Release Notes: December 13th, 2014

The December 2014 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

ID Description Issue Type Related Guides
IDEA-1191 Breadcrumbs have been added to all configuration pages available under the System Settings tab > Home/Dashboard to help system administrators more easily navigate the various settings found here.  New Feature  
IDEA-1179 Added "Event Registration Status" as a search criteria for the Email List Report used for building Email Audiences. Improvement Emailing Deferred Registrants

System users can now easily configure an event's registration form directly from the event detail page. Users can also configure the default event registration form for new events from the web form customization utility.

Improvement Customizing your Event Registration Forms
WORK-4869 Fixed a problem where the campaign report returned an error when the criteria Transaction Date was used. Fix  
WORK-4572 Reports are now exportable in .xlsx format. Fix  
WORK-4330 Zip codes in Excel are now correctly exported as "number stored as text." Fix  
WORK-3857 Improved the visual hierarchy of the Staff/Projects Project List and dashboard. Fix  Projects
IDEA-1324 Resolved an error editing the header and footer content of the system default version of the Event Registration system email. Fix  
IDEA-1319 Fixed an issue where membership custom field data was removed from the original record upon renewing. Fix  
IDEA-1278 Fixed an issue with the display of mapped QuickBooks fields in Neon's QuickBooks settings. Fix  
IDEA-1269 Payment amounts in mail merges now correctly render to the 100ths place. Fix  
IDEA-1206 When registering employee members from the back-end, you can now send the employee members the Membership Registration system email. Fix  
IDEA-1205 Fixed a problem where $0 transactions were being sent to the gateway if the membership join term had a fee but the renew term was free. Fix  
IDEA-1187 Resolved an issue where the "Buy One Get One" discount was not calculating correctly. Fix  
IDEA-1184 Changed wording on the Event Registration Cancellation screen. Improvement Cancelling Event Registrations
IDEA-1165 New API Method that retrieves details about a specific campaign. Includes summary totals. Improvement API Documentation
DEV-993 Fixed pagination in the storefront's homepage. Fix  
DEV-810 Fixed an issue with the membership directory search functionality that prevented users from searching for members that just updated their profile information.  Fix  
DEV-656 Fixed an issue where account information was updating when updating the standard fields or account custom fields on survey form page after login. Fix  
DEV-1191 Resolved an issue where adding a household member to an event would have "Null" in the name if that household member did not have a middle name. Fix  
DEV-1157 Fixed a problem where system users could add organization accounts as social fundraisers from the back-end.  Fix  
DEV-1154 Multiple transactions under the same account can now sync to QuickBooks at the same time without validation errors. FIx  
DEV-1150 Fixes a problem with display of Social Fundraiser and Solicitor information when splitting donations. Fix  
DEV-1149 Fixed a display issue related to sorting Activities on Grant and Prospect pages. Fix  
DEV-1148 Fixed the breadcrumb links in the Send Campaign Emails workflow. Fix  
DEV-1146 Added the ability to use Activity Custom Fields as search criteria and output columns with the listActivities API method. Improvement API Documentation
DEV-1143 System users can now self-import and batch update the "Deceased" field. Fix  
DEV-1138 Fixed a display issue related to adding additional household contacts. Fix  
DEV-1136 Fixed an issue with event registrations where adding additional payments to cancelled registration records would show an incorrect status. Fix  

Added the following columns to the Household Report: Primary Contact Preferred Name, Primary Contact Account Custom Fields, Household All Membership Amount, Household Last Enrollment Date, Household All Donation Amount, Household Last Donation Date, Household Last Donation Amount, Household All Registration Amount, Household Last Registration Date, and Household Last Registration Amount.

Added columns for Account Custom Fields, which will output the data for the household primary contact. 

Improvement Reporting on Households
DEV-1122 Resolved an issue where Organization Custom Fields would not populate in reports. Fix  
DEV-1101 Fixed an issue where blank Saved Reports would be created when a saved report was added to an Email Audience. Fix  
DEV-1074 Added Prospect search criteria and output columns to the Mailing Report, Constituent Primary Contact Report, and Email List (Audience) Report. New Feature Reporting on Prospects
DEV-1066 Resolved an issue where adding multiple memberships and events with coupon codes to a shopping cart would not calculate correctly. Fix  
DEV-1038 When editing auto-renewals, system users can now choose to enter either credit card or e-check if both are set up. Fix  
DEV-1013 Membership coupon codes are now supported for custom forms. Fix  
DEV-1004 Fixed an issue where custom form pages could not be saved when clicking on Membership Pricing or Campaign. Fix  
IDEA-1199 Accounts with active "LIFE" membership terms no longer appear in the "LYBUNT For Membership" one-click report. Fix


IDEA-1317 Resolved an issue with the logic of Email Opt Out where deleting a System User account would erroneously add a "Email Opt Out by System User" flag to any constituent account that had the same email address as a deleted System User. Fix  
DEV-1127 Memberships with the "Force automatic renewal on front-end forms" enabled will now also apply to any child memberships terms for that membership level. Improvement Force automatic renewal on front-end forms
DEV-1032 Fixed an issue with the shopping cart on the public and constituent login pages. Now when you remove a store product from the shopping cart, the Shipping & Handling fee is also removed Fix  
DEV-1085 Only the search tabs for the modules enabled for your system will be available in reports.  Fix  
IDEA-1186 The "Organization Type" search criteria and output column now work properly in a Membership Report.  Fix  
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