R1.1 Release Notes: May 4th, 2014

The R1.1 Release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. Each item in the list is either an improvement to a feature that already existed or a fix to a feature that previously needed some attention.

Reference ID# Issue Type Description
WORK-3683 Fix Fixed a problem where custom forms were not displayed correctly from the constituent login portal.
WORK-3649 Fix Resolved an issue where an event registration couldn't be deleted or canceled if the registrant's name included parentheses.
WORK-3640 Fix Resolved an error that would occur when adding more than 20 organization employees to an event.
WORK-3626 Fix Standardized the format of dates shown in the Top 100 Most Active Donors one-click report.
WORK-3623 Improvement Clarified some of the language for settings under the Membership Directory Configuration: Step 1.
WORK-3604 Fix Resolved an issue where email addresses were not being populated in the Pledge and Payment report.
WORK-3602 Fix The "Retype Password" field now displays correctly in the preview page when customizing standard forms.
WORK-3579 Fix Resolved an issue where first and last names would not appear on mail merges.
WORK-3567 Fix Fixed a problem where the forward/back buttons in the custom form builder were not saving changes.
WORK-3562 Fix Fixed a problem with login name and password auto-filling on newly created or edited accounts when the system user's browser auto-fill was active.
WORK-3560 Improvement Logic for system email tests has been changed so that now when the system email is disabled, tests of new versions will still be sent to the tester.
WORK-3550 Fix Resolved an issue where hyperlinks could not be created in the text editor in IE 11.
WORK-3536 Improvement

1) Moved the "Event list Filtering" setting here: System Settings tab > Home/Dashboard > Event Settings 

2) Moved the "Store Custom Search Filtering" setting here: Store tab > Settings

WORK-3531 Fix Removed the 'Valid From' column from 'All Surveys and Forms' page since this field does not exist for custom forms.
WORK-3527 Fix Repaired a problem with pagination of categories of products when adding orders from an account page.
WORK-3512 Fix Letter Templates now accept margins of up to three decimal places.
WORK-3511 Fix Fixed a problem where clicking the "Cancel" button from the report column selector generated an error.
WORK-3508 Fix Removed confusing and inaccurate time stamps from Order Date in QuickBooks sync.
WORK-3506 Fix Fixed a problem with the new WYSIWYG editor stretching photos in some email clients, when it used web html instead of email markup.
WORK-3487 Fix Changed "Zaire" to "Democratic Republic of Congo" in the Country drop down
WORK-3475 Fix Fixed a problem where the User Email was not populating the Event Attendee Report.
WORK-3465 Improvement Wording change for the relationship tracking event setting
WORK-3464 Fix Resolved an issue where duplicate records were shown in an event attendee list.
WORK-3461 Fix Resolved an issue effecting attendee count for an event after deleting accounts with event registrations.
WORK-3438 Fix Fixed a problem where custom fields with no visible options were causing errors when placed on front-end forms.
WORK-3424 Improvement Added the "Campaign" search tab to the Itemized Transaction Report.
WORK-3421 Fix Custom field data now pushes over to Mailchimp.
WORK-3420 Fix "Mailchimp Email Communication History" has been added to the printed account summary page.
WORK-3379 Fix The Purpose and Fund now auto-populate when the Campaign is selected upon splitting a donation.
WORK-3373 Fix The "Country" field now populates in the "Ship To" section of a store receipt.
WORK-3372 Fix Resolved a spacing issue involving the text in the "Top Participants" section of the Campaign Thermometer.
WORK-3333 Improvement Added Address tokens (Full Street, City, State, Zip, and Country) to the Membership Renewal Completion Notice System letter/email.
WORK-3207 Fix Fixed a problem where View Household on an account showed data from hidden modules and permissions, and repaired pagination on that page.
WORK-3158 Improvement Added output columns for Payment Received Date, Transaction Created Time and Transaction Last Modified Time to the Transaction Report.
WORK-3146 Fix Fixed a minor formatting issue with the additional donation field on membership forms.
WORK-3134 Fix The Encouraged Login page now works with the public access Membership Renew form.
WORK-3000 Improvement Added Virgin Islands to the list of U.S. states.
DEV-965 Fix Resolved an error that would occur when modifying the last name field of the organization account.
DEV-954 Fix Resolved an error caused by selecting certain output columns in a Constituent Primary Contact List.
DEV-953 Fix Resolved an error that occurred when deleting Household Contacts in systems without the Social Fundraising module.
DEV-945 Fix Fixed the improper display of some donation record details in the constituent login portal.
DEV-944 New Feature Inject CSS into Web Template.
DEV-936 Fix Fixed an issue where some custom fields would cause a custom form to appear blank.
DEV-927 Fix Resolved an error that would occur when switching the display amount per page in membership settings.
DEV-926 Improvement Additional Account Data Collection for Social Media Login.
DEV-897 Fix Resolved an error that would occur when attempting to add another household member to a group membership.
DEV-866 Fix Fix an issue with the "New" button on the Custom Survey/Form creator that caused new pages to not be created.
DEV-864 Improvement Resolved an error that would occur when searching for events by event price without a condition on the constituent event list.
Work-3139 Improvement  Added "Address Type" to public standard forms that collect address information. 
WORK-3518 Fix Fixed a problem where the area code of phone numbers were not syncing with QuickBooks.
WORK-3488 Fix Fixed a problem where apostrophes in a customer's name caused an error syncing to QuickBooks Online.
WORK- 3488 Fix Fixed a problem where bounced emails labeled Undelieverable and Other were appearing in each other's categories.
DEV-950 Fix Repaired the pagination function on the member directory listing page.
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