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If you want to create different emails for donations made in Honor or Memory of someone, then you'll need to:

  1. Add Honorees to your Honor/Memory List and be sure to select Honor or Memory from the "Type" field filled out.
  2. Add the Honor/Memory Name and Type fields to your Standard Donation Form.
  3. Create a New Version.
  4. Create a New Condition.

Honor/Memory Type

When you add a new Honoree to your list, you are able to designate the Type as Honor or Memory.


You can also include the Honor/Memory Type field on your Standard Donation Form. 


This will allow donors the ability to designate the Honor/Memory Type on your donation forms, as shown in the example below.


New Version

Create a new version of the Donation Appreciation system email to use exclusively for donations made in Honor or Memory of someone.

When building the version, you can use the <<Honor/Memory Name>> email token. 


New Condition

Create a new condition for the Donation Appreciation system email. This tells Neon to send a specific version of the email to donors that meet the conditions specified. 


If you want to send different version based on the Honor/Memory Type, then you'd create two conditions. 

Use this criteria to set up a condition for donations made in memory of someone:

Honor/Memory Type: Equal 'Memory'

Use this criteria to set up a condition for donations made in honor of someone: 

Honor/Memory Type: Equal 'Honor'

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