New NeonCRM Features for February 2013

The following features were released Monday, February 25th 2013:

Web Form Configuration

This often-requested capability allows you to configure many aspects of your standard NeonCRM forms. You'll be able to select which fields appear on each page, the order of the fields, and which ones are required. You'll also be able to add HTML content areas where you need them.  All without help from our staff. Click here to learn how to configure your standard web forms.


Setup Campaign Donation Pages to Automatically Recur

Now campaign pages can be setup to automatically recur for all transactions that go through them.  Our staff used to have to set this up manually, but now this can be setup by any of our customers.  Simply go to the campaign setup options, select the option to make the page always recur, and choose the frequency. The recurring donations guide has been updated to reflect these new options.

Browse through Report Results

This is another frequently-requested feature. Now, you can run a report and browse through the results, one account at a time. While this was previously available for basic searching, it is now available for reports.  This enables you to easily look at each account in detail.


QuickBooks Connection Improvements

We've made lots of improvements to our QuickBooks integration, which will improve synchronization speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Mail Merge Completed Merge List

When you remove letters from your Pending Mail Merges list, they'll now go to a completed merge list rather than disappearing. This allows you to go to the list to see what has been merged previously, if you need. The mail merge guide now includes information about this new feature.

Apply Existing Donations to a Pledge

This major improvement allows you to take a donation that has already been created and link it to an existing pledge.  Simply click the link to view the pledges and link the donation to the correct pledge. Click here to learn how to do this.

Self-Import Module Improvement: Multi-Option Field Capability

Data fields that may contain multiple answers, such as checkbox lists, can now be self-imported by adding a pipe delimiter ( | ) between values.

Modify Published Custom Forms

Previously, once a custom form was published using our Form & Survey Builder, you could not edit any part of the form without unpublishing it. You could not edit any custom fields that were included on the form, either. We have modified this behavior so that custom forms can be changed after they have been published. Custom fields that are included in a custom form will now also be available for modification.

eCheck for IATS, PayPal Pro

We now support credit card and eCheck processing for all of the payment gateways we support.

Custom Web Templates for Events

While you can already upload custom web templates for Campaigns, you will now be able to apply a custom web template to an event. The template will be applied to a campaign, and the event must be linked to that particular campaign.  This enables you to run fully branded campaigns with events and donation forms.

Token Selector for Emails

A new <<token>> finder makes it easier to find the data that you would like to include in your emails.  You can include things like the last date they donated, the largest amount they donated, or what their totals were for the previous year.


"Household Name" and "Household Salutation"  Tokens for Email Campaigns

Now our customers can add "Household Name" and "Household Salutation" <<tokens>> to email campaigns.  We recently added improved householding in Neon and this enables you to better communicate with the households via email.

Edit/Modify Pricing in Shopping Cart On-the-Fly

This feature will now provide staff the capability to change product pricing in a shopping cart on-the-fly.  This is ideal for on-site auctions so you can now promote your auction items online and easily edit the pricing for end of the auction check-out. Click here to learn more.


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