 Fixed a problem with importing accounts without account IDs. Before, when checking for duplicates by matching email addresses, the duplicated accounts lost their existing zip code if a zip code was not mapped. Fix  
IDEA-995 When importing a csv file with an invalid or blank Amount/Cost, a new error message will describe which field in which row has what problem. Fix  
DEV-1369 Resolved an issue where selecting Company Name as an output column for the "Donor List by Giving Level" report caused an error when clicking the Search button Fix  
DEV-1350 Recurring donations where the "Next Recurring Donation Payment Date" is the current day can now be seen in Recurring Donation reports. Fix  
DEV-1345 Creating form-specific fields in a custom form where the same name is given to more than one option will now prompt the user to create unique option names. Fix Custom Forms & Surveys
DEV-1340 If a staff member adds a donation with the "Make this donation recurring" box checked, but then deselects that option, they will be able to process the donation payment with any tender type. Fix  
DEV-1339 Fixed the issue where a saved Stats Report would return to the Stats Home page instead of the Search Criteria page. Fix Types of Reports
DEV-1338 Fixed an issue where splitting a donation would cause an error page if the donation had more than one payment. Fix Split Donations
DEV-1336 Fixed an issue where a HTTP 500 error would appear after the "Next" button was clicked when configuring the Fields & Sections of donation or event standard forms without a campaign or event selected. Fix  
DEV-1335 Fixed an issue when imported Organization accounts with the primary address field blank became inaccessible after the organization accounts were batch updated in self import. Fix  
DEV-1334 Fixed a problem in Custom Field Migration where all selected options were migrated into the chosen free-input field, rather than only the options selected on each account. Fix  Editing, Deleting, and Migrating Custom Field Options
DEV-1332 Fixed an issue in the Donations Summary by Attribute report where custom fields appear multiple times on "selected" section of the field selector and then appeared as repeated output columns. Fix  
DEV-1318 Fixed an issue where the "Search Further" button did not display on the report results page after changing the pagination. Fix  
DEV-1314 The "Configure Fields and Sections" feature in System Settings now has "Mobile Visible" and "Mobile Required" settings for clients with Mobile Optimized web forms Fix Customize Standard Web Forms
DEV-1310 Fixed a problem where front-end event registrations were not added to a campaign and fundraiser if the encouraged login page was enabled. Fix  
DEV-1306 Fixed a problem where the constituent page "My Positions" was using the font color rules from the Membership Directory. Fix  
DEV-1301 System users can now use coupon codes exclusive to an applicable group when registering someone who fits that criteria from the Event Detail page. Fix  
DEV-1327 Resolved an issue where organization members were allowed to remove contacts even if the contact is linked to transactions on the organization's account Fix  
DEV-1326 Only the head of a household can join or renew additional household members in a group membership. Fix  
IDEA-1395 Inactive and Offline Store Items are no longer viewable in the Storefront. Fix Store Settings
IDEA-1789 Fixed an issue where the "Cancel" button wasn't working when adding a recurring donation to an account with a special character in the name. Fix  

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