Release Notes: February 7th, 2015

The February 2015 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

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Added 5 new tokens that render an itemized donation table for the current and last calendar years as well as the most recent fiscal years.

These tokens are available for Campaign Emails, Donation Appreciation System Emails, and Donation Appreciation System Letters.

New Feature

Year-End Communications


Installments are now available for Pledges. A new "Installment Report" can be found under the Reports tab > New Report > Donation > Installment Report.

New Feature  Pledges
WORK-3479 The account last modified time stamp will update after an address is modified.  Fix  
IDEA-691 The "Transaction" search tab is now available in the Constituent Primary Contact List report so that you can narrow your results to accounts with or without any transaction records. Improvement  
IDEA-287 A time-out warning now appears before a Neon session expires so that system users can choose to continue working. New Feature  
IDEA-1520 Reports and transaction summaries now print from the browser without showing URLs or navigation. Improvement  
IDEA-1518 The Constituent Primary Contact List report is now used instead of the Mailing Report when setting the applicable group for event discounts. Improvement Event and Membership Discounts
IDEA-1511 The following columns were added to the Activity Report: Grant Campaign ID. Grant Campaign, Grant Note, Grant Due Date, Grant Ask Amount, Grant Funded Date, Grant Funded Amount, Grant Status Improvement  
IDEA-1506 The white background surrounding the text in account notes has been removed. Fix  
IDEA-1493 Added "Payment Note" as a column to the Payment Report. Improvement  
IDEA-1469 Information about donations will no longer appear on campaign setup pages without the Fundraising module. Fix  
IDEA-1465 Resolved an error where the "In Range Of" search operator was not accepting apostrophes. Fix  
IDEA-1463 Resolved an issue where Event Custom Fields were not copying over properly when copying an event. Fix  
IDEA-1462 News Post will now display a warning if the content hits the character limit for the page. Fix  News Post
IDEA-1453 Summary columns on the Campaign List page are now sortable. Improvement  Campaign List
IDEA-1446 Fixed a problem where search groups were not working properly in the Membership Report and Constituent Primary Contact List report. Fix  
IDEA-1442 Breadcrumbs have been added to help navigate System Emails, System Letters, and templates for web pages, emails, and letters Improvement  
IDEA-1418 The import manager no longer accepts donations with a zero or negative amount. Fix  
IDEA-1411 Resolved an error accessing event registration links while logged in to the constituent login portal. Fix  
IDEA-1409 Clearer language has been added to the "tell a friend" page and form. Improvement  
IDEA-1407 Resolved an issue where data was not populating correctly in the "Last Four Digits of Credit Card" column in an exported Recurring Donations report. Fix  
IDEA-1194 A new layout is now available for system settings. Improvement  System Settings guides
IDEA-1033 Fundraiser summary columns on the Social Fundraising Campaign Detail page are now sortable. Improvement  
DEV-1283 Resolved an issue with self imports where if an apostrophe is used in the data of a custom field, the import would not complete. Fix  
DEV-1261 Resolved an issue with the Campaign Report where event registration totals attached to a child campaign were appearing in the parent campaign. Fix  
DEV-1235 Resolved an issue where the donation level settings in a campaign were conflicting with settings in web config. Improvement  
DEV-1234 Clicking the "Previous" button on a campaign donation form while logged in to a constituent account no longer causes an error. Fix  
DEV-1225 The Date icon now appears properly when using the "Search Further" function of a report. Fix  
DEV-1223 Resolved an issue where pledges were included in the donation count and totals of an Honor/Memory donor. Fix  
DEV-1222 Resolved an error that would occur when the "Previous" button was clicked on the Membership Coupon Code page. Fix  
DEV-1214 Resolved an issue where a default Household Name would be populated after a self import if the Household Salutation field was mapped, but the Household Name is not mapped. Fix  
DEV-1206 Data in the "Company Field" column is now properly displayed in an external merge. Fix  
IDEA-1499 Search criteria has been added to event and communication reports to indicate whether an event registrant is on a wait list. Fix  Reporting on your Wait List
IDEA-1440 Updated the PayPal language that appears at the bottom of your Neon credit card page when this payment option is enabled. It now reads: "Click this button to make your payment via Paypal. Note: You will be redirected here once your payment is processed by PayPal." Improvement PayPal Standard
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