Release Notes: March 14th, 2015

The March 2015 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

ID Description Issue Type Related Guides
IDEA-1144 Added support for true In-Kind Donation tracking. Donations added as In-Kind are now forced to be $0, and fair market value is tracked in a separate field. New Feature In-Kind Donations
DEV-1309 Social fundraisers can now be sent an automatic email notification when their page receives a donation. This email can be triggered by both front-end and back-end donations. New Feature

System Emails & Social Fundraising

IDEA-1558 Accounts that are updated in bulk using the import manager are now listed in the Action Log as "Account Maintenance" and "Edit" for the Action Type and Operation. Improvement Action Log
IDEA-1513 The following columns are now available in the "Donation Summary by Attribute" report: "First Name", "Last Name", "Full Name". Improvement  
IDEA-1455 Added additional columns to the Donation/Pledge list page. Improvement  
IDEA-1593 Added a setting for Membership Levels with the type Organization Group Membership. You can now choose to limit group members to only current employees or to allow all organization contacts. Improvement Organization Group Memberships
IDEA-1030 Recurring Donations are now listed in the Action Log with "Recurring Donation" as the "Action Type". Improvement Action Log
IDEA-826 Browsing links have been added to event sessions on the back end so that system users can scroll between them without first returning to the event setup page. Improvement  
DEV-1304 The interface for the Stats Report has been redesigned for clearer reporting. Improvement Stats Report
IDEA-1591 Resolved an error that occurred when using the "In Range Of" search operator with the "Prospect Status" search criteria. Fix  
IDEA-1583 Fixed a problem with the "Note Text" and "Note Type" columns in the Constituent Primary Contact List report. Fix  
IDEA-1448 Declined pledge payments are now excluded from the "Pledge Amount Paid" total in the "Current Open Pledges" one-click report. Fix  
IDEA-1572 Fixed a problem with building receipts where searching for transactions based on dates returned no results. Fix  
IDEA-1438 Fixed a problem where conditional event ticket names and prices were not appearing in the default event confirmation email. Fix  
DEV-1255 Removed an error message that appeared if someone built a new email and clicked Back before content was entered. Fix  
DEV-1243 Fixed an error that occurred when searching the membership directory "In Range Of" some countries, then immediately searching it "Not In Range Of" some countries. Fix  
DEV-1242 Fixed a problem where clicking "reset" while searching the membership directory was not working in Safari. Fix  
DEV-1221 Fixed some errors that appeared when clicking Back while using the Import Manager. Fix  
DEV-1180 Resolved an issue where the "Personalize This Page" feature wasn't working on accounts containing certain special characters (" ' " or " # ") in the names. Fix  
DEV-1266 Repaired the calendar search on the Secure Login Pages list. Fix  
DEV-1217 Resolved an issue where fields were not auto-populating with data in the "Update My Profile Listed On The Membership Directory" page in the Constituent Login Portal. FIx  
DEV-1281 Emails sent from a Custom Form no longer have a null name in Sent Emails. Fix  
DEV-1252 Resolved an issue where multiple accounts were created after clicking the "Previous" button on Donation Custom Forms. Fix  
IDEA-1571 To use search fields like "In Range Of" Safari users will need to turn off their pop-up blocker. An alert now appears with instructions when that option is selected. Fix  
DEV-1220 Resolved an error that would occur after editing an account that was self-imported with multiple addresses. Fix  
DEV-1298 Event Registration Totals between Parent and Child campaigns are now reporting correctly in the Campaign Report. Fix  
IDEA-1587 Resolved an error migrating field data using the batch update utility that occurred when the "from" field exceeded the character limit of the "to" field type. Fix  
DEV-1302 Resolved an issue where deleted custom fields would be available in default Event Registration Forms. Fix  
IDEA-1508 Constituent First Name and Constituent Last Name have been added as available tokens for a Survey Acknowledgement email. Fix  
DEV-1286 Resolved an issue where pledge amounts were not reporting correctly in the "Honor/Memory Donations" report. Fix  
IDEA-1550 If donation levels are selected for a campaign, they now appear in the form preview when customizing the campaign's donation form. Fix  
DEV-1297 Resolved an issue that gave the incorrect number of declined and pending donations in the fundraising dashboard. Also, the "Pending Donations" and "Declined Donations" count link will now forward to the Donation Detail Report. Fix  
WORK-5283 Fixed a problem where the default event registration confirmation email was blank when a system user was marked as the solicitor during registration. Fix  
IDEA-1524 Fixed an issue with the Email Report where the "Email Type" search field and output column were not working correctly for certain email types, such as "External Email". Fix  
IDEA-1582 Fixed a problem where radio, drop down, and check box options could not be reordered on a Custom Form. Fix  
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