R1 Release Notes: March 30th, 2014

The R1 Release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. Each item in the list is either an improvement to a feature that already existed or a fix to a feature that previously needed some attention.

 ID  Issue Type  Description
IDEA-517 Improvement When adding new membership terms, the "Display Name" for the "Membership Term - Renew" now auto populates with the display name entered for the "Membership Term - Join".
DEV-800 Improvement You now have the ability to delete an account with all transactions in a single step.
WORK-2374 Fix Fixed pagination in campaign email statistics summaries.
WORK-2376 Fix Fixed a problem where the default "Source" not auto-populating for online donations.
WORK-2780 Fix Fixed an issue where the default Campaign, Fund and Purpose for online donations were not populated for extra donations added to an event or membership registration or store purchase.
WORK-2461 Fix Fixed an issue where a system user's saved theme didn't work when the user selected the option to "Keep me signed in for 2 weeks unless I sign out."
WORK-2559 Fix The "Document Properties" on custom surveys are no longer available. Use Adjust Layout in the form's set-up instead.
WORK-2602 Fix Fixed a display issue where "enter your own amount" membership terms were not displaying the chosen display name on the front-end.
WORK-2654 Fix Repaired a problem with the primary contact's area code being omitted when they are connected to a new organization.
WORK-2653 Fix Fixed an issue calculating the Tax-Deductible Amount of an event registration. The Tax-Deductible Percentage now calculates after any discounts are applied.
WORK-2666 Fix Fixed an issue where social fundraisers who clicked "Edit my page" were not being redirected to that page's content after logging in.
WORK-2669 Fix Fixed an issue where certain campaign emails could not be copied using the "Build From Existing Email" function.
WORK-2694 Improvement Now when a constituent selects the alternate/deferred payment option on your credit card payment form, the credit card fields are made inactive.
WORK-2743 Fix The CK editor in surveys and forms was updated. It is now compatible with IE 10 and 11.
WORK-2775 Fix Fixed an issue where dollar amounts were not being sent to MailChimp in the proper format.
WORK-2795 Fix Fixed an issue where the Auto Reports were not omitting transactions made on the specified "End Date" from the report results.
WORK-2825 Fix When Household Name and Household Salutation are added to a new account via the Batch Donation utility, a household will now be created on that account.
WORK-3083 Fix

Fixed a problem where the 'Household Name' and 'Household Salutation' were available for self import. These fields have been removed from the standard field import mapping.

WORK-2832 Fix Upgraded the WYSIWYG editor to solve an image upload problem in IE 10 and IE 11.
WORK-2873 Fix Removed some duplicate tokens from the token list for donation related system emails (i.e., Donation Appreciation, Recurring Donation Error Notice, and Donation Anniversary).
WORK-2894 Fix Fixed a problem where duplicate social fundraising pages were created if the system user refreshed the page immediately after creating a new page.
WORK-2910 Improvement The "Pending Payments" To Do List item under the Fundraising Home/Dashboard is now called "Failed Transactions". The failed transactions list is now "Pending & Declined Transactions". You can now sort by the "Transaction Type" column.
WORK-2954 Fix Fixed an issue where the account post-it note was not working with Safari 5.1 and 6.0
WORK-2949 Improvement "Address Type" is now visible and editable from the Basic Information section of a Neon account page.
WORK-2978 Fix The "User Type" column was re-named "Account Type" to be consistent with the field name in search criteria.
WORK-2966 Fix Fixed an issue where email backgrounds were not displaying in Gmail.
WORK-2967 Fix Fixed a problem caused by deleting a system letter/email template currently used for a conditional system letter/email. Now if you try delete a template that is being used for a condition, you will receive a warning message that if you proceed with the deletion of the template, the condition will also be deleted.  If you choose to delete the template, Neon will use the default system letter/email when you go to resend the email or re-print the letter.
WORK-2970 Fix Complimentary Membership records can no longer be edited by system users (changes are overwritten by the nightly scheduler so this prevents users from making changes that won't be saved).
WORK-2979 Fix The 'Internal' field has been removed from the configuration page when creating or editing a Purpose.
WORK-2982 Fix Removed the unnecessary "Form Type" custom form setting.
WORK-3007 Fix Reorder Display Sequence on the Event Detail Page is now for Attendee fields only. Event registrant level custom fields are configured in Customize front-end pages. Learn about Attendee vs. Registrant fields. 
WORK-2995 Fix Clarified "available to public" and "published" in Documents settings. If Available to public, is Yes then Publish is set to default. If Available to public is set to No, it can only be accessed by staff,  Publish is unchecked and optional.
WORK-3006 Fix Repaired a problem with the Donation Appreciation system email sending when it had just been disabled. Disabling this email will also now take away the ability to manually send the email upon entering a donation.
WORK-3019 Fix Fixed a display issue with Mailing Labels for accounts with special characters included in their names.
WORK-3041 Fix Fixed an issue where "Source" was not populating in Batch Donation.
WORK-3044 Fix Fixed a problem where after converting an organization to an individual account, the recurring donations on that account were inaccessible.
WORK-3072 Fix Fixed a problem where the 'Properties' panel in the custom form builder was locking up and preventing future edits to fields.
WORK-3065 Fix Corrected a typo in the external activity reminder email.
WORK-3098 Fix Fixed problem with constituents being unable to view documents that were uploaded to their account from the administrator side. Documents that were checked "Visible to constituent login" are now accessible once again to constituents.
WORK-3092 Fix Fixed a display issue where the Shipping & Handling name was pulling in some HTML code.
WORK-3105 Improvement The column "Non-Imported/Merged Accounts" under the Import Manager is now called "Not Imported Duplicates"
WORK-3094 Fix Fixed a problem with new membership's source not populating when entered on the back end.
WORK-3174 Improvement "Activity Color Category" has been added as a search field and output column for the Activity Report
WORK-3096 Fix Fixed an issue with additional donations on event registrations. Donations can now be entered with or without a $ sign.
WORK-3102 Fix Fixed an email token issue with the system default version of the Account Registration system email.
WORK-3112 Improvement Now when you create a new event, if you select the option to "Create NEON accounts for all attendees", you will also see the setting for tracking the relationship among attendees.
WORK-3118 Fix Fixed a problem where 100% discount codes intended for specific event ticket prices would mark the event's paid sessions as also free.
WORK-3126 Fix Repaired a problem with the Error# displayed in the Campaign Audience List not accurately reflecting the number of errored emails on the list.
WORK-3124 Improvement Added 'Form Acknowledgemement Email' & 'Email Campaign' to the 'Email Type' filter under Email Monitoring Service.
WORK-3180 Fix Fixed an issue where editing a pending campaign email generated an error.
WORK-3154 Fix Repaired and clarified QuickBooks permissions in Advanced usergroups settings. Other transaction-type permissions now also apply to the sync queue.
WORK-3241 Fix Fixed a problem with the Change Password drop-down menu option not showing the custom display name.
WORK-3165 Fix Fixed a problem where the "Fundraiser Total Amount Raised" column in the Social Fundraiser Summary Report was not calculating accurate totals.
WORK-3204 Fix Fixed an issue with the Itemized Transaction Report where the "Total Payment Amount" was incorrect for transactions with multiple payments.
WORK-3208 Improvement One-click reports LYBUNT and SYBUNT now use fiscal year settings if configured in System Settings > Basic Info.
WORK-3217 Fix Fixed an issue with custom exit pages, which were not working with the new instance format.
WORK-3233 Fix Fixed a problem where attendees were waitlisted when the "register up to __ guests" number exceeded the maximum number of attendee spaces remaining.
IDEA-845 Fix The automatically generated audience "All Emails" now excludes unsubscribed emails from the number of active emails. 
WORK-3244 Fix Updated delivery of system emails so that large email blasts will not delay their delivery.
WORK-3256 Improvement The "Event Attendee ID" is now an available column in the Event Attendee Report.
WORK-3303 Fix Fixed a problem with the Names and Addresses by Account Relationship report where if organization contacts shared the same address, then only one contact would appear in the report results.
WORK-3297 Fix Fixed an issue where the total number of terms under a membership level does not display correctly if the membership is also included in other memberships as a child membership.
WORK-3329 Fix Fixed a problem with the Quick Reports on the Membership Dashboard. The Recently Expired Members and Upcoming Member Expirations will now only show memberships that have not since renewed.
WORK-3309 Fix Removed the "View" buttons from the "Membership Due" and "Membership Over-Due" catagories under System Settings > Communication Settings > System Emails to resolve a display issue
WORK-3317 Fix Resolved a Quickbooks set-up error. Our QB connection has been approved so "limit (10) has been exceeded" will no longer appear when trying to reconnect.
WORK-3324 Fix Fixed an issue where system users with an apostrophe in their name were unable to import data. Also fixed an issue where extra apostrophes were added to imported accounts containing an apostrophe in their name.
IDEA-868 Improvement The Paypal Pro Gateway Setup page has been updated.
WORK-3335 Fix Fixed an issue where System Users that did not have permissions to view donations were still able to run donation reports
WORK-3397 Fix Fixed an issue where the "Fund" column was still displayed in the list of Purposes.
WORK-110 Fix Repaired problems with H/M donations:
  • Organizations can now be searched for and selected as an Honor/Memory record and Acknowledgee
  • The 'Reconcile H/M' link in the Fundraising Home/Dashboard To-Do List now more accurately reflects the number of donations that need to be reconciled.
  • Fixed a problem where acknowledge information was marked un-reconciled after reconciliation
WORK-2394 Fix Fixed a problem with importing a new organization account via Batch Donation.
WORK-1198 Improvement You can now create event coupon code discounts for conditional ticket prices using the "Ticket Package Group" drop down to select the Ticket Group.
WORK-1463 Fix Now if you choose to hide a membership term online, this setting will also apply to custom membership forms.
DEV-187 Fix Fixed an issue where the "Undo Password Change" button was not working when editing an account from the back end.
DEV-575 Improvement Implemented a feed-back loop for emails sent through Neon to enhance delivery rate.
DEV-601 Improvement Created new template builders for emails and printed letters.
DEV-843 Improvement Added a more user-friendly error message to correct when Recurring Donation End Date is entered in the wrong format on front-end donation forms.
DEV-939 Improvement

Added some simple text to the attendee page to help registrants understand the event registration process.

  • Text added to the Attendee page: "Please provide information about the people who will be attending this event."
  • Text added to the Registration Summary page: "Please review your registration information before proceeding."
IDEA-785 Improvement Added a "Filter By Audience Type" dropdown to the Email Audiences list.
IDEA-859 Improvement Added new customization options for social fundraising pages, including the ability to include address fields to a social fundraising donation form.
WORK-1597 Improvement The "Retype Password" field is no longer independent. If you add the Login Password field to a form, the Retype Password field is also added.
WORK-2635 Improvement

Added the following search fields and output columns to the Social Fundraiser Summary Report:

  • Fundraiser Pledge Payment Total & Fundraiser Pledge Payment Count
  • Fundraiser Pledge Total & Fundraiser Pledge Count
WORK-2635 Improvement Added "Pledge #" to the Summary section of the Campaign Detail page and the Social Fundraising Campaign Detail page.
WORK-3089 Fix

Repaired an issue with copied tokens from previous versions of emails causing invalid links.

WORK-3026 Fix

Fixed a bug where membership renewals were not reflecting membership level upgrades.

WORK - 3239 Fix

Repaired a problem with membership due letters being sent to the mail merge queue for constituents who have already renewed.

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