Release Notes: January 17th, 2015

The January 2015 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

ID Description Issue Type Related Guides
IDEA-1405 You can now customize the donation form for each different campaign using the web form customization utility. New Feature  Campaigns
IDEA-1381 The Email Opt-Out flag is now email based rather than account based. You can opt-out/opt-in specific email addresses on an account. Improvement Email Opt-Outs
IDEA-1381 An account can now be flagged as "Do Not Contact" without also opting out of emails. Improvement Account Flags
IDEA-1172 Merged accounts will now retain any documents that were uploaded prior to a merge. Fix  
IDEA-1190 Resolved an issue where an Advanced operator criteria would not retain any changes after being edited. Fix  
IDEA-1241 Fixed an issue where imported custom account date fields were importing in the incorrect date format. Fix  
IDEA-1267 "Salutation" is now auto-populated on accounts when the "Prefix" field is populated on front-end forms. Improvement  
IDEA-1294 Fixed an issue where docx files that were attached to Activities would not be opened correctly. Fix  
IDEA-1315 Staff and Projects Groups can now be mass-assigned to Projects. Fix  
IDEA-1342 A constituent's middle name will no longer erroneously populate in the credit card holder fields during a transaction. FIx  
IDEA-1371 Vanco Services has been added as a Gateway provider. New Feature Supported Gateway Vendors
WORK-4856 Added logic to prevent multiple accounts from being created if the "Donate" button on a Social Fundraising page is clicked more than once. Fix  
WORK-4892 Resolved an issue where Encourage Login would cause an issue with Packages. Fix  
WORK-4951 Resolved an issue where certain Account Custom Fields could not be added to a Public Access - Organization Member Registration Form. Fix  
DEV-1177 The proper "Account Type" will be added to report criteria if either the "Individual Type" or "Organization Type" search criteria is used. Improvement  
IDEA-1218 Individual Accounts that are not current employees of an Organization Account will no longer appear in the "Additional Sub Members" section of a back-end membership page. Fix  
IDEA-1308 "Company Name" is now available as an output column in the "Top 100 Most Active Donors" and "Top 100 Donors to Re-Engage" as well as several other One-Click Reports. Improvement  
IDEA-1347 The "Current Year Donation Total" One-Click Report no longer contains pledges. Fix  
WORK-895 "Account Creation Date" will default to the date of the import if the "Create Time" and "Create By" fields are not mapped during a self-import Improvement NeonCRM Import Field Guide
IDEA-1176 Fixed a problem marking an organization contact's address as "invalid". Fix  
IDEA-1253 Fixed a problem where all "Accounts Added Today" were displaying as individual accounts, even if entered as organization accounts. Fix  
IDEA-1346 Fixed a problem where users of IE 9 and IE 10 were unable to open reports. Fix  
IDEA-1351 Fixed a problem where the search criteria calendar was not opening for Email Opt Out Date. Fix  
IDEA-1361 Fixed a problem where some user groups with permission to edit donations were still being forbidden from this action. Fix  
WORK-4098 Fixed a problem where the duplicate finder could not distinguish between different apartment numbers. Fix  
DEV-1156 Standardized report search fields and output columns. Improvement  
DEV-1158 Resolved an issue where the Primary Contact address was appearing in the Household Address fields instead of the Household Address. Fix  
DEV-1171 Fixed an issue where the "Prefix" field would not populate with prefix options when updating a member profile. Fix  
DEV-1184 Removed the "Organization User?" button from Membership Custom Forms. Fix  
DEV-1185 The "Donation Anniversary" System Email can now be disabled. Fix  
DEV-1192 Membership Discounts are now accurately reflected on the Household Detail Page. Fix  
DEV-1196 Fixed an issue where the "In Range Of" pop-up window would not appear on the Membership Directory when using Google Chrome. Fix  
DEV-1197 Resolved an issue where information was not updating properly in the Membership Directory when a constituent updated their profile. Fix  
DEV-899 The "Data Type" can now be selected after changing a dropdown, radio, or checkbox Custom Field to a one-line text Custom Field. Fix  
IDEA-1388 Google Captcha can now be added to any standard form to help prevent spam. Improvement  
IDEA-1391 Custom fields are now grouped by type under the "Attribute" search tab. Improvement  
IDEA-1433 The donation amount, pledge amount, registration amount, and grand total are now available columns under the Fundraising tab > Campaigns. Improvement  
WORK-4916 Fixed a problem preventing large data files from being self imported when the linking ID is not a Neon account ID. Fix


IDEA-1233 Updating an organization account through the import manager will no longer create a new primary contact for the organization. If the primary contact's name is imported with the update, no new contact is created at all. Fix

Updating Existing Accounts Using the Import Manager

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    Kristi McKay

    When you added the additional columns to the Fundraising tab > columns, we seem to have lost the ability to see the hierarchy of parent/child campaigns. Any chance we can get this back?

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