New NeonCRM Features for June 2013

The following features will be available Monday, June 17th:

Reporting Improvements

The bulk of the changes made in this feature release are related to the reporting module. Most of these 300+ improvements are a direct result of user feedback. We have:

  • Consolidated many types of reports that were found to be redundant.
  • Added a large number of data columns and search criteria to most of the available report types
  • Added the “Search Further” function to the Membership and Transaction reports
  • Allowed you to choose the number of results per page
  • Improved reporting for Soft Credits
  • Improved reporting for Households
  • Improved reporting for Activities
  • Improved reporting for Email Tracking
  • Improved reporting for Account Relationships

New Pagination

The pagination controls have been updated, including the ability to choose the number of results per page.


Constituents can edit their event registrations

Logged-in constituents can now edit attendee fields for existing event registrations. You can change names, attendee fields, and any options that are not related to the financial aspects of the registration.


Automatically recurring membership levels

You can now create membership levels that require automatic renewal for all joining/renewing members. When this option is selected, a recurring membership payment schedule will be created for all constituents who select this membership term.


Improved Action Log

You can now track the activities of your system users to a much greater degree. You can view the activities of other system users, and see specifically which actions were taken on each record.


Mail Merge Queue Enhancement

The mail merges interface has been adjusted to make it easier to complete mailing tasks. It is also simpler to work with letters that have already been merged.


QuickBooks Connection Improvements

You can now unlock synced transactions, which allows you to edit them and re-sync them.


We have also added a section for transactions that you do not wish to sync, which gets them out of the list of transactions to sync.


System Email Setup Improvements

The workflow for creating new versions of system emails has been streamlined, which should clarify the process.

Dropdown Menu Control Interface

The interface to edit the constituent login portal’s dropdown menu has been simplified, which should clarify the process.

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