Release Notes: September 20th, 2014

This release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

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The "Opt-In Blocked Emails" utility has been improved and is now called the "Blocked Emails List". A complete list of emails that have been blocked in Neon can be found under the Blocked Email List. You can manually resubscribe individual emails from this list. 

Improved the methods for adding and removing the "Email Opt-Out" and "Do Not Contact" account flags.

The "Email Opt Out" flag now displays on all accounts with emails on your block list.


Blocked Email List

Adding & Removing Account Flags

DEV-1001 Custom Form/Survey listing page now displays more information about each form. Improvement Custom Forms & Surveys
DEV-1022 Added the "Next" and "Cancel" buttons to the top of the account edit page. Improvement  
DEV-1041 Added a new Email Campaign Sending Utility under the Communications tab. New Feature Send Email Campaigns
IDEA-811 Improved the membership status message so that it's an expandable/collapsible field that displays all current memberships as well as any future memberships. Improvement Membership Status Message
DEV-906 Columns added to the Household Report:
Household Name / Full Name
Household Salutation / Salutation / Preferred Name
Household Salutation / Preferred Name
Improvement Reporting on Households
 DEV-906 Tokens added to system emails and system letters:
 <<Household Name / Full Name>>
<<Household Salutation / Salutation / Preferred Name>> 
<<Household Salutation / Preferred Name>> 
Improvement  Using <<Tokens>>
WORK-3668 "Household Name" and "Household Salutation" are now supported import columns when importing new accounts to Neon. If you import one or both of these fields, Neon will create a household for that account.  Improvement Import Field Guide
DEV-1053 Household Name and Household Salutations are now updated accordingly after a duplicate merge. Fix  
DEV-819 "Organization Name" is now required in the "Basic Information About Your Organization" section. Improvement Your Organization
DEV-825 Both Individual and Organization accounts will now appear in results when searched by email address Fix  
DEV-841 Ticket Prices will now appear in the "Event Admission" drop down menu when registering for an event on the back-end Improvement  
DEV-884 Fixed a problem with external exit pages entered without 'http://' on custom surveys. Fix  
DEV-908 Fixed precedence of households for people who belong to more than one. The household set as primary will now always populate the Household Name and Household Salutation fields under the "Basic Information" section of their account. Fix  
DEV-934 Fixed a problem where merged accounts were not showing receipts. Fix  
DEV-937 Fixed a problem where default web templates could be deleted in system settings. Fix  
DEV-949 Fixed a problem where pagination was still appearing in the storefront when "list all products on one page" was selected in store settings. Fix  
DEV-951 Fixed an issue with adding numeric characters to name fields in search criteria. Fix  
DEV-959 Fixed a problem where incomplete search criteria could be added when adding a new group. Fix  
DEV-969 Resolved an issue where pages from membership custom forms could be copied to a custom form supporting donations. Fix  
DEV-973 Resolved a Store Inventory issue that allowed quantities of 0 to be subtracted, causing a negative inventory number. Improvement  
DEV-980 Organization Custom Fields are now available as columns in a Constituent List by Attribute report Fix  
DEV-981 Deleted Household Names no longer appear in the Basic Information section of a constituent's account Fix  
DEV-983 Membership Custom Fields now have a separate field selector section when customizing your standard membership forms. Improvement Membership Custom Fields
DEV-988 The report column "Social Fundraising Page Title" is now available in the Donation Detail Report and the Event Registration Report Improvement  
IDEA-1013 "Event Summary" has been added as an output column in the Event Summary Report Improvement  
IDEA-1067 Added more accurate error messages and troubleshooting help during Gateway verification. Improvement Gateway Troubleshooting
IDEA-613 The "Save and Search" button has been added to the Select Columns page. New Feature Selecting Columns
IDEA-730 The "Email Communication History" account section now has a drop down menu to filter the list of emails by Email Type. New Feature  

The Import Manager now displays an "Accounts Updated" column to show the number of accounts included in an account batch update.

The "Account Last Modified Time" and "Account Last Modified By" are auto-populated with the date of the batch update and the name of the system user that performed it. 


 Import Manager

Account Batch Update

IDEA-888 "Email" is now selected by default field when you create a new event. Improvement Event Detail Page
IDEA-987 "Account ID" is now a default column in the "Top 100 Most Active Donors" Quick Report. Improvement  
IDEA-996 Email Campaign Statistics now displays the URL of a clicked hyperlink. Improvement Email Campaign Statistics
WORK-2555 Changed the name of the "Membership Statistics" section of the Membership Dashboard to "Member Statistics". Improvement  
WORK-2571 Radio, drop down, and check box options can now be reordered on a Custom Form. Fix  
WORK-2937 Enforces the use of the "Unsubscribe URL" token in all Campaign Emails. This includes uploaded emails.  Improvement  Unsubscribe URL Token 
WORK-3045 The Pledge Close Date field now populates correctly when a pledge amount is edited. Fix  
WORK-3070 "Current Employee" has been added as a search criteria and column in an Additional Contact Report I. Improvement  
WORK-3125 Email Validation has been added to Custom Forms. Fix  
WORK-3186 "Company Name" has been added as a column in the "Donor Frequency Report" One-Click Report. Fix  
WORK-3389 The alignment of the "Credit this donation to this Social Fundraiser" field on Campaign Donation Forms has been modified to be left-justified. Improvement  
WORK-3443 Added "Donation Social Fundraiser" and "Registration Social Fundraiser" as search criteria and output columns in the Transaction Report. Also added the columns for "Donation Social Fundraising Page Title" and "Registration Social Fundraising Page Title" . Improvement  
WORK-3476 "Activity Reminder Owner Email" and "Activity Reminder Client Email" are now available to view and search in the sent emails list. Improvement  Sent Emails (Email Monitoring Service)
WORK-3502 Added "Fundraising Page Title" and "Fundraising Page Create Date" as output columns for the Social Fundraiser Summary report. Improvement  
WORK-3514 Added "Pledge Balance Due" and "Pledge Paid Amount" as search criteria to the Pledge and Payment Report. Also added all standard search fields to the 'Basic' search tab. Improvement  
WORK-3574 The message "System Email is not enabled" is now displayed accurately in the System Email message settings Fix  
WORK-3603 Fixed a problem where the 'Payment Note' column was not pulling in any data in the Pledge and Payment Report. Fix  
WORK-3609 "Need Registration" setting on event settings was determined to be unclear and therefore was removed. Improvement  
WORK-3624 The "Visible to Constituent Login" checkbox has been removed from the Notes page in the Online Job Posting section Improvement  
WORK-3632 "Forgot Password" System Email has been depreciated Improvement  
WORK-3656 Fixed an issue where changing the status of a product type to "Inactive" would remove it from the list of product types. You can now edit inactive product types. Fix  
WORK-3705 Fixed a problem with the Donation Detail Report where an extra space was added between the first and last name in the "Acknowledgee Name" column upon exporting the results to Excel or CSV. Fix  
WORK-3724 France (European Territory) was removed from the drop down list of countries in accounts. Improvement  
WORK-3747 Added the column "Fax Full Number", which contains a fax area code and phone number, to various reports. Improvement  
WORK-3760 Improved the handling of non-standard characters in Excel and CSV exports. Improvement  
WORK-3770 When you create an Event Specific Custom Field, the display name, visibility and requirement settings are only shown if you select "Yes" for the "Attendee Question" option. Fix  Event Specific Custom Fields
WORK-3897 When you access an "Event Session Attendee Report" from an event session detail page, the quick report now excludes cancelled registrations from the results. Improvement  
WORK-3902 Clarified language for "Backup Shipping Cost" for each store item for if the shipping calculator fails, rather than "Default Shipping Cost". Improvement Store Settings
WORK-3936 Fixed a problem where membership terms with the same duration under one membership level could be mislabeled as each other. Fix  
WORK-3938 The "Materials to Send" To-Do List item will now accurately populate with "Pending" and "In Process" materials. Fix  
WORK-4008 "Sender Email" is now required to be populated for all System Emails. Improvement System Emails: Message Settings
WORK-4015 The maximum file size limit in Documents has been increased to 500MB. Improvement  
WORK-4040 Fixed odd formatting of totals in the People Who Have Received Material report and adjusted the Total Material Copies column to only reflects the materials being searched in the criteria. Fix  
WORK-4056 Fixed an issue where Neon did not query the company email field when searching for an email address. Fix  
WORK-4093 Event Audiences have been retired. Improvement  
WORK-4096 Data in Date Event Custom Fields must be entered in MM/DD/YYYY format. Fix  
WORK-4150 Fixed a problem where the USPS shipping calculator rejects 10 digit zip codes - now only 7 digit codes are sent. Fix  
WORK-4156 Fixed a problem with the Recurring Donations list not capturing the recurring setup date in searches. Fix  
WORK-4179 Quickbooks syncs were not showing manual price adjustments made during checkout. Fix  
WORK-4185 Repaired the logic for Invalid Emails search criteria in the Email Report. Fix  
WORK-4190 Fixed an issue where the search further criteria was cleared upon returning to the report results after viewing an account. Fix  
WORK-4217 Fixed an issue saving changes to the "Donation Field Label" under membership settings when Complementary Membership is enabled. Fix Membership Settings
WORK-4227 Resolved a calculation error for the donation totals in the "Honor/Memory Donations" report. Fix  
WORK-4270 Fixed a problem where if an organization has more than 20 employees, only 20 were listed as options to register for an event. Fix  
WORK-4287 Fixed a problem where the address fields were not exporting when Current Labels was clicked in the Neon Letter Merge for the Membership Renewal Completion Notice. Fix  
WORK-4288 Resolved an issue where non-standard characters would appear incorrectly when used on Custom Forms. Fix  
WORK-4319 Resolved an issue where Auto Renewal could be set for expired memberships from the Constituent Login Portal. Fix  
WORK-4334 When the Auto-Authentication Emails feature is enabled and you send an email containing a link to the Neon login page, the login name will auto-populate. Improvement Auto-Authentication Emails
WORK-4351 Fixed an issue where "Report Only" audiences failed to exclude the search further criteria from the report results. Fix  
WORK-4357 Increased the character limit for the donation amount field on forms to 10 characters. Improvement  
WORK-4458 Resolved an issue where Auto Renewal Memberships could be enabled without a credit card. Fix  Membership Settings
WORK-4459 Postal Codes longer than 5 digits are now accommodated in the "Zip Code" field in the Constituent Recurring Donation form Improvement  
WORK-4466 Fixed an issue with customizing the Standard Donation Form where the display name entered for the Donation Amount field was not carrying over to campaign donation forms. Fix  
WORK-4118 Fixed a problem where the forced auto-renewal setting was not working for memberships created via custom forms. Fix  
WORK-4037 If you set an external URL as the exit page for a custom donation form, it will now apply if you select the deferred payment option. Fix  
WORK-3961 Fixed an issue where Neon auto-populated the "Payment Received Date" field with the created date for imported donations. This will now auto-populate with Donation Date. Fix  
WORK-3920 Fixed an error generated when attempting to view a saved report using the outside URL and access code. Fix  
WORK-3884 Fixed a problem where campaign emails could not be deleted after they had been sent. Fix  
WORK-3869 Fixed a problem when a company was registered for an event on the back end, if the registrant (company contact) was the only attendee, the company name was not included on their registration. Fix  
WORK-3823 Fixed a problem problem with secondary household contacts retaining their household name and salutation after the household had been deleted. Fix  
WORK-3809 Fixed a problem that caused the extra space after the <<Formatted Street Address>> on some of your older letter templates. Fix  
WORK-3788 Fixed a problem where the Next Date for a recurring donation was allowed to be larger than the End Date. Fix  
WORK-3773 Fixed a problem where a "Membership Registration" system letter appeared on accounts when a "Membership Renewal Completion Notice" letter should appear. Fix  
WORK-3769 Fixed a problem where calendars on custom date fields were not appearing when adding an attendee to an existing registration. Fix  
WORK-3722 Fixed a problem with recurring donations losing their original campaign when 'Pay Now' was clicked. Fix  Pay Now

Pledge payments can be marked as recurring and will be applied to the pledge. A recurring donation schedule can now be applied to a pledge.

Improvement  Apply Recurring Donation To Pledge
WORK-3139 We added Address Type for address 1 and 2 as available fields on public access membership forms. Improvement  Customizing Standard Forms
WORK-3131 When a constituent on a waiting list is marked as registered for the event, checkboxes will now appear to choose whether to send the registrant an email and/or add them to the mail merge queue. Fix Event Wait List
WORK-2975 When email opt out is marked on an account and it is merged into another account, the opt-out carries over if the same email address is used. For a different email, you are given a choice whether to retain the opt-out and do not contact flags. Fix Duplicate Accounts
WORK-2898 Fixed a problem where edits to the default campaign of a custom form could not be saved. Fix  
WORK-2513 When using the Batch Update feature to create content in one custom field based on another custom field, if both fields are free-entry text, there is now an option to copy the value from the "from" field into the "to" field instead of being forced to choose one set value for the "to" field. Fix Migrating Account Custom Data
IDEA-867 Test versions of system emails can now be sent successfully, even when that system email is disabled. Improvement  
WORK-4295 The total amount paid on an account's Membership History now takes into account any discounts that were applied. Fix  
WORK-4002 The subject line for the default automatic email for custom forms was changed to the more generic "[Org Name] thanks you for your submission" from "[Org Name] thanks you for taking this survey." Improvement  Custom Form Acknowledgement Email
WORK-3990 Fixed a problem where imported account sticky notes were not appearing in reports. Fix  
WORK-3394 Fixed a problem where changes to custom fields were not being reflected on custom forms/surveys. Now, when the visibility of a custom field is changed, those changes are automatically reflected on custom forms and surveys that contain that field. Fix  
WORK-4215 Fiscal year transaction statistics are now calculated correctly in reports. Fix  
WORK-4199 Blank rows in your spreadsheet will now be ignored when importing data.  Fix  

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