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Sample Excel Data
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This recorded webinar will teach you how to start using Excel like a pro! We'll cover managing, cleaning, and taking your data to the next level. This webinar was held on January 18, 2017.



You can download the slides used in this webinar here.

Sample Excel Data

You can download the sample Excel spreadsheet discussed in this webinar here.

Contents & Additional Resources

As you prepare to clean your data and for our webinar, we ask that you think about your data. The questions below may help guide your internal discussions.

  • Examine your data with the "three Is" in mind:
    • What data is inconsistent? For example, do you have addresses abbreviated differently, such as Ave. versus Avenue?
    • What data is incomplete? Are you missing information for important accounts?
    • What data is incorrect?
  • Are you tracking data that is unnecessary or redundant?
  • Are you tracking data in free-entry fields that could be tracked in drop-down, checkbox, or other more standardized formats?
  • Do you have best practices in place for how and why data is entered into NeonCRM?

Extracting Data

External Services

Cleaning Data in Microsoft Excel

Updating Data in NeonCRM

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