New NeonCRM Features for November 2013

We have added a number of exciting updates to NeonCRM.

Social Fundraising

The social fundraising module has received a major update. We have made upgrades to nearly every aspect of this module.

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System User Interface

We have improved the workflow for creating and managing social fundraising pages and campaigns

  • General page navigation has been simplified. It is now much easier to find campaigns, pages, and fundraisers
  • Social fundraising information now appears on account detail pages. You can see all social fundraising pages owned by a given constituent, as well as summary totals of their fundraising efforts

Fundraiser User Interface

The fundraiser experience has been dramatically improved

  • We have simplified the steps necessary to create new fundraising pages
  • We have simplified and optimized the interface for managing your fundraising page

Fundraising Pages

  • We have updated the fundraising page template with a new look
  • We have added a new fundraiser list page, which shows all fundraisers for a given campaign. This page works great as a "homepage" for your social fundraising campaigns

Donor Experience

  •  We have optimized the donor experience, making faster and easier than ever for your donors to make contributions

Social Media Login

We have added the ability for your constituents to log in using their Facebook or Twitter account

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New Field: Solicitor

The data field Solicitor makes a return to NeonCRM, with some great improvements

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Congressional District Look-up

We've added the ability to look up and append congressional districts to your constituents

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Event Attendee Improvements

Previously, you could only specify a fixed number of attendees. You can now present the option of "Up to #" attendees

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Other Changes

  • Individual Custom Fields are now available on front-end forms
  • You can now adjust your recurring donation fields on your front-end forms
  • The Import Manager's interface has been optimized to make it easier to use
  • QuickBooks Connection - We have added date filters to the Sync Queue, so you can filter these pages by date range
  • Bug fixes, too numerous to list here (detailed release notes will be available in the support center)
  • Custom Field visibility settings are now controlled from the web form customization utility rather than from the custom field itself
  • The new Encouraged Login Page has replaced the old Front End Email Checker utility
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