Release Notes: February 25th, 2013

We've released a new set of features in our R2 release. In addition to these, many fixes and improvements were put in place for the NeonCRM system. The full list can be found below. Each item in the list is either a new feature, an improvement to a feature that already existed, or a fix to a feature that previously needed some attention. 


Type Description Reference #
New Added a Select Columns button to the Mark Attendance feature within events. WORK-439
New Added the ability to use the In Range Of operator when setting conditions for system emails. WORK-557
New Household Name and Household Salutation are now available as tokens for campaign emails. WORK-567
New Added a column in the imports list to show the result of deduplication after an import has been performed and has found duplicates. WORK-592
New New household contacts will now populate by default with the address of the household. The clear address button will allow clients to clear the fields of their prepopulated data. WORK-626
New Added the ability to mark that an organizational address is invalid on account pages. WORK-676
New Added a CAPTCHA by default to published general distribution lists. WORK-679
New Redesigned the payment submission landing page in the back-end. WORK-690
New Inactive sources, campaigns, funds and purposes will now display in report dropdowns in a light grey font. WORK-691
New The data in "Account ID" is now stored as a number instead of text. WORK-834
New For any custom field marked as a dataType = date, we now supply the calendar icon next to that field in reports. WORK-836
New Released feature which allows a campaign's unique web template to cascade down to events if the event is assigned to that campaign. WORK-837
New Clients can now edit the price of orders post-submission by altering the shopping cart value. WORK-842
New Bank Account Number is now a column in transaction reports. WORK-853
New Added Purpose to the campaign report as a column and criteria. WORK-865
New Minor CSS changes made to the date calendar for increased visibility. WORK-901
New Added the ability to apply a donation to an existing pledge. WORK-925
New Added a checkbox to the search criteria screen of the campaign report. If the checkbox is marked, we pull campaign and its sub campaigns; if it is unchecked, the report only pulls the specified campaign. WORK-993
Improvement We no longer allow the creation of a company contact without any basic contact information during batch donation entry. WORK-1012
Improvement Changed the column headers in the social fundraisers sub-tab homescreen. WORK-1025
Improvement Adjusted the buttons in the duplicate checker to display more logical explanations of their functions. WORK-1030
Improvement Improved logic for creating a new ACH recurring donation in the back-end from the New Donation page. WORK-1036
Improvement Changed basic confirmation text on the payment page to account for other possible tenders. WORK-1043
Improvement Fixed a spelling error in event coupon code setup. WORK-1068
Improvement Completed an adjusted to text on the last page of self-import which referenced a NULL value. WORK-1097
Improvement Added validation that prohibits a user from removing a letter/email version if it is currently used in a condition. WORK-1108
Improvement Added javascript validation to force tender type selection on the add payment screen for existing donations. WORK-1110
Improvement Added validation to recurring donation payments which allows NEON to handle next-payment dates appropriately for declined credit cards. WORK-1120
Improvement Added validation to event registrations that pre-sets the event registration record to its previously-chosen values. WORK-564
Improvement Worked to correct some issues with the plain-text header/footer areas for purchase acknowledgement / event registration emails. WORK-619
Improvement If memberships are marked as invisible in their membership settings, they will now also be hidden from the giftstore. WORK-630
Improvement If you have the forget password email template disabled, NEON will now send out the reset password email instead. WORK-700
Improvement Improved tender name / speed / request query logic for QuickBooks integration. WORK-701
Improvement Improved the search logic for all client membership directories. WORK-736
Improvement Dramatically increased response time of donation reports by adjusting the query methods. WORK-737
Improvement Previously if a constituent logged in and pressed the renew now option without choosing a term, it allowed them to renew their existing term without forcing them to choose a renewal option. WORK-749
Improvement Preset mailing report criteria changed to "Do Not Contact" and "Email Opt Out" to match account flags. WORK-751
Improvement Increased the timeout duration for batch update of NEON account records through self-import. WORK-762
Improvement Added escape-character logic to self-import in various locations. WORK-778
Improvement Inactive memberships were previously showing up for back end membership registration. WORK-797
Improvement Due to the extensive customization time it previously took development to build deposit tickets, we retired the button create deposit ticket in the edit deposit page. WORK-805
Improvement Adjusted functionality of errored emails on NEON accounts so that the manual system email re-send can be re-run after correcting the errored email. WORK-814
Improvement Changed reporting logic for primary contacts where the isPrimaryContact flag properly works to only consider the primary contacts in the search logic. WORK-856
Improvement Increased max retrieval of custom data from 20k rows to 80k rows. WORK-857
Improvement Increased event registration speed / performance for front/back end data entry. WORK-869
Improvement Within an email audience, the act of deleting an email now returns you to the audience's main page after the deletion. WORK-897
Improvement Added the logic to block people within the same household from being merged. WORK-923
Improvement Changed the count tokens (e.g., 2013 Donation Count) in emails to no longer be formatted as a decimal. WORK-942
Improvement Included the pledge expected date as a visible field on the pledge summary screen. WORK-967
Improvement Minor name-formatting adjustment to Membership Enrollment Date and Transaction Last Modified By columns in reports. WORK-976
Improvement Minor wording adjustment to the pay now prompt language that appears when adding a recurring donation payment. WORK-979
Improvement Increased the cascade limit for deletion of custom fields to handle 5 times the amount of data. WORK-980
Improvement Adjusted logic for displaying event location in the eventList page where building, room, location name were not displayed if no address existed for the event. WORK-990
Improvement Recurring donations now go to the pending mail merge queue as intended, per the settings defined in the system tab's auto-email management settings. WORK-995
Improvement If donation custom fields are hidden from public view, they will now be appropriately hidden from the summary that appears when constituent logs in and clicks on their donation history. WORK-568
Fix Fixed an issue where some clients were receiving a blank page when attempting to add registrants to a waiting list. WORK-1013
Fix Fixed an issue with an account editing function which prohibited some clients from editing the usernames and passwords of their accounts. WORK-1014
Fix Fixed an issue related to the URL column in the Constituent Primary Contact list. WORK-1046
Fix Resolved an issue related to TAB characters in event data which affected clients' ability to export properly formatted event data. WORK-1055
Fix Fixed an issue where donor reports were not populating data for the 2010 Donation Amount column. WORK-1057
Fix Fixed an issue where the system didn't retroactively update the card holder name accordingly when first, middle and last name were changed on an account record. WORK-1058
Fix Renamed columns in the standard transaction report to adhere to proper capitalization and formatting. WORK-1067
Fix Fixed an issue that prohibited clients from adding to their list of existing prefixes in the system settings dashboard. WORK-1070
Fix Resolved an issue where setting criteria for Individual Type prohibited clients from running some reports. WORK-1092
Fix Fixed an issue where the event registration date in custom-built event registration emails displayed the createTime as opposed to the date of registration. WORK-1107
Fix Resolved an issue with the activity code fields wherein if the code for an activity was empty, the associated activity custom field caused our activity reports to fizzle. WORK-1127
Fix Fixed an issue where funds or purposes being initialized in our web server caused the wrong campaign to be applied to online donations. WORK-1146
Fix Fixed an issue where HR images in certain V2 templates were broken for clients using SSL certificates. WORK-1158
Fix Fixed an issue with the page category button for secure login pages was not functioning as intended. WORK-1163
Fix Fixed an issue where merging social fundraisers together affected or disrupted the functionality of social fundraising pages. WORK-438
Fix Fixed an issue where the external email feature was not correctly inserting the bcc email when loading customers' default mail client. WORK-562
Fix Fixed an issue that prevented the "view online" link in campaign emails from functioning as intended. WORK-617
Fix Resolved an issue where activity reminder emails were not going out based on the specified timezone in the activity. WORK-674
Fix Fixed an issue where the NEON navigation was stripped when resetting a password from within the system settings tab. WORK-680
Fix Fixed an issue with the emailCheck page was not loading for event registrations links when accessed through the NEON event list. WORK-699
Fix Fixed an issue where membership custom fields' calendars were not appearing if those fields were members of a custom field group. WORK-707
Fix Resolved an issue with constituent name and sender name population for plain-text emails. WORK-719
Fix Fixed an issue where commas in payment amounts where preventing existing payments from being submitted after edits. WORK-720
Fix Fixed an issue with transaction reports caused by adding quantity to the output columns. WORK-726
Fix Fixed an issue where changing the state for store tax was not effective due to a cache issue. WORK-744
Fix Search further capability within email audiences was previously not working as intended due to a faulty middle name column. WORK-753
Fix Fixed an issue where in some rare circumstances the membership expiration date was not displaying data in certain reports. WORK-754
Fix Fixed an issue related to the export of the event list. WORK-758
Fix The errored email number was previously not clickable for report-only email audiences. WORK-759
Fix Resolved an issue with batch donation entry where the existing account look-up caused the area code for phone numbers on accounts to not migrate into the batch fields. WORK-790
Fix Fixed an issue where organization type in stats reports was preventing the report from working as intended. WORK-794
Fix Resolved an issue that under a specific condition prevented weekly recurring donations from processing. WORK-800
Fix Exporting an excel sheet from the pending mail merge queue previously did not export the zipcode. WORK-812
Fix Resolved a javascript issues that allowed group memberships to enroll more people than allotted in the maximum enrollment cap. WORK-813
Fix Resolved an issue with a malformatted submit URL in the back-end for recurring donation date changes. WORK-815
Fix Resolved an issue where setting country in transaction reports caused the report to fizzle. WORK-817
Fix Fixed a minor issue where the credit card holder's name was in some cases not a proper concatenation of the first name and last name. WORK-825
Fix Fixed an issue where a previously-set donation level was set to blank it removed the field display from front-end donations forms. WORK-827
Fix Fixed a javascript issue that prevented clients from removing donation-related columns during the self-import mapping phase. WORK-833
Fix Fixed an issue where changing the membership term duration did not update the term's display name of the changed duration. WORK-841
Fix Changed an issue for company names during donation data entry which caused commas in the company name to change the display sequence of words in the name string. WORK-852
Fix Resolved an issue where the color of the mail merge envelope in client accounts was previously changing inexplicably when sending system emails. WORK-866
Fix Fixed an issue in the Event Session Registration/Attendee Report where it prompted user for a Session despite the criteria already being loaded. WORK-904
Fix Fixed a one-click reporting issue where deferred status was displayed for free (0 dollar) front-end transactions. WORK-918
Fix Fixed a no-display issue with the User URL column as related to organization accounts in membership reports. WORK-922
Fix Fixed an issue where users with locked mail merges were denied access from the pending mail merge queue. WORK-930
Fix Fixed an issue involving the display sequence of registrants vs attendees on constituent accounts. WORK-932
Fix Resolved an issue where campaigns embedded in custom forms did not inherit the fund or purpose associated with that campaign. WORK-944
Fix Fixed a javascript issue where donationType validation in self-import did not trigger. WORK-960
Fix Resolved an issue where editing a custom field under some conditions changed the display sequence on front-end forms. WORK-970
Fix Fixed an issue that caused membership-specific directories to display more records than was accurate. WORK-975
Fix Fixed an issue where pledges weren't closing when the newly-added apply donation to pledge feature was used and the pledge amount had been fulfilled. WORK-977
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    Becky Kington

    Love the detail here.   Took a few minutes to get through this all, but saw somethings in there I wanted, which is always nice.   Also reading it made me go look at something that I was not aware of or under utilizing.   Great that you put it all on the table for us to see.

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